How I Reduced Project Administrative Time By 50% And Increased Rates by 290%

Learn how I increased website project profitability by reducing admin time, what drove a significant rate increase, and why I remained booked solid.

Save Time With Productivity

How different would your business be if the administrative side of projects — estimating, project management, client management, and invoicing — took 50% less time than it does now?

Can you imagine it?

  • More margin, flexibility, and ease in every project.
  • Shorter, faster projects and happier clients.
  • Fewer interruptions and larger blocks of focused work time.
  • Far less hoop-jumping and rushing from project to project.
  • Higher effective hourly rates per project.
  • Greater profitability overall.

Just think about it…

How great would it be if the same projects you’re doing now got done in far less time?


I know because that’s exactly what building out systems in my business did for me.

My Business Was Running Me Ragged

It was 2010 and I was hustling like a maniac. My micro agency was churning out custom websites like nobody’s business — one after another, after another. To earn the revenue we wanted/needed to earn, we had to complete a lot of projects.

But there were TWO big problems with that:

I was already exhausted from juggling about 10 builds at a time for years.

And it wasn’t the actual client work that was draining my energy, it was the administrative work — all of the management, client care, and admin work that goes into the project.

Feature-rich sites at flat fees of under $10K meant we had to be incredibly efficient and proactive about project and client management.

As our team’s skills improved, we began building more complex sites — but making complex sites profitable at sub $10K fees is tough. A $3,000 website client needs just as much (if not more) handholding as a $10,000 website client.

How Do You Make A $3,500 Custom Website Profitable?

While my fees are far higher now, that wasn’t always the case! Back in 2010, I was still charging $3,500 for a custom website and I desperately needed a way to make those low-budget projects as profitable as possible.

The answer was developing systems and processes for every step of the process — systems that could be automated with software. I documented, created, tested, and documented, created, and tested some more. I even gathered a focus group to test what I was creating.

Finally, in early 2011, I tried my first system for onboarding new clients with actual clients and they LOVED the experience.

Several clients said the onboarding experience alone was worth the entire investment! Even better, it reduced admin time on that part of the project by 50%.

It was so successful, I dove head-first into creating similar systems for every step of the website build process and rolled them out one-by-one. Each one had the same effect.

Suddenly, projects were taking far less time. But I didn’t charge any less for the work. That meant our net revenue went up — and, that’s so much better than just growing gross revenue!

It was incredible.

What Would You Do With 50% More Time?

After implementing the systems that are now Profitable Project Plan, I gained so much time back, I had three choices:

  1. Work with more clients, do more projects, help more people, and earn more revenue.
  2. Reinvest in the business by creating more systems and improving skills.
  3. Work less, spend more time with loved ones, pursue hobbies, and enjoy life more.

I chose the second two options.

At first, I just worked less because I needed a break to recharge. Later, I dedicated half the time to improving our business systems and skills and something interesting started to happen…

Better Skills, Better Experiences = Higher Fees

As we implemented more systems, business got easier. As our team’s skills improved and expanded, we built more complex websites. As our client experience improved, we enjoyed happier clients who gushed about us to their friends.

We were busier than ever and had to raise our rates, and raise our rates, and raise our rates. Before we knew it, my little agency had a $10K minimum for nearly the same projects with the same systems and automation — and clients were still raving about us, the experience, and the value they received.

We increased our fees by $6,500 and were still booked solid.

Why? We delivered extraordinary client care and an exceptional experience. Clients felt educated and cared for every step of the way and that holds more value than anyone can ever imagine.

  • It’s easy to forget that people are willing to pay for premium experiences.
  • It’s also easy to assume a premium experience can’t be delivered at $3,500.

But I cracked that code. Then, I scaled it up.

For projects in the tens of thousands of dollars, I still use the same systems — I just use and manage them in a totally different way. And now, Profitable Project Plan members are using the systems to run projects ranging from $3,000 to $60,000+ — which is incredible!

The Story of How Profitable Project Plan Came To Be

At a WordCamp, I was telling some folks about how I was doing things and they were a bit flabbergasted. One person was intrigued and a bit skeptical. His name was Chris Lema. I didn’t know Chris super well at the time, and soon after, he hired us to build him a website.

I couldn’t figure out why. It was so weird.

What was even weirder is that he wanted all of the education and everything we created for clients — even though he didn’t need it. That’s when he shared that he wanted to experience my systems and process first-hand, as a client, to see if my claims were accurate.

Later, he invited me to talk about my systems at a couple of WordCamps. After both talks, I was pummeled with requests to sell my systems (and even give them away). I was shocked.

I didn’t want to share what I created.

I spent hundreds of hours creating them. Hundreds. I did focus groups, I used them with real clients, I gathered feedback, and I constantly improved them. They were my secret sauce and the thing that differentiated me from everyone else. I didn’t want to give that away, let alone turn my systems into a low-priced course or program.

Fast-forward to today and that’s exactly what I’m doing.


I’m older and at a point in life where I care more about the impact I’m able to make and the people I can help than crushing the competition.

I also simply got sick and tired of watching so many talented people struggle to earn the revenue they desire while also enjoying life.

And, after Chris Lema pushed me into hosting the first six-lesson beta in 2017, I felt incredible. It was amazing to work with other freelancers and agency owners and support them in creating the same results I experienced in their businesses. After that, I knew that Profitable Project Plan would be my baby and I love it more today than I did then.

Join Me For Profitable Project Plan 2022

There is nothing better than seeing other business owners reclaim control over their businesses, schedules, time, and lives — and rediscover the joy in what they do. It’s also pretty fantastic to be part of a supportive community that has your back.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for 2022 — it’s going to be an amazing year and I really want you to do better business with us.

Will you say yes to reducing admin time on projects by 50%, raising your rates, and reducing stress with systems that run without you?

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