Lucrative Leads

Learn how to escape the feast or famine roller coaster and fill your pipeline with leads that recognize your value, are happy to pay your worth, and can’t wait to get started.

Get More Clients With Less Work

The goal of this course is to help YOU be as efficient and effective as possible with your lead generation so you can attract new leads with less effort.

If you and I have been connected for any length of time, you know that everything I do, I do in a way that will save time and effort, reduce stress, and increase profits as much as possible. Because my non-working time is just as important to me as my working time, I want to make sure every second I spend working is as effective and efficient as possible. That way I can spend less time working and more time playing.

It is all about working smarter not harder.

As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, your time is insanely valuable and often scarce. In fact, you probably feel like you never have enough time. The problem is that finding new clients takes a lot of time and generating qualified leads that actually convert to high-quality paying clients can be a lot of work. This is exactly why I created Lucrative Leads.

Lucrative Leads | Lead Generation Course

Lucrative Leads is designed to help you get more qualified leads who are serious about their project, excited to work with you, happy to pay what you’re worth, and ready to get started.

  • If you’re starting a brand new business, Lucrative Leads will help you put a foundation in place that will help you wow potential clients, manage prospective clients with care, and get the clients you need.
  • If you’re an experienced business owner who isn’t attracting the right leads or you want to shift the type of leads you attract, Lucrative Leads will help you get crystal clear on what changes you need to make to your messaging, website content, and market positioning, as well as what new lead generation tactics you might want to try out.
  • If you need more leads but you’re already swamped and worry about having enough time to follow up and follow through on turning those leads into clients, Lucrative Leads will help you put a system in place to help you segment, qualify, and manage leads that will save you time and make lead management easier.

What’s even better, is that Lucrative Leads is an on-demand, evergreen course.

This means you can get started when it works in your schedule and work through the training lessons and worksheets at your own pace. Just be prepared to think about your business in a whole new way, do some serious work, and make decisions about the future of your business

With 25 hands-on exercises and more than 50 worksheets, this course doesn’t just tell you what to do and why you should do it. Lucrative Leads introduces to you critical concepts that will move your business forward, explains the reasoning behind every tactic covered, and helps you take swift action.

If you’re thinking, “YES! This sounds like it could help me get more clients and better manage my inbound leads,” (hint: it will), scroll down, learn more about the course, and sign up. I’d love to share this with you.

Laine Nickl

The Lucrative Leads workbook is a beast — and I mean that in the best kind of way! It is more thorough than those in other courses and there is seriously so much value in just the worksheets. They're clear, well-organized, nicely designed, and there was a sufficient amount of space provided for answers (which is surprisingly problematic for a lot of worksheets).

Laine Nickl | Audere Design Co.

Lucrative Leads Curriculum

Lucrative Leads is an on-demand course that is broken up into 12 lessons that begin at the very foundation of lead generation — clarity — and build up to the creation of your own lead generation plan.

What You Get In Lucrative Leads

This hands-on training course will guide you through the important work needed to gain brand clarity, turn your website into a powerful lead conversion tool, and create a lead generation plan that works for your business.

Master Handbook

1 Master Handbook

The Entire Course In One Massive 300+ Page Reference Guide

The Master Handbook is the Lucrative Leads bible. This 320+ page goldmine contains all of the course training content, exercises and worksheets, email templates, checklists, and valuable resources all in one convenient place. You'll LOVE this!

Lucrative Leads Training Lessons

12 Training Lessons

Choose From Video, Audio, And Text Options

Lucrative Leads includes 12 sequential, on-demand training lessons that guide you through the course material and exercises step-by-step. Each lesson is delivered in text, video, and audio formats so you can choose the learning style that fits you best.

Lucrative Leads Lesson Handbooks

12 Lesson Handbooks

Get The Information You Need Right When You Need It

While the Master Handbook acts as a single reference manual for the entire course, Lucrative Leads also includes 12 individual lesson-specific handbooks. This ensures you get the information you need, right when you need it, without distraction.

Hands-On Exercises And Worksheets

25 Exercises And 50+ Worksheets

Guided Exercises That Deliver Immediate Results

Spread across the 12 training lessons are 25 carefully planned, hands-on exercises with more than 50 worksheets to complete. The exercises and worksheets are designed to help you implement the lessons in your business as quickly as possible.

