Profitable Project Plan

A 10-Month Business Training And Mentorship Program For Driven, Ambitious Freelancers And Microagencies That Sell Websites

Lead Gen, Sales, Client Management, And Recurring Revenue Systems To Streamline Operations And Increase Profitability

Profitable Project Plan is designed to improve communication, reduce project management time, create better margins, and yes, make you more money — all without stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty

Let’s Build A Better Web Design Business Together

You’re here because you love what you do, you’re great at what you do, and you have big goals:

  • You want happy website clients who give you great testimonials
  • You want to earn lucrative leads and consistent quality referrals
  • You want dependable recurring revenue and reliable systems in place
  • You want to run your web design business with more confidence and ease
  • You want to scale your business, grow your team, and help more people

But sometimes, it feels like starting, managing or growing your web design business is more struggle than success.

If you’re bogged down in administrative time-sucks…

If you’re so busy doing the work that it seems almost impossible to get ahead…

If you’re not making the money you know you deserve or your income is inconsistent…

If you know something needs to change and you’re not quite sure how to change things, what to change, or where to start…

You are in the right place and I can help.

Profitable Project Plan allowed me to more than 10X my prices, hire my husband, grow my team, run a successful agency without stress and overwhelm, and still travel and be there for my kids.

The systems in this program for estimating and getting paid, client management, establishing expert positioning, generating quality leads and referrals, building recurring revenue, and increasing client value are turn-key, battle-tested, and done-for-you. You get the what, why, how, and the actual scripts, templates, and tools so you can customize everything for your business and service offerings, implement quickly, and see results fast.

The Creation Of Profitable Project Plan

The core systems included in Profitable Project Plan have been around longer than many other experts' businesses and consistently improved year after year.

Profitable Project Plan was created in late 2010/early 2011 and tested with a focus group of business owners with varying levels of technical savvy, including a business coach, a copywriter, a marketing strategist, a nutritionist, a CPA, a virtual assistant, an author, a speaker, and a blogger — and a family member with little technical knowledge.

Since then, the systems have been used on hundreds of real-world client projects and repeatedly refined and expanded to streamline project workflows, increase profitability, and improve client satisfaction — and each year, new done-for-you, checklists, templates, scripts, tools, and resources are added to the curriculum to help members improve all aspects of their businesses, add monthly recurring revenue, and increase overall profit margins.

Skip The Cookie Cutter Solutions

Just as no two business owners are the same, no two businesses are the same.

Profitable Project Plan isn’t about adopting a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, web design business-in-a-box. This isn’t a program created years ago that now runs through old content on autopilot so I can make lots of money without doing any work. That’s just gross and it’s a waste of your time.

Profitable Project Plan is about learning all of the lessons I had to learn the hard way, discovering the strategy behind the tactics and why they work, and taking everything I’ve created, tested, and refined for my own business and customizing it to fit your business model.

That means I’m with you every step of the way — every lesson, Q&A, hot seat, interview, is delivered live with me — and of course, recorded to revisit later on. Plus, in the co-working sessions, we can work through your customization and implementation questions together.

Sustainable Business Growth

As I have grown my web design business, I’ve enjoyed life along the way, taking incredible vacations and road trips, attending concerts, visiting National Parks, relaxing by my pool, and creating unforgettable moments with friends and family — all because I have solid, reliable systems in place that support my business, care for my clients, and move projects forward in a meaningful way.

Profitable Project Plan changed everything about my business for the better and completely transformed my life. It’s helped hundreds of designers and developers already and it can do the same for you if you’re willing to dedicate time to working on your business…

Liz Weaver

"Having been a sole proprietor for 18 years, I knew it was time to level up. I tried coaches, and they kept me motivated, but I wanted to know the exact tools and processes. This is by far the best business course I've taken — so much more helpful than taking a bunch of little courses or listening to a bunch of YouTube videos. I'm so thankful for the structure, the step-by-step instruction, and the lifetime access.

