Productize Your Expertise

Turn your knowledge and experience into a workbook that helps people apply your teaching.

Engage Clients And Drive Better Results

Your revenue relies on other people’s results. Their success stories validate your brand promises, reinforce your credibility, and attract new clients — and you can earn more success stories by adding workbooks to your offers.

The right workbook can be game-changing for authors, speakers, coaches, and bonafide experts with proven and validated content. It can differentiate your offer, increase its perceived value, better engage clients, and produce more consistent results — the type of results that practically sell your premium offers and upsells for you.

An interactive workbook:

  • Boosts confidence in the ROI of your coaching, training, course, program, or membership.
  • Enriches learning experiences by adding personalized context to your live content.
  • Makes your teaching more sticky and actionable so people can act and see results faster.

When your workbook also clearly communicates and supports the full value and impact of your expertise and work, it can fill your pipeline with qualified premium clients and ready-to-get-started referrals. And that’s absolutely vital to your long-term success because of one truth…

You might be the best coach, teacher, or trainer in your niche, but if people aren’t signing up, applying what they learn, and sharing their results in testimonials and success stories, it doesn’t matter how good you are.

Use Workbooks To Grow Your Revenue

Workbooks can be lead magnets, lead products, course handbooks, coaching program guidebooks, mini-training manuals, client care resources, self-study products, and more. They can be delivered digitally or printed and shipped on demand — and they can lead to massive revenue growth.

Woman writing in a workbook

Turn Your Expertise Into A Scalable Product

As a coach, consultant, author, speaker, or expert service provider, you already get paid for your knowledge and experience. But often, those paydays are tied to your time and the amount of work you do. A workbook facilitates the transition from knowledge worker to knowledge earner because it’s a leveraged asset.

Workbooks can open the door to a new type of revenue. You can add a workbook to an existing offer to elevate its value and make the same impact in less time, create and sell a workbook as a stand-alone product to create a totally new revenue stream, or pair a workbook with your signature talk to create a lead-qualifying product.

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Grow Your Email List Fast And Drive Results

Whether you speak on live stages, speak at virtual events and online summits, or regularly share your expertise on podcasts or as a guest expert, you can turn audiences into fans and premium, qualified leads with a gorgeous workbook that supports your brand message and reinforces your credibility.

A focused, objective-based workbook is a fantastic tool to drive new opt-ins and build your email list. For members of your audience who loved everything you had to say and want to act on the concepts you share, workbooks help them make swift progress, see meaningful results, and realize they want to keep going and explore working with you.

Fan of Monopoly money to represent increasing the value of your membership or course

Add Value To Your Program, Course, Or Membership

Workbooks bring your body of work — the signature system, framework, methodology, or process you teach — to life in a tangible way. When done right, they build your brand, reflect your brilliance, and honor the significance of your work and its potential impact.

Workbooks also make your course, program, or membership more accessible, understandable, and actionable. Following the instructions and completing the exercises and worksheets provided in a workbook ensures clients achieve the specific outcome or transformation they wished for when they signed up.

Save time and improve client services

Create Leverage In Your Productized Services Business

If you’re an expert service provider with a defined niche, specialty, and clear, repeatable delivery process, you’re likely booked solid and at capacity. You’re also likely looking to create leverage so you can work less without also earning less, and diversify your revenue to create more flexibility and freedom.

Client handbooks, project workbooks, and how-to manuals skyrocket the perceived value of your services. By productizing consulting and turning your knowledge and repetitive administrative tasks into helpful client resources, you can educate, empower, and equip clients to be great clients without lifting a finger.

Are You Ready For A Workbook?

Experienced leaders and experts who already have validated content, a body of work, and a proven track record of success are my best workbook clients.

Workbooks Are My Thing

There is no one better at turning content into gorgeous, easy-to-use workbooks that guide people through the learning and application of concepts.

Workbooks, handbooks, manuals, guidebooks — whatever you call them, I love them.

I create them for everything (even road trips and vacations). And when it comes to courses, training, and teaching, it’s what I do better than anyone else and what I’ve become known for. Heck, people have bought my programs multiple times and purchased multiple tickets to my live workshops just to get multiple hard copies of my workbooks!

I’ve been clarifying the unclear, simplifying the complex, and organizing chaos to facilitate the application of learning and drive fast action for as long as I can remember — before I even knew that was what I was doing.

I always wanted to be a teacher. So looking back now, it all makes sense.

  • I made my own MadLibs, worksheets, and activity sheets when playing school with my sisters and friends.
  • I created meticulous binders that documented and organized all the things for hobbies and activities.
  • I studied for tests by turning my notes into study guides and using them to reteach concepts to friends.
  • I earned college course exemptions for turning my course documentation and homework into teaching materials.

Today, I get to wear that teacher hat in my business training courses and programs, and each one has a workbook because they are high-value assets that enhance learning, make concepts more sticky, and help people get better and faster results from the time and money they invest. Plus, upselling a hard copy print workbook is a great revenue booster!

Your Hard Work Deserves A Workbook

This is the easiest thing you will ever say yes to because you’ve already done the hard work. Now it’s about productizing that work so you can create leverage, generate premium leads, and create new revenue streams.

Maybe you’ve thought about adding a digital or print-on-demand workbook, guidebook, handbook, or manual to your business already, but haven’t yet done so because your expectations are high, you don’t buy into the whole “done is good enough” thing for your brand, and making it happen has felt time-consuming and hard.

Here’s the thing: It’s only felt hard because you haven’t had the right partner.

It’s time to stop trying to be a learning designer or graphic designer, babysitting “experts” who can only create what you tell them to create, and settling for the same templates a million other people are using or design that looks like a high school kid did it.

Your brand and body of work deserve better than that.

  • You need your work brought to life in a way that removes any question of value and makes prospects, clients, customers, students, members, and yes, even your competitors, say, “Wow, this is incredible!”
  • The materials that support your brilliance need to confirm that engaging with you was the “Best decision I’ve ever made.”
  • You need a creative partner that understands your brand, sees your vision, gets your goals, and executes on your behalf without wasting your time and adding more work to your plate so you say, “OMG, that was so easy!”

Hint: It’s me. Hi, I’m the partner, it’s me.

Elevate The Value Of Your Offer

Productize your expertise and turn your signature talk, proprietary framework, systematized service, or all of the above into a workbook or series of workbooks.

Whether you’re all in and ready to get started or you have a few questions and want to know more, let’s connect and chat to make sure we’re a fit and would love working together! Share a few details about your expertise and offer below to get the process started.

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