Confident Comebacks

Get 150+ Client Service Scripts For Crafting Firm, Fair, And Friendly Responses To Sticky Situations

Confident Comebacks

Hindsight is 20/20 and coulda, woulda, shoulda doesn’t help after the fact. Confident Comebacks helps you handle any client care situation that comes your way with confidence and ease.

Sticky situations, uncomfortable confrontations, awkward asks, and tough conversations are a part of business, especially in client services.

These plights are difficult enough to deal with on their own when balancing productivity and client satisfaction. They’re made even worse by the fact that during unexpected confrontations, it can be nearly impossible to think clearly on your feet and craft a professional, clear, smart comeback.

Instead, what typically happens is regret:

  • I wish I said this instead of that…
  • I should have said this…
  • I could have framed that much better…
  • If only I had explained it this way…
  • I shouldn’t have said that…

Make Communicating With Clients Easy!

Confident Comebacks helps you create personalized responses to tough client care issues so you can turn negative feelings into positive experiences.

Confident Comebacks To The Rescue!

Whether you're communicating by phone, email, video chat, or in-person, you can turn troublesome situations into positive outcomes with the right response.

Confident Comebacks is a dream come true for freelancers who don’t have a lot of extra time to agonize over the perfect wording for a client email. It’s a collection of client management and customer service questions I’ve been asked over the years by friends, peers, and Profitable Project Plan participants, along with my carefully crafted answers.

You won’t find any flippant remarks or juvenile responses that are borderline rude in this resource. Every script is written in a professional tone to deliver clear communication.

So next time you find yourself in a wonky spot with a client skip the stress and worry and instead, grab Confident Comebacks, find the right script, get comfortable with the narrative, and edit it to craft a firm, fair, and friendly response. It includes:

  • 34 Scripts For Managing Freelance Business Leads
  • 35 Scripts For Managing Contracts For Your Freelance Business
  • 19 Scripts For Getting Paid As A Freelancer
  • 14 Scripts For Managing Freelance Clients
  • 16 Scripts For Handling Design-Specific Challenges
  • 18 Scripts For Holding Boundaries With Clients As A Freelancer
  • 4 Scripts For Handling Odd Freelance Edge Cases
  • 17 Scripts For Freelance Uh-Ohs And Problems

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Get 150+ scripts that answer those tough “What do I say when…” questions and confidently squash post conversation regrets with smart, professional comebacks.

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Kristin Falkner

"I Would Have Killed to Have a Resource Like This Starting Out"

“I thought I had built up a good library of pre-written client care templates over the years but Confident Comebacks blew what I had out of the water. The scripts are well-written and excellent enough to use as-is, but also super flexible to be able to tweak and adapt to fit your own voice or use as a jumping-off point for your specific client situation. There are A LOT of bases covered here and I would have killed to have a resource like this starting out. It would have saved me so much time I lost searching for the right words!”

— Kristin Falkner |