Lucrative Leads Worksheet Examples

Completed Worksheet Examples

See An Example Of Every Worksheet Completed

Uncertainty of how to complete a worksheet or what to say can cause you to delay taking action. That's why Lucrative Leads includes an example of every worksheet already completed, so you can see exactly what to do and take action with confidence.

Lucrative Leads Pre-Written Email Templates

50 Prewritten Email Templates

Hand-Crafted Emails To Help You Take Action Fast

It's one thing to learn about a lead generation strategy, but to get the most out of that knowledge you need to take action, that's why Lucrative Leads makes it easy with a collection of prewritten email templates you can use in your business right away.

Lucrative Leads Facebook Group

Facebook Community

Connect With Freelancers, Small Business Owners, And Creatives

Gain access to the Lucrative Leads Facebook Group where you'll interact with freelancers, small business owners, and creatives and be able to share insights, ask questions, and learn from others who are also upleveling their lead generation strategy.

Lucrative Leads Tools And Resources

Valuable Tools And Resources

Get Tactical Checklists, Frameworks, Tips Sheets, And More

Along with prewritten email templates, Lucrative Leads includes additional resources like checklists, tips sheets, frameworks, and more so you can implement quickly, generate more leads, attract more clients, and ultimately, make more money.

Enroll Today And Attract More Quality Leads

Gain total clarity about who you want as a client, what work you want to do, and how to help ideal clients self-select your services. Plus, get a step-by-step process to attract quality leads, segment leads, manage inbound leads, and more.

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3 payments of $249

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A Comprehensive Lead Generation Course

Lucrative Leads doesn't just jump into the sexy part of lead generation, provide a glossy overview, and leave you hanging. It starts at the very beginning by laying a strong foundation of clarity and moves step-by-step through the process of setting up a lead generation plan that is efficient, effective, and totally doable.

Find Clarity To Create Opportunity

Lucrative Leads is broken up into three sections. The first course section focuses on gaining clarity so every action you take to market your business and generate leads is done with purpose, you have a clear direction to follow, and little to no time or effort is wasted. In these lessons, you will:

  • Discover your genius work, who you want to attract as a lead and a client, and what kind of projects you want to receive, and gain clarity about your brand messaging so you can speak confidently about why someone should buy from, hire, or invest with you.
  • Learn to how to tell stories your prospective clients can connect with and relate to — stories that position you as the authority expert they need to hire.
  • Write powerful descriptions for your services that help visitors self-identify as an ideal client and get them to take action and complete your inquiry form.

Design A Website That Works

Once you have clarity about who you want to attract and what to say to them, you’ll move on to the second section of the course, which focuses on turning your website into a solid foundation for lead generation and converting visitors into leads. In these lessons, you will:

  • Determine what your ideal prospective clients need to hear and discover on your website to make a buying decision and how to structure your website to create a clear and natural path to conversion.
  • Create an effective lead capture form or inquiry form that gathers critical information, segments leads, and provides customized follow up to deliver an extraordinary brand experience that makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Master inbound lead management with less stress so more quality leads convert to clients, ill-fit leads become raving fans, and “tire-kickers” are politely kicked to the curb.

Embrace New Lead Generation Tactics

Only after you know exactly who you’re targeting with your lead generation efforts, and you have a system in place to capture and manage the leads without stress and overwhelm, does the third section of the course cover how to pique interest in your services, position yourself as an expert, and motivate someone to take action, reach out, and contact you. In these lessons, you will:

  • Dig into your current lead generation strategies and tactics to assess what is working, what isn’t working, what needs to change, and what can be improved.
  • Explore a variety of print marketing and offline lead generation strategies, as well as digital marketing and online lead generation strategies, and figure out what tactics will work for your brand and business.
  • Create mini tactic roadmaps for the new lead generation options you want try and map out your own lead generation plan that will prioritize and guide your implementation efforts.

Do The Work And Reap The Rewards

Knowledge isn’t useful unless you implement what you learn. That’s why Lucrative Leads focuses on action and getting things done. I’m not going to lie. This course is going to make you work and it will take time to get all of the exercises done. But if you do the work, you’re going to see a big difference in your business and in the number and quality of inbound leads you receive.

  • Every Lucrative Leads lesson includes at least one hands-on exercise with multiple worksheets that make it easy to take action and incorporate what you’re learning into your business as quickly as possible.
  • Every exercise and worksheet includes detailed instructions and the reasoning behind the work so you can rest assured you’re taking purposeful action.
  • Not sure how to fill out a worksheet? No problem! An example of every worksheet already completed is included in the course to help you move past uncertainty and get to work.