I raised my rates and my revenue is higher than last year! I focused on improving my website and onboarding my clients, and my proposals are much more in-depth, which has won me a few new contracts."

Liz Weaver |

Profitable Project Plan Curriculum

Profitable Project Plan's 38 live training sessions are delivered in five sections with a program overview to kick things off and a program wrap up to review, reflect, and look ahead.

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Become a member of the Profitable Project Plan community and get lifetime access to the business training, support, and mentorship you need to manage and grow your web design and development business.

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Sean Atkinson

"Initially, I flinched at the price of PPP but knowing what I know now, it is the best investment I have made for my business. PPP exceeds in value any other course I've taken — I earned my investment back a few times over in the first couple of months. Every time I look through a lesson and listen to the interviews, I learn something new that fits my current circumstances and the community is second to none.

Jennifer showed me that by creating a quality service with the right messaging and the right rates, ideal customers will find and choose me. The confidence and clarity that I've gained from PPP are immeasurable. I'm booking podcast interviews and reaching audiences that I would have otherwise missed out on. This has increased revenue and the caliber of clients that I am partnering with on projects. It's a total game-changer."

Sean Atkinson | Majority Media

What You Get In Profitable Project Plan

Profitable Project Plan may be well known for its in depth business training for web designers and developers, but it is famous for its done-for-you tools, checklists, templates, resources, and scripts ready to be customized.

More Direct Support Than Ever Before

With more distractions than ever before, taking action can be challenging. That’s why Profitable Project Plan includes three ways to find the support you need to get things done.

Profitable Project Plan 2022 Schedule

Profitable Project Plan is a 10-month long business training and mentorship program that runs January 3, 2022 through October 31, 2022.

Profitable Project Plan is a cohort-based business program. You’ll move through the program together with fellow members, lesson by lesson, as a group. This creates greater accountability and encourages community and collaboration.

  • Mondays: Gain access to the week’s lesson and materials. This includes the lesson video/audio training, the lesson handbook and checklist(s), and any related lesson materials like scripts, templates, and tools.
  • Wednesdays: Participate in a roundtable discussion about the lesson. Join members live via Zoom at 12:00 pm Pacific Time to ask questions, clarify details, get unstuck, talk through lesson concepts, and share ideas.
  • Thursdays: Join members live via Zoom at 12:00 pm Pacific Time for additional training and support. The schedule rotates through expert interviews (60 minutes), hot seats (60 minutes), and co-working sessions (3 hours).
  • On-Demand: Don’t worry about missing a live session! Everything in Profitable Project Plan is recorded. Video replays, chat transcripts, and downloadable audio MP3 recordings are available within 24 hours to watch on-demand.

Profitable Project Plan Is The Most Comprehensive, Detailed Web Design Business Training And Mentorship Program

Don't worry about spending hundreds of hours you don't have to research, write, create, and test new systems for your web design business. Get proven processes and tools done for you and ready to tweak as needed!

Different Than Any Other Website Design Business Program

Most other web design programs only teach what you need and why you need it but not how to do it. Or, only a small piece of what you need is taught and the important stuff is left out so it can be sold to you later on. Profitable Project Plan, however, includes everything — the what, why, and how, and the materials required to take action. It provides the systems you need to uplevel your website projects mapped out, explained, already done, and ready to use in your business, along with valuable live training packed with high-level strategy, tips and insights, and candid real-world advice from seasoned professionals still in the trenches doing client work daily.

Tailored To The Business Of Web Design And Web Development

Profitable Project Plan was created for web designers, web developers, and digital consultants by web designers, web developers, and digital consultants. SAY NO to generic business advice from experts who don’t understand your business model and coaches who don’t understand your industry, and SAY YES to a program tailored to fit your business and unique needs. From generating leads, attracting your ideal clients, and delivering extraordinary experiences, to establishing and growing monthly recurring revenue, earning quality referrals, and growing your team, you’ll get it all for far less than it costs to hire a business coach!

