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Show up in a way that makes you unignorable and the value and impact of your work undeniable.

Build An Extraordinary Brand

Building a world-class brand doesn’t happen by chance. It happens with strategic differentiation, clear intention, and consistent action — and with a partner who ensures you look and sound as good as you know you are.

If you’re like most of the business owners I work with, you already have an established brand. You have a logo, website, and marketing materials. You have clients and business is pretty good. But pretty good is no longer good enough because you’re better than “pretty good.” You’re freaking amazing at what you do.

You’ve just got a few overcomable challenges:

  • Your brand currently reflects where you’ve been not where you’re going.
  • You sound and look like everyone else so you’re blending in not standing out.
  • People aren’t seeing what’s possible if they say yes or taking action.

Because you’re reading this, I know you’re ready for that to change.

  • You’re ready to leave behind mundane messaging, wishy-washy words, and ordinary, boring design.
  • You’re ready to make a statement that is uniquely you, pack personality into your brand, and show up with total professionalism and absolute confidence.
  • You’re ready to transform your vision into a powerful message and bold visuals that attract dream clients and exciting opportunities.

And I’m here for it and ready to get to work.

Jennifer Bourn

Hey there, I’m Jen! Clients typically hire me when they’re no longer willing to settle for a presence or good-enough design, tired of revisions wasting time, and ready for a partner who gets things done right the first time.

I’ve been a graphic designer, brand designer, and web designer for my entire career (25 years). I’ve never done anything else except nanny for a bit in college. Once I realized the words within a design are what drives people to action, I dove into copywriting and all things content to make the creative process easier for clients.

Today, my focus is on brand messaging and design, copywriting, and content marketing, and when needed, I work with carefully vetted specialist partners on website projects.

Three Ways To Build Your Brand

Whether you’re looking for an outsourced creative partner, extra support for your in-house team, an unbiased perspective on your brand, or an experienced driver to help you tackle initiatives fast, I’ve got your back.

Here’s how we can do amazing things together:

Jake Goldman

"Jennifer is a unicorn: a designer and content creator who, as an entrepreneur, also feels a sense of urgency that her work drives business results and provides tangible value. She was the first content creation consultant that I worked with that was able to quickly understand what we do and adapt (and help improve) our brand voice.

She brings a refreshing honesty, directness, and a point of view that saves time and improves the outcome, while equally accepting and embracing feedback without drama. Jennifer pairs these soft skills and keen business sensibilities with exceptional content, brand, and design execution."

Jake Goldman | Founder and President, 10up

How The Branding Process Works

While the elements of a brand are the same, the branding process is different for every business. Whether you need comprehensive brand development support, select services to empower an in-house team, or something in between, how we establish or reimagine your brand is unique to you.

Brand DNA

Brand Discovery And Assessment

The development of a new brand and leveling up of an existing brand begins with understanding its DNA and everything you know and want people to know about your brand. It’s a deep dive into your business and an assessment of your brand in its current state, your vision for the future, and the gap between.

The discovery phase can include:

  • An intake interview and information gathering
  • A brand review, a content inventory, and asset collection
  • Stakeholder and team interviews
  • Brand alignment exercises with key decision-makers
Science test tubes to represent customer research

Audience And Client Research

Brand research highlights how your perceptions, beliefs, and assumptions align with those of your clients and audience. It uncovers the voice of your customer — the language they use when talking about what you do and why they buy — which reveals brand messaging opportunities and informs market positioning.

The customer research phase can include:

  • Client and customer interviews
  • Feedback forms and audience surveys
  • Keyword research
  • An analytics assessment and SEO audit
  • Community and review mining
branding competitive differentiation

Competitive Differentiation

Competitive research is about differentiating your brand from competition and market noise so you stand out, get noticed, and attract attention. The goal is to identify your unique angle, reveal visual brand opportunities, and clarify market position by looking at similarities and differences, and details like search rankings and style.

The competitor research phase typically includes:

  • Reviewing predefined aspects of identified competitors.
  • Market research to uncover unknown competitors.
  • Compare and contrast exercises to uncover challenges and opportunities.
Megaphone broadcasting lightning bolts to represent brand messaging developed by a branding expert

Brand Message Definition

Brand messaging clarifies the personality, voice, tone, and language of your brand. It conveys your core messages and provides guidelines and examples for how your business speaks to your audience and ideal buyers so you can communicate the right thing to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

The message definition phase can include:

  • Establishing or refining your mission, vision, purpose, and values statements.
  • A messaging style guide that defines your brand’s personality, voice, positioning, language, story, and marketing messages.
  • Storytelling frameworks and sample brand applications.
color swatch book for branding visual design

Visual Brand Definition

Visual brand design begins with the design, redesign, or refinement of your logo and visual brand style. Upon approval, your visuals are pulled through your entire brand identity to create a consistent, cohesive visual brand that supports your vision, captures attention, and reflects the value and impact of your work.

