Quick Hit Clarity Consulting

Skip the big commitment and get the insights and help you need when you need it with a 50-minute, on-demand coaching session.

Sometimes you aren’t ready to invest in private coaching or join a mastermind program but still need help and advice from someone who has been in your shoes and successfully navigated the same challenge you’re currently facing.

Sometimes you’re too close to the work, the relationship, the client, the situation, or even the money to be objective, and you need an unbiased take so you can make a smart decision and keep moving forward.

Sometimes you just need an energetic jump start to get unstuck and on your way. Or you need to talk through a specific challenge and get advice or a fresh perspective so you can avoid frustrating delays or mistakes.

Regardless of the reason, I’d love to help.

A Clarity Consult is a single 50-minute coaching session where you can pick my brain. It’s like a private, on-demand, ask-me-anything, Q&A session!

  • When you book a Clarity Consult, you’ll complete a short pre-session questionnaire about your business and the type of help you’re looking for so I can prepare for your consult and help you make the most of our time together.
  • During your consult, you can ask questions about and get advice on anything happening in your freelance business or with your leads and clients.
  • After your Clarity Consult, you’ll receive a recap of what we discussed and a recording of our session so you can refer back to it as needed. No need to frantically write everything down and worry about missing something!

Your Clarity Consult can be rescheduled one time only with advance notice. There are no refunds available for cancellations or no-shows. There’s also a hard stop, which means showing up late reduces the length of your session.
Book Your Clarity Consult For $300!

Get Unstuck And On Your Way

Clarity Consulting is 100% focused on you and the challenge you want to address or the goal you want to reach. It's about getting you unstuck so you can keep moving forward.