Freelancers: Your Goals Don’t Always Have To Take A Back Seat To Client Projects

As a freelancer, you have limited time, which often means you're bringing other people's dreams to life instead of your own. Here's how to fix that.

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For years, I toiled away building other people’s empires and bringing other people’s dreams to life. I worked on clients’ businesses day in and day out, helping them build their email lists, fill programs, land clients, sell-out events, and grow their revenue.

Because client work always came first. But when I always put clients first, I never had time to work on my own business.

My business and my projects always got put on the back burner.

No matter what goals I set, client work seemed to always push my own dreams and wishes to the side. I was constantly saying to myself:

I’ll do it later…
I’ll get to it after work…
I’ll work on it over the weekend…
I’ll work on it next week…

But next week turned into several weeks, which turned into several months, which — if I’m being honest, turned into years of churning through client projects and making ZERO progress on my own business.

It was excruciating.

I had big goals and I knew what I was capable of and what was possible for me if I could just find the time to do the work. But again, the client work was never-ending — and really, shouldn’t I be grateful I was booked solid and making great money?

Over time, I got frustrated.

I was watching everyone around me do, build, and launch amazing things and I felt stuck and trapped by my work. Yet I needed that work to pay my mortgage and support my family. I almost had a full-on breakdown and I wanted to quit my business. No joke.

Fast-forward to today:

  • I maintain a full book of business and work with great clients I love.
  • I run Profitable Project Plan, Content Camp, and Content Creators Club.
  • I rarely work more than 40 hours in a single week (sometimes I work less) and when I do work more, it’s by choice because I’m working on my own stuff.

Making Your Freelance Goals A Reality

If you’re wondering how I finally found time to work ON my business instead of just in it… or how I continued to provide extraordinary client service while building my own brand, events, and courses?

Four things had to happen:

1. I had to decide to put myself first.

I committed to taking consistent action and sticking with it no matter what. I also put a plan in place that made sure progress was made every day — even if it was just a little bit. And yes, that meant dedicating an hour to MY business first each day before client work.

2. I had to get comfortable asking for help.

No one knows everything. If I wanted to get better, I needed to tap into the brains and experiences of people who were farther down the same path I was traveling. I needed to ask for help, advice, and insights from those more experienced and those with different experiences.

3. I had to create systems and processes.

To get the time I needed to work on my own business, I needed to document and create repeatable systems and processes for all repetitive tasks in my business that could then be automated or delegated.

4. I had to find accountability and community.

Going at it alone is tough and not very fun. It also makes it easy to procrastinate, delay, and not honor your commitments because no one if you did the work but you. Surrounding myself with like-minded people who were also working on their businesses made a huge difference, as did the accountability that came with sharing my goals with others.

These four things dramatically changed my life and business for the better. When people ask how I find time to do everything I do or how I go to where I am today, these four things are the answer. They made such a HUGE impact on my business trajectory, revenue, and level of freedom that I had to work them into Profitable Project Plan — well three of them at least…

Only YOU can decide and commit to taking action and doing the work.

Profitable Project Plan

Profitable Project Plan is what I created to leverage my time and create more flexibility and freedom in my business. It provides:

  • Documented systems and processes — the what, why, and the how
  • 38 Training lessons AND the tools, scripts, templates, instructions, and resources needed to take action
  • 38 Roundtable discussions and live Q&A — one to go with every lesson
  • 15 Live expert interviews to introduce fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking
  • 30 On-demand interviews on topics that complement the PPP lessons
  • 10 Coworking sessions
  • 10 Hot seat sessions
  • 10 Client attraction challenges with instructions, scripts, templates, and examples to make taking action easy
  • A supportive Facebook community where you can get help in between live sessions

Profitable Project Plan is HOW I finally found the time to build my own empire alongside my client work — because I still LOVE client services and working 1:1 with clients to help them build their brands. It’s how I do everything I do while taking loads of vacation and not working nights and weekends.

It’s worked for many other freelancer web designers, freelance web developers, and creative agency owners too! check out their stories and see what they experienced in Profitable project Plan first-hand.

Then, take a moment and ask yourself:

  • How long are you going to let client work derail your own dreams and vision of what your business could be?
  • Are you okay with letting your business take a back seat for another entire year?
  • Will 2022 be the year you finally say enough is enough and commit to creating the business you know you’re capable of creating and reaching the level of success and freedom you desire most?
  • Do you want to keep trying to do it alone… or are you ready to do it with me and a supportive community supporting you every step of the way?

I’d love to help you create the lifestyle and business you desire too!

Check out Profitable Project Plan and:

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Here’s to your success!