How Lucrative Leads Works

Get the low down on exactly how the course works, how you get the materials, and how you can ask questions as you take action.

Lucrative Leads Course Collage | What's Included

Lucrative Leads is a self-directed, on-demand course, which means that when you enroll, you receive the entire course in full immediately. You also get LIFETIME ACCESS, which means you also get all future updates and additions to the course!

Here are some critical details you need to know:

  • I recommend you begin at the beginning with the first lesson. Each lesson builds upon the content covered in the previous lesson, so you’ll you’ll get the most bang for your buck with this approach.
  • Because the course is on-demand, you can also skip to the materials you need most and move through the course in your own time on your own schedule.
  • All lessons are delivered in multiple formats so you can choose the learning style that best fits you: watch the videos, listen to the audios, or read through the PDFs.
  • All exercises and worksheets are available in the Master Handbook, the lesson handbooks, and their own PDFs so you can download and print just what you need. The same goes for all tips sheets, frameworks, and other resources.
  • The worksheets are NOT interactive PDFs. It’s been proven that good old-fashioned writing helps retain more information and make more important connections in the brain. Printing the worksheets and filling them in will stimulate different areas of your brain and help you get better results.
  • All pre-written emails are provided in the Master Handbook, the individual lesson handbooks, and as plain text files so it’s easy to access them and make customizations for your business.

Have a question while learning? No problem! There are two ways to ask questions:

  1. You’ll have access to Live Q&A Sessions with me to ask questions and get direct feedback.
  2. You can also ask questions, get help, share completed exercises, and ask for feedback in the Facebook Group, where I check-in at least once a day.

If you have any questions about Lucrative Leads, please reach out! I’m happy to help.

What Participants Are Saying About Lucrative Leads

Curious as to whether Lucrative Leads is right for you? Scroll down to check out real stories, feedback, and reviews from Lucrative Leads participants.

Karen Gill

“I help small to medium sized businesses that are looking to carve out a space on the internet overcome the hurdle of getting there in the first place, so they can relax and focus on running their business and not their website. Because I’m fairly new to freelancing and have been working for Codeable and as a contractor for other companies when they have an overflow of work, I don’t have a large client base or much website traffic.

I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I enjoyed Profitable Project Plan so much and I thought it would help someone starting out get more leads or learn new avenues to find more leads. I think my biggest challenge was/is getting traffic to my website and there were a ton of suggestions for lead generation to get people there, now I just have to put my action plan into action!

I didn’t think I would get tips on best practices to implement contact forms and get leads on the website. I actually didn’t have a contact form setup previously so that was very useful. I also really liked the pre-written emails and the vast list of ways to get leads. I would never have thought of 75% of them, so to have so many options now is really fantastic.

The course content is extremely thorough and the homework very well thought out so it’s not too much to handle week to week. Jennifer’s course videos are so personable I sometimes forget I’m watching a recording. I can’t imagine any other course outdoing Lucrative Leads in quality or value, unless it’s also made by Jennifer Bourn. No matter the size of your company or how long you’ve been in business, I guarantee you’ll find at least 10 different ways to increase leads you’ve never even thought of (probably more). If you have even the tiniest inkling that this course might benefit you or your company, I implore you to take the leap and come join the alumni here in The Land of Leads.”

— Karen Gill, Phantom Freelance

Christopher Mulvany

“I am a web developer with many years of experience going back to 1996 as a young guy out of school who was told computers was the way to go. I’m ready to give freelancing a go again and was interested in Lucrative Leads to learn how to identify my ideal lead and reach out and persuade them of the benefits of my services.

I was so happy to go through Lucrative Leads and see that I’m not too far off the beaten track but just needed tweaks to focus on what I would provide as my Genius and how to find my ideal clients. Thank you!

I thought the course was excellent. It identified areas where I had fallen down with previous ventures. For example, Creating Compelling Service Descriptions helped me realized that I tend to go into deep description of services, explaining too much about the service and not enough about the problem and how I can solve it.

The videos and worksheets are a great aid to run through with each module — they are quick and helped to round off any areas of confusion. The Establishing A Bank of Email Responses module is also valuable because the time this saves is immense and the quality of response is much more professional than rattling off emails that are off-the-cuff.

