Learn To Package And Price Your Services So Amazing Clients Happily Say Yes To Your Full Fees And Your Revenue Equals The Value And Impact Of Your Work

Packaging + Pricing Mini Course

Set And Communicate Your Packages And Pricing With Confidence!

The $147 Packaging + Pricing Course includes lifetime access to the video lessons, audio downloads, lesson workbooks, and completed worksheet examples, as well as all future mini course updates.


This course is currently getting a massive upgrade and will once again be available in February 2024. Stay tuned for new lessons, additional training, interactive tools, bonus mindset support, and all new videos and workbooks!

Packaging + Pricing Course

Establish a clear pricing structure or refine your existing pricing, package your services for profits, and learn how to create proposals and contracts faster.

I’m willing to bet that you need to raise your rates.

You’ve probably had other people tell you that you’re not charging enough for the quality of work you deliver. You’re most likely also frustrated by freelancers less skilled and less talented than you flaunting their six-figure businesses all over social media. You may even know deep down that you’re undercharging because you’re working your tail off and still not earning the income you deserve and desire.

Packaging + Pricing Aims To Fix Your Freelance Pricing

This mini-course is exactly what you need if you have struggled to set clear pricing or aren’t sure what to charge for your services, you lack easy-to-understand packages, or creating proposals often feels stressful and the process of putting them together takes too much time.

In just a few, short, super-focused lessons, you’ll:

  • Set the right hourly rate for your dream business and desired lifestyle. And, you’ll do it using mathematical formulas that ensure your pricing will generate the business revenue and personal income you need to live the life you dreamed of when you started your business.
  • Gain the clarity and confidence you need to lead sales calls with confidence, speak about the value of your packages, produce professional, accurate estimates and proposals with ease.
  • Create and learn how to use a baseline rate card for your freelance business that makes effectively packaging your services for profit simple and fast.
  • Establish clear, measurable, achievable financial goals for your business and outline a plan to turn those goals into reality.

What’s Included In Packaging + Pricing:

This mini course includes three video lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Define Your Hourly Rate
    Ensure You Cover Expenses And Generate A Profit
  • Lesson 2: Create And Price Your Packages
    Organize Your Services To Help Prospects Self-Select And Say Yes
  • Lesson 3: Set Clear Financial Goals
    Establish Goals To Grow your business And Boost Profits

All three lessons include:

  • On demand video training to explain the concepts
  • PDF handbooks to review the training and take notes
  • Hands-on exercises with worksheets to guide you through each step
  • Completed examples of each worksheet to ensure you never get stuck