Complete Systems To Support Your Website Projects

Whether you’re just starting out, you’re already well-established and need systems to support sustainable growth, or you want to grow your side-hustle without it taking over your life… Whether you’re a freelancer or a small agency, Profitable Project Plan has your back. With plug-and-play systems for website projects in place, you’ll feel confident delivering consistent, valuable digital experiences that turn clients into evangelists. You’ll also have everything you need to convey your value, charge what you deserve, communicate clearly, eliminate scope creep, increase your income, and show up as the professional expert your clients need.

Battle-Tested In The Real World On Actual Website Projects

Profitable Project Plan isn’t a compliation of theoretical tips or a one-time success turned into a product. It’s a collection of effective, battle-tested, turn-key systems that have been used successfully on hundreds of real-world website projects, combined with indispensable live training, Q&A, and co-working opportunities. Whether you need help with lead generation and marketing, pricing and sales, client management and care, recurring revenue tactics, or ways to increase client value, you can trust Profitable Project Plan to deliver systems, strategies, tools, resources, and templates that have been repeatedly refined with actual client feedback.

Implementation Focused To Ensure You See Results Quickly

If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched WordPress webinars, enrolled in web design courses, attended web design conferences and workshops, and bought digital products to improve your website projects, delight clients, save time, and make more money. But you’re so busy designing and building websites that you haven’t had time to take action. That’s exactly why Profitable Project Plan covers one focused area of training each week, delivers everything you need to take action, and includes implementation weeks that give you extra time to implement what you’re learning, catch up if you fall behind, and watch the replays of anything that you miss.

Everything You Need And Nothing That You Don't

Many courses are jam-packed with so much information that keeping up with it and taking action feels almost impossible. What’s worse, is that often those extra materials that inflate the value aren’t very helpful. Profitable Project Plan, on the other hand, follows a carefully-planned, methodical, easy-to-understand, step-by-step process so you can customize it for your web design business and plug it into your process with ease. No fluff. No filler. No wasting time. No smoke and mirrors. Just the information, resources, and support you need to uplevel your website projects, deliver greater value, raise your rates, work less, and enjoy more freedom.

Allison Rolls

"While it felt like a lot of money for an unknown outcome, PPP is so much more than a business program! It's a community of folks with different types of businesses, but all with a desire to not only improve their businesses and lives, but to pull each other up with them. It's everything you hope it will be and much more.

I got a lot more clarity on pricing and my rates; I raised my rates with a few longer-term clients and on some new projects. I have a much clearer vision of what I want (and what I don't want) for my business, and way less stress around communicating with clients in a "Firm, Fair, and Friendly" way. That's my new mantra!"

Allison Rolls |

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Become a member of the Profitable Project Plan community and get lifetime access to the business training, support, and mentorship you need to manage and grow your web design and development business.

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10 Payments Of $250

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Don't Miss Your Chance And Wonder What If

Whether you're just starting out, taking your side-hustle full-time, or doubling-down to grow your existing business, Profitable Project Plan will help you move forward faster and avoid the speed bumps along the way.

The benefits of adding repeatable, dependable systems to your web design business make it a no-brainer but the process involved in making those systems a reality is anything but…

Maybe you’ve made the decision to create systems in your business. Maybe you’ve evaluated shiny new tools and tactics, gathered ideas, surveyed your clients, and taken the first few steps to document your website creation process. Maybe you have even invested in software and tools to automate your web design and client care processes someday.

But even with the best intentions, it hasn’t gotten done.

  • I know first-hand that running a growing business, managing a team, serving multiple web design clients at a time, and actually building the websites you were hired to create, can be incredibly difficult. It’s like spinning plates, and without a clear plan and guidance, it’s hard to know what to do next and easy to feel overwhelmed.
  • I know how frustrating it is to want something better, but lack the time and focus needed to make it happen because you’re so busy doing everything else that needs to get done.
  • I also know that the actions and strategies that got you to where you are today aren’t the same ones that are going to get you where you want to go, and you can’t afford to do nothing and be in the same place you are now at this time next year.

