Hey there, I'm Jennifer!

Because you're here, we can be friends and you can call me Jen. Just don't ever call me Jenny. That will earn you a spot in my black book — and yes, it's that kind of black book.

Hey Freelancer, Let's Talk About You

You’re already extraordinary. You’re doing work that matters; work that is transforming businesses and changing lives. But let me guess… You’re so busy doing the work that working on your business has taken a backseat, and now it’s running you ragged and taking over your life.

  • You’re stuck on the unpredictable freelance feast or famine rollercoaster.
  • Your processes are all in your head, and things are slipping through the cracks.
  • You constantly feel behind the eight-ball, and you’re exhausted.

Doing what you do is easy because it’s your thing. Doing all the business things is another story. No one taught you how to run a business, think like a business owner, manage clients, wear all the hats, and shoulder all the responsibility. So…

  • Sometimes everything is amazing and you feel like a badass boss. You’re kicking ass and taking names, and you’re on top of the world.
  • Other times, you’re struggling and you feel like you’re failing. You’re showing signs of burnout and wonder if freelancing is even for you.

Me Too! It's Normal. Trust Me, Been There And Done That

In 2014, I almost quit the business I poured my heart and soul into for nine years. Financially, I was doing fantastic and I loved my work. But my life didn’t quite look like I thought it would. I was working 16-hour days, pulling all-nighters, and working weekends with two kids in tow!

And I kept secretly wondering, “Where was all that mythical flexibility and freedom I thought I would have when I started my freelance business?”

Thankfully, I found financial and time freedom through:

  • Ruthless time management, delegation, and automation.
  • A diversified revenue portfolio of services and offers.
  • Documented systems and processes for everything.
  • Expert support from coaches, mentors, and mastermind groups.
  • Shaping my business to fit the type of life I want.
  • Strong boundaries and clear expectations.
  • Incredible clients (with budgets) who are a joy to work with.
  • A focus on client management along with project management.

Today, my client projects and courses run like clockwork, almost on autopilot. I have time for reading by the pool, exercise and meal prep, lunch with friends and regular date nights, weekend getaways and family vacations, play, relaxation and self-care, and joy.

Proactively working on and not just in my business gave me back enough time that eventually, my full-time business became my side hustle. And I am freaking proud of that!

I Make Freelancing Easier And Put More Money In Your Pocket

If your freelance business is running you instead of you running it… If you are chasing clients instead of being chased… If you’re wondering how to get everything done, why things just seem easier for other freelancers, and what you need to do to earn the revenue you want to be earning…

You’re in the right place and I’ve got your back.

Far too many talented, smart, skilled solopreneurs and freelancers are stuck in toxic hustle culture, under-earning and struggling to build successful, efficient, consistently profitable businesses. And I’m soooo tired of watching it happen.

So, now I’m sharing everything I’ve experienced and learned with you, including:

  • Documentation for my business systems and processes.
  • What’s worked and not worked, why, and what I’d do differently now.
  • Frameworks, scripts, templates, and resources I’ve created and curated.
  • Everything I’ve learned about running a successful client services business.
  • The strategy and tactics that make it all work.
  • Juicy stories of my failures and mistakes, and I have some doozies!

Build Your Freelance Business On Your Terms And Bring Me Along As Your Trusty Sidekick

I’m the Yoda to your Luke, the Hermoine to your Harry, the Samwise Gamgee to your Frodo Baggins. And when we work together, I’ll make sure you defeat the dark side, vanquish He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and make it to Mordor safely. Or at least hit the bold business goals we define together faster than you ever thought possible.

All The Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hold The Cookie Cutters

Rest assured there’s nothing cookie-cutter about my freelance courses and business training programs. I give you the recipes, ingredients, samples, all the options for customizing it your liking, and my insights from making the recipe boatloads of times in different kitchens, so you can put your unique spin on it and make it your own.

Why? Because how you do business and how I do business might not be the same. That means what works for me might need a bit of tweaking for it to work for you. That’s what makes the live Q&A component of my programs so valuable!

My freelance business courses and coaching programs will help you:

  • Feel confident and capable in every area of your business.
  • Attract ready-to-get-started leads who are happy to pay your full rate.
  • Do work you’re proud of and enjoy your business and your clients.
  • Earn fees equal to the value and impact of your work.
  • Skip the “hard way” and avoid frustrating and painful mistakes.
  • Elevate your client experience and get better testimonials and referrals.
  • Establish systems and processes to support everything you do.
  • Make your mark and do business your way without sacrificing your life.
  • Experience more ease, freedom, and flexibility.

And because I’m a multi-passionate person who thrives on having a lot of irons in the fire, I still do branding, copywriting, design, and workbook creation services for select clients. I mean really, anyone advising and teaching you about freelancing and working with clients should actually be freelancing and working with clients, right?!

Bottom Line: I want to help you build the business you want on your terms, in a way that is doable, stickwithitable, and enjoyable.

Tony Perez

"I love listening to Jennifer. She has that thing we all strive for, the uncanny ability to weave a delicate needle between her expertise and the expectations of her audience. She will leave you feeling smarter than when you arrived, and empowered to take on whatever obstacle stands before you. She's eloquent in her approach, articulate in her delivery and charismatic in her presentation."

Tony Perez | Sucuri Inc.

The More Serious Professional Stuff

I've never had a massive career pivot. I've been in the design and copywriting trenches my entire career and I still love it. While I tweak my professional bio all the time, here's the current version:

In-house designer, agency designer, freelancer, contractor, partner, employer — Jennifer Bourn has done it all. She quit her job and started freelancing full-time while pregnant with a two-year-old in tow. She hired her husband to be her boss and grew her agency to a team of five. Happiest with lots of irons in the fire, today, Jennifer is once again a freelancer, which gives her the freedom to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Jennifer works with select personal brands and established organizations making serious investments to level up their brands, websites, and messaging through the creative strategy and technical execution of brand voice and brand design, website copywriting, and content marketing content creation.

She is also a business coach for service-based freelancers building serious businesses. Her courses cover the skills needed to build a flexible, consistently profitable business on your terms. Her private coaching and small group coaching program blend coaching, consulting, training, accountability, and yes, services — because sometimes you need to get sh!t done fast.

In January 2023, Jennifer did the opposite of what most people do — she turned her business into a side hustle and stepped into the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Motivations AI. When not working, she can be found volunteering with Sacramento’s Capitol Creative Alliance in support of Design Week Sacramento.

Profitable Project Plan Expert Michelle Schulp

"Jennifer is not only smart, capable, and successful at running a digital business. She is also one of the rare people who has a talent for translating complex or abstract concepts into something relatable and understandable. And the fact that she can do it with excellent storytelling, humor, and approachability is incredible. She is an engaging, dynamic, and personable speaker that would be an asset to any event. I, for one, never miss an opportunity to hear her present!"

Michelle Schulp | Marktime Media

Fun Facts To Get To Know Me A Bit Better

I work hard but play even harder, aiming to live inspired, embrace imperfection, seek satisfaction, and impact others in a positive way.