A lot of other courses I take are on Coursera and Allison. I found Lucrative Leads to be far more personable, and while the work was on you to complete, it never felt daunting due to the overall end goal of giving you the tools to attract leads for your business. Don’t get stuck on the fence! Emerge yourself onto the course, get involved with the worksheets, and at the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to help you make a lot more cash than you spent on this course.”

— Christopher Mulvany

Rebecca Metz

“At Web Pages That Sell, we work primarily with solo entrepreneurs and cool business owners — speakers, coaches, and consultants with a big message to spread! We understand that your business is your focus and websites are a tool for your business success, and we simply make that tool function best for your bottom line.

Although I have been in business for years, I still experience a lot of feast or famine, which creates a lot of stress. I enrolled in Lucrative Leads because I want to create a system that allows me to turn on the lead faucet so I always have a steady stream of perfect fit clients.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this course together! Like all of your training materials, it was stellar. I liked the sequencing of information and how each module built upon the ones before it. The templates were amazing and and I discovered things I had never even thought of.

Most courses like this have a dial into your ideal client section so I wasn’t surprised that it was included. I was surprised, however, at how deep this course went because I really needed to do that. Although it was heavy at first, I really loved the ideal project worksheets too. I also found that the emphasis on copywriting helpful because it really gives you the confidence to go into the world with your message, whether online or offline. It was a perfect mix of information, systems, and unique ways to automate things.

This isn’t your typical identify your ideal client, create a lead magnet, and you off to the races kind of course. By completing Lucrative Leads, you will have a better website that attracts and converts new clients, a system to weed out those that don’t meet that criteria while still be helpful and making a nice impression, and a solid way to keep leads coming in nice and steady.”

— Rebecca Metz, Web Pages That Sell

Jill Clark-Mello

“Resilience Digital creates innovative, online strategies for the solopreneur who’s ready to grow their business and regain their personal life. I do deep dives with my clients to help them see how their digital presence can create better business flow with processes, find the real value of the services they provide, raise their prices with custom packages, and design a website based on the information we glean from the intake process.

The biggest challenge I have faced is expanding my business and wasn’t sure why that was happening. Lucrative Leads took a lot of information I’ve gleaned from multiple books and seminars I’ve been to and created a clear, concise plan that puts it all together. The exercise on finding my superpower was really valuable! I had thought of myself as a web developer, but that’s not what I really do. I sent out the referral emails and the results showed me that I do a lot more than build a website. I’ve redefined my business offerings and feel that this ONE tidbit alone will transform everything I do. Thank you!!!

Lucrative Leads helped me create one, clear pathway to growing my business and that is incredible. I have a bookshelf of information, but this course is better than all of it because it took the best info out there and made it accessible. Is there a lot to it? Heck, yeah! It replaces all the notes and modules that I have built up in my office and gives me one place to work through all the missing pieces in my business.

If you’re struggling to define your business and bring in steady, qualified leads that get what you’re offering, you cannot NOT take this course. You will find all the reasons why you’re struggling and turn it around.”

— Jill Clark-Mello, Resilience Digital

Dave Toomey

“I’m a solopreneur WordPress development business that specializes in personal brands and experts. I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I wanted to really up my lead generation game as I’ve relied to heavily on word of mouth marketing in the past.

I loved this course, if anything more than Profitable Project Plan. It was head and shoulders above any course I’ve taken before. The quality of the information was matched only by the presentation and clarity of the supporting materials — the worksheets were outstanding. Some of the information covered was new to me and some of it I already knew. The final module Lead Generation Action Plan was just what I needed to get my act together and move forward without stumbling around like a lost puppy.

If you’re on the fence about Lucrative Leads, just do it. You know the content is something you need in your business right now and Jennifer really delivers.”

— Dave Toomey, NexelONE Design

Sandra van der Lee

“I create Squarespace websites for specialist solopreneurs or those with a small teams. My clients range from a fantasy rockband, to accountants and Google software partners. The websites I create are strategic (as opposed to just pretty) and SEO-optimized. I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I attract too few leads and had some recent inquiries from people with no budget thought the course would remedy this.

Lucrative Leads is really comprehensive and I love how Jennifer explains not just what we should do but also why. The order of information makes a lot of sense and the flow through the topics feels natural. I loved the part on conditional forms, the outreach email templates for offline marketing efforts, and the final action plan — I haven’t finished mine yet as I’m still pondering which strategies to chose in combination with things already in the works but this is such a good exercise.