To achieve different results, you need to take different actions and that’s where Profitable Project Plan can help.

Profitable Project Plan is a business training and mentorship program for driven, ambitious web designers, web developers, and agency owners who want to save years of expensive trial and error and fast-track the upleveling of website projects and website care plans.

The systems and processes included in this program were created to care for your website clients, reduce project management time, improve margins, boost recurring revenue, and elevate profitability so you can focus on doing what you do best without sacrificing your sanity, your health, or your soul.

Here’s the thing: It’s totally okay to fly the white flag and admit you need help with your web design and development business. I’ve done it multiple times, turning to peers, coaches, friends, and industry experts for guidance, insights, help, and support when I wasn’t sure what to do or what next step to take.

No one can do it on their own and who would want to anyway?!

Working on my business has been the most fun when I have a supportive community to share the journey with and get help from — and I want that for you too.

Get-It-Done Money Back Guarantee

I have done everything in my power to make this system as easy as possible to implement and use right away.

I know Profitable Project Plan works because it’s the exact same system I have used successfully on hundreds of website projects since 2011 and I’m confident that anyone who implements the complete system will see a reduction in administrative and client management time-sucks and an increase in profit margin.

But if you’re still hesitant, or other courses have left you hesitant and skeptical, I want to give you every chance possible to participate with total confidence.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to try out Profitable Project Plan, implement the first 60 days of training in your business, and feel just how incredible it is to have a system that supports you completely.

If you fully implement the lessons taught in the first 60 days of the program, use it with clients, and by day 90, nothing changes for the better, simply provide your completed implementation work by March 31, 2022 to prove you gave it your best shot, and get a 100% refund.

Take Control Of Your Business And Your Life

Without decisive action, you'll find yourself in the exact same spot a year from now, frustrated and wishing you had said yes. Make this the year you invest in yourself, work on your business, and take back your life.

Don’t let fear and indecisiveness stop you from investing in yourself, your business, and your clients. I want you to reach your goals, make a lot of money, and create loads of happy clients and raving fans who refer you to everyone they know — and I want you to enjoy life along the way too.

I want 2022 to be your most successful, happy, profitable year ever.

With Profitable Project Plan, you can finally say goodbye to:

  • Low-quality leads and tire-kickers
  • Out-of-control scope creep and projects that go off the rails
  • Demanding and unreasonable clients
  • Frustrating project delays and eroding profit margins
  • The unpredictable feast or famine rollercoaster
  • Stress, overwhelm, sleepless nights, and burn out

And you can say yes to turning your goals into reality. I want you to ask yourself: How would your business and life be different if…

  • You have every step (and I mean every single step) of proven-effective business-building processes clearly laid out for you so you never have to wonder, “What do I do next?”
  • You have a complete client management system implemented in your web design business with automated email sequences that move website projects forward in a meaningful way without you.
  • You have multiple sources of regular, reliable, monthly recurring revenue that stabilize cash flow and ease financial demands.
  • You attract a steady stream of lucrative leads and enjoy a full pipeline of prospects who can’t wait to work with you and are happy to pay your full fee.
  • You have the power to scale yourself so you can manage multiple website clients, earn more money, help more people, and make a bigger impact without working around the clock.
  • You get paid on time every time (or nearly every time because clients are unpredictable) and no longer have to chase late payments or have tough money conversations.
  • You have 100% confidence in your ability to powerfully communicate your value and professionally lead your clients through website projects as the expert you are.
  • You work-to-live instead of living-to-work because your web design business is actually creating more freedom in your life so you can spend more time with those who matter most.
  • You sleep better and enjoy more peace and less worry because your business has better margins and higher profits, and you’re closing more sales with confidence and ease.

