Content Camp

September 17-19, 2019 | Roseville, California

You're Invited To An Entirely New Type Of Conference

Content Camp is a live workshop-style content marketing and blogging conference, which means you'll be actively working on your business and getting things done.

Content Camp is breaking the typical conference mold

Instead of listening to a lineup of speakers, taking copious notes, and leaving with way too many things to do and feelings of overwhelm, at Content Camp, you will be gaining clarity, working on your businesses, and creating momentum.

Content Camp is the first working conference if its kind designed exclusively for freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small businesses who are ready to take their business to the next level. The event will bring together 150 creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, and agencies from a variety of industries for three powerful days to gather insights on content strategy, blogging, and content marketing, get work done, and create momentum.

Every detail of the event — from the beautiful venue and carefully crafted curriculum to the networking and training materials — is crafted to provide you a remarkable experience.

Throughout the event, you will experience training presentations, facilitated workshops, and hands-on exercises designed to create a clear content strategy, craft compelling brand stories, and architect a blog strategy so you can attract more business and create more and cash with your content.

And you’ll be:

  • Challenged to think about your business and customers in a whole new way
  • Provided new frameworks for storytelling, content creation, and delivery
  • Guided through hands-on exercises that will have a critical impact on your content
  • Equipped with tools to brainstorm and outline new content quickly
  • Exposed to new content marketing strategies and tactics
  • Inspired to take bold steps forward

As a result, you will leave Content Camp having already taken meaningful action that will make an immediate difference.

Total Content Clarity In Three Days

At Content Camp, you'll spend three amazing days surrounded by like-minded, driven business owners, working on your brand and your business by focusing on the most important communication tool of all: your content.

Uplevel Your Business At Content Camp

A ticket includes access to three incredible days hands-on workshops, a comprehensive workbook, networking with attendees and sponsors, and time to ask questions and get direct feedback. You’ll also have three delicious lunch experiences where you'll have the opportunity to "pick the brains" of hand-selected experts.

Get A Ticket For $350

Meet The Sponsor

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Pathfinder SEO

Overwhelmed by SEO? Try a new approach — guided SEO.

Pathfinder SEO distills 10 years of experience on thousands of websites into an SEO process for business owners, freelancers, and agencies that is affordable. We call it guided SEO. Take ownership of your search engine results. Boost visits. Drive sales.

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A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Workshop Sessions

When it comes to delivering workshop sessions and providing value, my expectations are sky-high. That's why I've hand-picked a small group of subject matter experts to join me in facilitating workshops guaranteed to move your business forward.

Maximize Content ROI With Keyword Research

Learn the ins-and-outs of effective keyword research so you can improve your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your website, and maximize the ROI of your content. During this session, you’ll gain access to the Pathfinder SEO software so you can follow along with an SEO expert, do keyword research, and ask questions.

By the end of the session, you will have created a unique batch of focus keywords specifically related to your business and the knowledge to perform keyword research on your own in the future.

Lindsay Halsey

Lindsay Halsey teaches business owners and freelancers how to get found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. After ten years as partner at a SEO agency, Lindsay noticed that the traditional approaches to SEO — hiring an agency and doing it yourself — left many people behind as the cost of hiring an agency was prohibitive or the DIY solution was overwhelming. Lindsay and the Pathfinder SEO team thought there must be another way and developed guided SEO. Lindsay lives in Basalt, Colorado and enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing with her family.

Brand Storytelling For Sales And Marketing

Learn five step-by-step storytelling formulas to craft a variety of compelling brand stories that will help you turn strangers into leads and leads into customers. Then use the provided story formulas to write your own brand stories, customer stories, and client attraction stories.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a collection of stories you can use in your sales and marketing content, presentations, pitches, and more.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema knows which words to use to get people to act — telling a story from stage, on a landing page, or in a blog post. It’s a skill he’s refined over the last thirty years, and one he’s been sharing with others for the last ten years. Unlike gifted copywriters who can’t explain what they’re doing, Chris has helped countless entrepreneurs with landing pages, with speeches, and with their blog posts. As a VP at Liquid Web, he’s often found at conferences, on stage, continually refining the strategies he’ll share with you.

Blog Post Conversion Planning

Learn conversion strategies for your blog and get blog ideas that will help turn visitors into fans, subscribers, leads, and/or customers. Then rethink the purpose of your blog posts, realize new opportunities to increase the ROI of your blog posts, and reverse engineer the content needed to get potential sponsors, partners, clients, and customers to say yes.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear plan of action to turn your blog into a conversion goldmine aligned with your goals.

Sydni Craig-Hart

Sydni Craig-Hart is a 4th generation entrepreneur and CEO/Co-Founder of Smart Simple Marketing, a multi-award-winning marketing consultancy. Since 2006, she and her team have been helping small business owners to eliminate marketing overwhelm, develop irresistible pricing for their services, and maintain a steady flow of satisfied clients. Contact Sydni to discover how her experience in helping more than 8,000 small businesses in 79 different industries to achieve their goals can help you achieve your next level of success.