What I love about this course compared to many others I have taken is that this has a large focus on implementation and not just teaching! I’m really glad that it’s so practical. If you’re ready to take a hard look at your business and implement the teachings, this course will definitely help you get a ton of new qualified leads in the door.”

— Sandra van der Lee,

90 Day Get-It-Done Money Back Guarantee

I have done everything in my power to make this course a powerhouse of information, exercises, and resources designed to fill your pipeline with lucrative leads.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know Lucrative Leads works because it walks you through the exact same steps I took in my own business to create a consistently full pipeline of ideal clients who are happy to pay my full rate. I’m confident that anyone who completes all of the exercises and takes action will generate more lucrative leads with less effort and be able to better manage inbound leads with less stress.

But if you’re still hesitant, or other courses have left you skeptical, I want to give you every chance possible to participate with confidence.

Lucrative Leads includes 90-Day Get-It-Done Money Back Guarantee. If you implement the entire Lucrative Leads course, completing all exercises and worksheets, and nothing changes for the better, simply provide me a zip file of all completed course materials and screenshots of implemented tasks to prove you gave it your best effort and get a 100% refund.

Get More Clients With Less Work

With Lucrative Leads, you'll get get a step-by-step system to fill your pipeline withqualified leads, segment the high-quality and low-quality leads, manage inbound leads, and more.

Single payment of $697

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3 payments of $249

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Payment Types

First-Hand Experiences With Lucrative Leads

Still not sure whether investing in Lucrative Leads is right for you? Scroll down to see more stories, feedback, and reviews from other course participants.

Jenny LaScala

“I am a web designer/developer who works almost exclusively with small businesses and non-profit companies. I provide marketing expertise hand-in-hand with technical knowledge to help my clients tackle their business and marketing goals.

I wanted to participate in Lucrative Leads to help create a system to generate not only a higher volume of leads, but to garner higher caliber leads that are worth cultivating. (Previously my lead generation efforts drew the attention of less than ideal clients.)

Lucrative Leads far surpasses other courses I have taken in the past that include lectures and booklets, but miss the mark when it comes to helping me implement the concepts in my own business. This course was easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. I appreciated the module approach so I could access it in manageable chunks of time. All of the materials are very well written, well designed, and easy to understand.

I found the greatest value in the email templates and worksheets. The email templates are a time-saving and easy to customize for my own business. It’s one thing to read about a topic, but being able to immediately apply the concepts to my own business was invaluable. If I had to start from scratch, it would have taken me 10x as long.

Jennifer has a knack for teaching people. Some people just create courses just for a money stream and they are so-so, but Jennifer’s courses knock it out of the park. I find it hard to invest in myself. Taking the leap to fully embrace the course content and put its lessons into practice has been the reward I did not realize I deserved. You deserve it too.”

— Jenny LaScala, Synergetic Web Group

Anchen le Roux

“I run a web development and digital marketing studio serving mainly photographers, videographers, and designers. I have a package that I run like an experience where I create a website in a week with fun add-ons etc. I work mostly with local clients and through word of mouth and am looking to move overseas so I need to setup an online system to get clients if I want to keep running the business.

I really liked Lucrative Leads. The course was professionally delivered and clear and concise with great information. I found the module on buying decisions made with the heart and justified with the head very valuable and the lead generation strategies were a good reminder of things to try.

If you are struggling to get leads or want to move away from referral based marketing, I would definitely recommend this course. There are a lot of valuable nuggets and the worksheets are a lot of work, but mostly it gives you a complete system. If you can make the time to do the work and get everything implemented, it will make a huge difference.”

— Anchen le Roux, Simply Digital Design

Angela Gibson

“I build custom WordPress websites for small businesses. I work with clients to find effective solutions for their web presence needs.

I have taken classes from Jennifer before and know that her teaching style works and that the content she provides is valuable. When I saw Lucrative Leads, I knew it would be helpful for my business. I needed a better system for generating new leads and turning them into clients. There are so many options available and it can be overwhelming to know which methods will work for me and my business.

Overall, the course was very helpful. I loved it! The worksheets on clarity, defining your ideal client and project, and creating your marketing message were very thorough and helped me think about my marketing messages in a new way. The detailed advice on creating an effective inquiry form had so many tips that I will be able to implement right away. The lists of online and offline lead generation tactics, as well as the corresponding email templates, were also very valuable. I like that I could go through the options and pick those that would be good for me and my business.