Pretty incredible right?

It’s all possible if you say YES to Profitable Project Plan.

David Kissner

"Profitable Project Plan is the only program that covered all topics pertinent to my specific business and provided extensive, customizable resources, and personal support. It was like having my own personal mentor there whenever I needed help or even just a little encouragement. The program pays for itself in no time from increased projects and higher rates. My clients now feel like they are dealing with a professional rather than a freelancer/hobbyist and it's so much easier to charge what I'm worth.

I've said it many times: Investing in Profitable Project Plan was the best money I've spent in my 15+ years in business. It's scary to spend a significant amount of money on a program like this, but I can recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who is considering taking the plunge. You won't be disappointed!"

David Kissner |

Is Profitable Project Plan Right For You?

Profitable Project Plan gives you everything you need to achieve your goals in 2022. The question is… are you ready to commit, show up, and do the work needed to reach your biggest goals, or are you cool sticking with the status quo?

Profitable Project Plan is right for you if:

  • You already have a successful web design and/or development business and just need to figure out how to scale yourself so you can save time, grow your business, and help more people.
  • You’re new to freelancing or just getting started with your side-hustle and want strong systems to support you from the beginning so you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity for your business.
  • You are tired of working nights, weekends, and long hours and not earning the income to match, and you know things need to change to move your business forward in a healthy, positive way.
  • You want to find an easier, faster way and are happy to leverage someone else’s trial and error to accelerate your success.
  • You’re ready to add repeatable, dependable systems and processes to your business to create more freedom, impact, and money, but you’re not quite sure what to do first or how you’ll find the time to plan and create them.
  • You want systems in place to provide every client a consistent, caring, supportive, extraordinary experience from start to finish so they rave about you and refer you to everyone they know.
  • You know that you get what you work for not what you wish for and you’re ready to do the work needed to transform your business into a streamlined powerhouse that supports you, your clients, your biggest goals, and your desired lifestyle.
  • You want to confidently charge what you deserve and get it and exit the feast or famine freelance roller coaster by leveraging reliable monthly recurring revenue and value-added upsells.

Profitable Project Plan is not right for you if:

  • You’re already an expert who knows everything, you have a wildly successful business that runs like clockwork, and there is nothing else you can learn or improve to make things better.
  • You crave different results and oogle others’ successes, but don’t want to do try anything new. You’d rather keep doing things the way you’ve always done them because it’s comfortable and easy.
  • You don’t mind working around-the-clock and giving up your weekends to get things done. In fact, your business is your hobby and you’d rather be working than playing with loved ones.
  • You need to doing things the hard way, going through trial and error by yourself, and figuring out everything on your own.
  • You’re ready to add repeatable, dependable systems and processes to your business to create more freedom, impact, and money, and you’re okay with it taking you hundreds of hours or even an entire year to make it happen.
  • There is no more value you could possibly deliver to your clients. They are over the moon with the level of service you provide, rave about you, and refer you to everyone they know.
  • You’re not interested in doing any more work to change things and implement new systems, materials, and tools in your business, instead, you’re content to keep looking for a magic pill or silver bullet to deliver success without work and effort.
  • You are already charging your worth, earning your ideal fee on every project, and making all the money you need… or you’re okay with staying on the feast or famine income roller coaster a little longer.
Michelle Bracewell

"WOW! Where have you been the last 20 years! Profitable Project Plan helped me nail down my processes, get better organized, and land better clients! One client last year said they were blown away by my proposal and how professional it was and they LOVED that I actually had a comprehensive process for managing their project.

I've taken several programs but honestly, they were overwhelming and hard to implement. PPP was comprehensive and pretty straightforward to implement right away, and the pre-written emails are such a time saver. If I had had this training years ago, I can't imagine where I'd be now. It's WORTH EVERY PENNY and then some!"

Michelle Bracewell | Bracewell Web Works

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