The initial visual branding phase can include:

  • Your brand identity, including color palette, typography, and logo design
  • Additional supporting brand design elements
  • A visual style guide that provides brand application guidelines for logo usage, design, accessibility, and imagery selection
  • Marketing materials like slide decks, business cards, letterhead, note cards, stickers, and more
Copywriting and content creation brainstorming and notes

Copywriting And Content Creation

When you gain clarity about who you’re selling to, it leads to writing new website copy and content, or reworking what exists so it converts better. You need content that attracts visitors and moves them into your sales funnel, and copy that supports your brand positioning and revenue-generating offers, connects with ideal buyers, and moves them to act.

The copywriting and content creation phases can include:

  • A content inventory and audit
  • Defining a profitable content structure and content creation strategy
  • Information architecture and website planning
  • Stakeholder and customer interviews
  • Keyword research
  • Editing existing copy and writing new copy
  • Improving existing content and writing new content
Josh Eaton

"Working with Jennifer means getting your project done right the first time. Jennifer understands what prospective clients are looking for when making a buying decision and works that messaging into your sales copy and case studies automatically. Pair that with her years of design experience and you get a partner who ensures your marketing materials support your brand and communicate your value in the clearest, most compelling way."

Josh Eaton | CEO, REAKTIV

Show Up Unignorable, Undeniable, And With Unshakable Confidence

When the words and design powering your brand are the next best thing to speaking with you in person, and every aspect of your brand is tailored for your dream buyer, everything is possible.

Whether you’re all in and ready to get started or you have a few questions and want to know more, let’s connect and chat to make sure we’re a fit and would love working together! Share a few details about your brand below to get the process started.

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The Experience And Results In Their Words

Still not sure if you want to have a conversation? Check out the word on the street and what past and current clients have to say about their experiences.

Suzanne Evans

“I suffered from website shame for a very long time. I was desperately in need of up-leveling my brand look and feel, and found Jennifer and her team at just the right time. When I brought Jennifer my new high impact brand concept she had no trouble executing both design and functionality while maintaining the integrity of our brand.

The results from their work have been incredible: Traffic is up by 400%, bounce rates are reduced by 50%, and product sales are up by 600%! Its is amazing to see the difference this has made in my business. The investment is well worth it. You could be losing out on thousands of dollars in missed revenue by not having a site that works FOR you (not AGAINST you), and that is exactly what Jennifer and her team will accomplish.”

— Suzanne Evans

Sydni Craig-Hart

“I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you do. For all the projects we’ve worked on together, the work you did for my new logo, email newsletter, business cards, and website outshined them all! I love how you created the EXACT brand I was looking for.

As a result, I have attracted 12 new clients within the last six months, built a new email list of 1,000+ subscribers, and successfully launched my new brand. I am able to clearly and effectively communicate the value of the services I provide and have grossed almost $100K in NEW revenue because of the strength and effective use of my marketing materials.”

— Sydni Craig-Hart

Angelique Rewers

“Working with Jennifer has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business. I’ve worked with a lot of brand strategists and graphic designers. Bar none, this has been and continues to be an exceptional team with exceptional ideas, creativity and performance — and it’s a pure joy to work with them. I brought Jennifer and her team on to create the entire brand look and feel for my first large conference. It is all about helping small business owners raise the bar — and that is exactly what Jennifer did for my branding: Raise the bar.

We’ve landed major corporate partners, corporate sponsors, leading speakers, and amazing attendee registrations — all in the first year. I know without a doubt that the visual branding of this event has played a vital role in the success we’re already experiencing. Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Angelique Rewers

Julie and Jo

Within weeks of launching our website, we had Bobbi Brown, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Beauty Editor for The Today Show discover our website. She hired us to create a private cleanse for her and she also endorsed our book!

Other results: Our last cleanse was completely automated, freeing us up to work on other aspects of the business. Our website continues to generate new leads daily, our email list is growing by leaps and bounds, and the demand for programs has increased our monthly revenues. We are so grateful for the professional website Bourn Creative helped us create that attracted such a stellar opportunity!”

— Jo Schaalman and Jules Peláez

Nafissa Shireen

“When I hired Jennifer, I had no website, a few clients, and no email list but from the first call. From the first phone call, I knew I was in the right hands. She was able to see right into the heart of my business. She saw me better than I saw myself and I was honestly blown away by the beautiful representation of my brand and what I stand for. It is even better than what I had envisioned and captures the feeling I wanted to portray perfectly. Both the result and the experience were world class. If you are looking to bring your branding and business to the next level, there really is only one choice!”

— Nafissa Shireen

Heather Dominick

“Working with Jennifer was a JOY! She took the time to listen to our needs and provide creative ideas to bring forward my vision for a website that not only looks good but also serves our clients and helps prospects connect with all we have to offer.

I am so thrilled. Compliments come in each and every day. Members love the look and feel of the site, but best of all, we see the results of her efforts through all the new members of our community. For anyone considering redesigning or creating a website, Jennifer and her team are professional and heart-centered. They really go above and beyond for their clients.”

— Heather Dominick