I really feel like I came away with so many ideas on how I can make my website more effective and how I can use different marketing strategies to drive people to my website.

The Lucrative Leads worksheets and exercises require a lot of time to fill out, however, once completed they provide very valuable information that will guide me in actually implementing the strategies. Many courses I have taken in the past didn’t provide me with the detailed worksheets that make me really think about my business and how I can implement a solution that will work for me.

If you’re considering investing in Lucrative Leads, do it! This course provides valuable information in a way that is easy to implement. The videos, worksheets, and exercises provided walk you through the process of evaluating your current business, identifying ways your business can improve, and implementing strategies to fill your pipeline with leads.”

— Angela Gibson, CalicoKey Web Solutions

Sally Tudhope

“I design and build websites and Shopify eCommerce stores for established businesses and help them improve sales by creating targeted marketing funnels and relationship-building follow-up sequences. I’m also a web development partner for designers who’ve decided to ditch the coding and focus on design.

Like most web designers, I love building websites and working on projects for my clients. I rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals for new clients, but I really wanted a system where I was attracting more of my idea clients, more regularly. I knew that working through the material in Lucrative Leads would help me refine my lead generation process and give me the incentive to get this done!

This course is beyond excellent. It’s broken down into well-paced modules, and the worksheets are so information-rich that you could probably complete the course just with them alone! I wouldn’t recommend it though — Jennifer’s videos really help set the scene and explain the concepts in a clear and easy to understand way.

There was so much that was valuable. Focusing first on narrowing down your genius work so that you attract only the best and most ideal clients was an eye-opener, and the module on Offline Lead Generation was a great reminder that not all marketing is done online. The ideas and tips in that module really helped shift my mindset back towards relationship marketing. Oh, and the Master Handbook is more than 200 pages of pure gold!

Lucrative Leads is about turning your entire business into a client attraction machine. I thought it might be about crafting a lead magnet, but it’s so, so much more than that. From writing compelling service descriptions to developing conversion paths through your website, this course is way more comprehensive than I’d anticipated. This is where you go to learn lead generation from start to finish.

If setting up your entire business to be a focused lead generation tool to attract your ideal clients is something you think would help you grow your business, invest in this course now. As with all of Jennifer’s courses, you’re getting the benefit of her many years of experience running a successful web design business, plus her amazing support. Just do it — it’s an amazing course.”

— Sally Tudhope, Sally Tudhope Creative

Michele Bergh

“I offer WordPress support — hosting, maintenance, and tech support — for multi-passionate wellness coaches. I haven’t done much in terms of marketing and have relied heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I feel it’s time to do more marketing to reach a broader circle but also do it in a way that makes sense for me and is easily scalable.

Lucrative Leads is top-notch. The quality of the videos and the handouts along with Jennifer’s wealth of knowledge were both enjoyable and informative. The process flowed really well. It’s rare to find that everything is easy to move through and I appreciated that.

I liked that the videos were fairly short and the packets were easy to take with me to work on if I wasn’t going to be at my desk all day. I got a lot of value from the videos but the packets/workbooks were so well done, I didn’t have to watch the videos if I wasn’t in a place to do so and having an audio file available was really helpful.

I also really loved all the online and offline tactics included and the focus on creating a plan and how to implement it or put it all into action. I especially loved the exercise of looking at what works best for you and rating the level of effort, time, and cost. I am huge on considering the big picture and making sure I bring in sustainable practices into my business and this was so helpful.

If you’re considering Lucrative Leads, I would say don’t wait, do it now. If you are struggling in your business, either with getting started OR scaling, it’s an ideal time to reflect on what you are doing and what you might want to do differently or add to your process. The clarity around your business and knowledge you will gain in this course are well worth the investment.

— Michele Bergh, Bergh Consulting

“I am a freelance WordPress designer and developer who works with small businesses to provide website design, hosting, custom responsive WordPress themes, custom plugin development, and ongoing support. I also work on the Chamber Dashboard plugins with a friend and we are planning to take that to the next level this year by making it into an official company.

I wanted to enroll in Lucrative Leads because I had attended Jennifer’s session at Word Camp Seattle, I really liked it, and I knew I would benefit from this course. I have a nice website, but need better compelling content to get more leads, and I love freelancing, but am tired of the feast or famine cycle and want to build a steady pipeline of work. I was hoping doing your sheets might help me figure out how to structure my website.

