Get To Know Jennifer Bourn

I've been a designer for twenty years, an agency owner for thirteen years, and a blogger for ten years. I love speaking to groups, breakfast all day, live music, board games, Legos, outdoor adventures, waffles, books, and tacos… a lot of tacos.

I know that running a business requires hard work but with the right information, tools, and support it doesn’t have to be difficult work.

  • You can build a successful sustainable business.
  • You can live a joyous, inspired, fulfilling life.
  • You can do both without sacrificing your soul, your sanity, and yourself.

My mission is to create a business I love, one that I wake up every day excited and passionate about, and enjoy the hell out of life along the way, making meaningful memories with those who matter most — and I want to help YOU do the same thing.

I spent far too many years living to work, letting my business run me ragged and feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted. For a long time, I wondered how other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals were able to find the mythical freedom I though I would have when starting my own business.

Thankfully, today I work to live an extraordinary life. I proactively manage my growing business so I feel inspired, fulfilled, and excited about what’s ahead, and experience the freedom to enjoy life with those who matter most.

But that doesn’t mean I take what I do any less seriously or have any less pride in my work and what I create. In fact, while I now take more vacation that ever before, I also feel more motivated than ever before.

The key is living an unbalanced life, embracing the fact that sometimes work must come first and other times life must come first, and making sure one never has priority for too long:

  • When it’s time to work, I am completely focused, I work hard, and I leverage systems to increase productivity and profits.
  • When it’s time to play, I am fully present, I play hard, and I leverage systems to truly detach and remove stress and drama.

If your business is running you instead of you running it… If you are chasing clients instead of being chased… If you’re wondering how to get everything done, why things just seem easier for other people, and what you need to do earn the income you deserve…

I’ve got your back.

Because again, running a business requires hard work but with the right information, tools, and support it doesn’t have to be difficult work.

Tony Perez

"I love listening to Jennifer. She has that thing we all strive for, the uncanny ability to weave a delicate needle between her expertise and the expectations of her audience. She will leave you feeling smarter than when you arrived, and empowered to take on whatever obstacle stands before you. She's eloquent in her approach, articulate in her delivery and charismatic in her presentation."

Tony Perez | Sucuri Inc.

Professional Bio

The lowdown on how I make money, help others, and give back.

Jennifer Bourn is founding partner at Bourn Creative, a full service design and development company that specializes in purpose-driven design and everything WordPress. With a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design and twenty years in the industry under her belt, she is an award-winning designer who consults with businesses worldwide on brand strategy, website strategy, and content strategy and the execution needed to bring their vision to life.

Jennifer speaks often, delivering keynote presentations and workshops, blogs about food and travel at Inspired Imperfection, volunteers as co-organizer for the Sacramento WordPress Meetup and WordCamp Sacramento, and writes often for a variety of brands on the topics of freelancing, client services, blogging, marketing, websites, and branding.

Most recently, Jennifer has ventured into the world of online courses with Profitable Project Plan, a comprehensive client management course for designers and developers, and Positioning E-Commerce Projects For Success, a mini course on selling e-commerce projects.

Bourn Creative

Bourn Creative is a Sacramento web design firm and Genesis recommended developer offering brand design, web design, copywriting, and graphic design services. With direct and white label services, Bourn Creative is the preferred choice for those who want the job done right, on time, and in budget every time.

Inspired Imperfection

Inspired Imperfection is a food, life, and travel blog that encourages parents and families to live inspired and embrace imperfection. On the blog, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Jennifer’s personal life, discover delicious recipes, and find all sorts of fun family-friendly adventures and things to do.