Lucrative Leads is pretty good and very well thought out. The worksheets are a lot of work but as I progressed through them, I got a better view of how I want my website and what I want to include in my site. I liked was that the exercises are continuous. For a person like me who tends to put away the boring stuff or skip the difficult stuff, having each module build on the previous one was helpful.

If you are on the fence, I would definitely encourage you to take Lucrative Leads. It is worth investing in a course like this.”

— Chandrika Guntur, GCS Design

Stacy Clements

“I work with small business owners who know they need technology to operate and grow their businesses, but don’t have the time or desire to learn and do it themselves. I create and maintain websites and associated services, and I’m branching out this year to provide basic cybersecurity education and planning.

Most of my current clients are from word of mouth. I don’t have a systematized way to get leads, and I’m still in relatively early stages of my business, so I don’t have a good way to “weed out” those who aren’t really a good fit. While I’ve done a lot of research and reading on this, I thought Lucrative Leads would likely be a good way to help me solidify what I’ve learned and be able to create a workable plan (both for me and my clients).

The course and worksheets were great! As I expected, while I “knew” most of the information, Jennifer took all those bits of knowledge and organized them into a concise package that aligns all the information and gives actionable steps to take to develop a lead generation process.

I really like the organization of the course, and I REALLY appreciate the handbooks that go along with the videos. I like the multi-mode instruction — hearing and reading — but as a visual learner, I appreciate the ability to go into a written document to read over or look up a certain bit of information.

I especially liked the modules on how to handle leads with conditional logic forms on the website and how to manage inbound leads. In particular, I liked the ideas on how to handle ‘tire kickers.’ I always feel that I have to respond to everyone to be polite and the examples of polite responses that ALSO give resources that can be helpful to those who just really don’t know what they want were great — the way Jennifer walks through examples is exactly what I was looking for.

Also, the Offline Lead module was really good. Those of us who really like technology can tend to get caught up in the ‘techie’ way. As Jennifer points out, there are tried and true marketing methods that we shouldn’t forget, and personal relationships are more easily built in person.

I’m fairly selective on the courses I invest in, but this one is very good. I have taken Profitable Project Plan, so I expected Lucrative Leads to be a high quality, organized, and useful course and it definitely met that expectation.

If you’re ready to put the work into attracting the right leads for your business, then this is a great course for you. There’s no magic bullet — getting leads takes effort — but this course walks you through the process from clarifying your offer (so you know what leads you want to attract), to applying the actual methods to get the leads you can work with (and how to deal with those you don’t).”

— Stacy Clements, Milepost 42 LLC

Laine Nickl

“I create bespoke brands and websites for people who are ready to own their expertise, stand out from the crowd, and move confidently toward big dreams. I serve people who have already honed their expertise and refined they’re offerings — but their website is holding them back instead of propelling them forward.

I’m in the middle of launching my business after partnering with an agency the last few years, and the missing piece of the puzzle is how to generate leads as a new business.

The Lucrative Leads workbook is a beast — and I mean that in the best kind of way! It is more thorough than those in other courses and there is seriously so much value in just the worksheets. They’re clear, well-organized, nicely designed, and there was a sufficient amount of space provided for answers (which is surprisingly problematic for a lot of worksheets).

The email scripts are great, as it’s such a huge time-saver to have a starting point for writing emails that you can edit to put in your own voice. But for me, the lessons with the actual lead generation tactics were the most helpful. I liked how so many different types of tactics are outlined so I can really look through and decide what best fits me at this moment.

While the first few lessons are similar to parts of other courses I’ve taken, I love that they’re included in this course rather than jumping straight into the specific sections on leads, as it’s still valuable to have these more basic elements in mind before thinking about lead tactics. The rest of the lessons weren’t similar to any courses I’ve taken and they go way more in-depth into the whole lead generation process.

Lucrative Leads is full of value and the workbook is something I will continue to reference. If you are unfamiliar with generating leads, this course will be incredibly helpful in pushing you to not only create and implement a plan, but to continuously re-evaluate it. And if you think of how much a lead is worth to your business, I don’t imagine it will take long for the course to pay for itself.”

— Laine Nickl, Audere Design Co.

Marcy Diaz

“I help small business owners and professionals create a website that represents their expertise and helps them grow their business and get more clients and customers, even if they don’t know what to do or how to get started.

I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I needed to learn more about how to get the types of clients I prefer and how to to put a process into place, so I am always getting new clients, rather than it being hit and miss.

The lessons covered the entire process from determining what you are best at through marketing messages, service descriptions, and lead generation, and the worksheets were amazing. They walk through every step of the process and made me think about things in my business that I hadn’t really thought about before. Jennifer has more ideas for how to do things than any ten other people I know and I liked the course’s formula approach, because it made it easy to actually create material that was usable.

The lead generation ideas were especially valuable to me because there were a lot to choose from. I feel like I can actually implement some of them long term. You had ideas to match a lot of different personality/business styles and I feel like I can actually implement those that match my personality now.

I took a similar course this summer to help with generating marketing messages and service descriptions. It concentrated more on appealing to customer emotions and was hard for me to do because that’s not my normal mode of thinking. Because Lucrative Leads is more about generating messages according to a formula, it was much easier for me to work through and generate messages and descriptions that I can actually use. Also the messages sound like me, and not someone else.

If you give yourself time to work through all the examples in this course, you’ll have a lot of good material to use for marketing and service descriptions. You’ll also have ideas that you can actually implement for generating more leads, and a plan to use to follow through. It’s a great course, and well worth the time it takes.”

— Marcy Diaz, Amethyst Website Design

Cami MacNamara

“I have been a solo web designer for 17 years, I have been a member of a GoDaddy customer council since 2016, and in 2018 became the first Web Pro Ambassador for GoDaddy. I love what I do, love who I work with, and started investing in myself and my systems in 2015. I completed WP Elevation in 2017 and gained a lot of confidence from that. I followed it with Jennifer’s Profitable Project Plan course and instantly knew I had found the holy grail of all courses for running my business.

When getting started as a web designer, the focus is on getting clients. I feel what you do after you land the client is even more important because happy customers lead to more customers. My challenge is keeping up with incoming leads. I often feel overwhelmed and miss opportunities simply because I have no time or can’t respond quickly enough.

I signed up for Lucrative Leads because I will take advantage of any opportunity to take a course from Jennifer. I admire her obvious discipline to accomplish what she does. The amount of thought, work, and preparation put into the course is not unnoticed and I fully endorse all of her courses. I only wish I had done all this work on running my business sooner.

Lucrative Leads isn’t just for people having issues getting leads. It has valuable information about managing leads too. The presentation of materials is very clear and concise and the course materials are almost too beautiful to write on!”

— Cami MacNamara, WebCami Site Design

Have A Question?

Check out these commonly asked questions.

Can I give all of the worksheets included in Lucrative Leads to my clients, just like the materials in Profitable Project Plan?

No. Lucrative Leads and Profitable Project Plan are two different types of courses. Profitable Project Plan is all about working better with your clients and it includes done-for-you materials to use with and provide to your clients. Lucrative Leads is all about improving your own business and attracting clients and all of the materials for you only and may not be redistributed in any way.

Are there live training sessions for Lucrative Leads?

No. Lucrative Leads is a self-directed, on-demand course. This means you get all of the course materials in full when you enroll and are able to move through the course on your own time at your own speed.

Is there live Q&A?

Yes! There are regular Live Q&A sessions for Lucrative Leads delivered via Zoom. On the Live Q&A sessions, you can ask me anything and get an immediate on-the-spot answer, get help if you’re stuck on an exercise, or share the work you’re doing in the course to get feedback.

What is I need help or want feedback between Live Q&A sessions?

No problem! There is a Lucrative Leads Facebook Group that you’ll be able to join when you enroll. I pop in the group at least once a day to answer any questions, share input, give feedback, and more. It’s a fantastic resource.

Can you provide the worksheets as interactive PDFs?

Sorry, but no. First, I’m not a fan of that style worksheet because of the limited space. Second, studies have shown that you are more creative and open-minded when using a traditional pen/pencil and paper and that doing the work off the computer helps you retain the information better. Simply put, you’ll get better results if you take a screen break!

How are the course materials and training provided?

All of the training is delivered in video, audio MP3, and PDF formats so you can learn in the style that best suits you. All worksheets are provided in PDF format. All pre-written emails and scripts are provided in PDF and plain text formats so you can use them with ease.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

No problem! Email me! I’m happy to help, answer questions, and get you any information you need.

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