Audio And Video Repurposing

Learn how to repurpose audio and video clips for social media newsfeeds, stories, and ads using FREE tools. You’ll record a short video or audio clip to promote your business and follow along step-by-step to repurpose it into several different content assets.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a collection of audio / video assets ready to post to your social media accounts and the knowledge to do it again and again.

Shaina Weisinger

Shaina Weisinger is the founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns your content into unlimited videos and images. Marketers submit content clips to be repurposed by 5:00 pm PST and have seven assets done and delivered by 8:00 am PST the next day! Shaina is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of their content. Shaina loves to laugh loudly, be obnoxiously competitive on the volleyball court, treat her dogs as her kin, and recover from tripping on or running into almost everything in a five-foot radius.

Facebook Ads That Work

Learn a proven, step-by-step framework for writing effective Facebook ads that convert and see successful Facebook ad examples from real businesses. Then write a real Facebook ad for your own business, product, course, membership, service, challenge, or list-building free offer and get feedback from a pro while you work.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a Facebook ad written and ready to run and a framework you can follow to create ads in the future.

Justin Wise

Justin Wise is the founder of Think Digital, a digital marketing and communications company that understands Facebook ads. Justin helps founders, owners, and entrepreneurs create simple businesses share what matters most. He speaks on the topic of digital communication, marketing, and entrepreneurship at national conferences such as the NRB Research Symposium, CLA Internet & Technology Summit, and the Nonprofit Leadership Academy.

Content Promotion And Amplification

Learn proven techniques, tactics, and strategies to promote your content and amplify your brand message so you can gain visibility, reach more people, and maximize the ROI of your content marketing efforts. Then create your own content promotion and amplification plan— specific to your business and goals—that removes uncertainty and outlines everything you need to do to market your content effectively.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a step-by-step plan and checklist that you can use as a marketing guide for every new piece of content you create.

Kim Doyal

Formerly known as, “The WordPress Chick”, Kim Doyal is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and content creator. Widowed in 2003 with two small children, she has built her lifestyle business using WordPress, podcasting, content, and a commitment to “JustShowUP.” Today Kim is a content marketing strategist, host of The Kim Doyal Show podcast, co-founder of the Content Creators Planner, founder of the Content. Creators community, and pioneer of the #EverythingIsContent movement.

We're Ditching The Typical Canned Conference Presentations In Favor Of Live Q&A!

In addition to the hands-on workshops, six "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions give you the opportunity to ask industry experts questions specific to your business and get the answers you need to move your business forward. Meet the first three experts below...

You Don't Need Another Conference, You Need A Workshop Where You'll Implement What You Learn Before You Go Home!

A ticket includes access to three incredible days hands-on workshops, a comprehensive workbook, networking with attendees and sponsors, and time to ask questions and get direct feedback. You’ll also have three delicious lunch experiences where you'll have the opportunity to "pick the brains" of hand-selected experts.

Get A Ticket For $350

Meet The Sponsor

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GoDaddy Pro offers a robust suite of free tools to web developers and designers to help them save time managing all their clients and sites. With GoDaddy Pro, you can easily shop for your client, monitor their sites, and manage all of their WordPress websites from one place.

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What's The Story Behind Content Camp?

Content Camp is created and produced by Jennifer Bourn — 20-year designer, 13-year agency owner, 10-year blogger, and serious lover of content strategy.

The typical conference model is failing small businesses

Hi! I’m Jennifer Bourn — a designer turned content strategist who always dreamed of being a teacher and I don’t know about you, but I’m over the typical conference experience designed to wear you down so you can be more susceptible to a sales pitch at the end. I’m also tired of sitting in a dark ballroom, listening to a whole lineup of speakers and ferociously taking notes only to leave overwhelmed and end up not taking action because you don’t know where to start, then feel bad because you left motivated to do great things but never did. What a horrible experience!

This is why I'm all about hands-on workshops

I love workshops because attendees get things done and make progress at the event, and that momentum stays with them as they continue to take action at home or in the office. Over the past several years, I’ve been creating training curriculum and delivering workshops on branding, content strategy, business systems and process, and lead generation for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, micro-agencies, and creative professionals. These workshops have received rave reviews — even more than my keynotes and breakouts — and that seriously got me thinking…

Every minute spent on content needs to make an impact

I know that building a successful business is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult work and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. I know you’re busy. I know you have too many things on your plate and never enough time. I also know that you have a dream and you’re not going to give up — and that if you’re going to invest time, money, and energy into attending an event, you need to make it worth it. You need real results; results that are going to move your business forward, because every minute spent working on your business and content, is a minute not spent with loved ones.

You don't need a conference, you need a workshop

If you’ve struggled with content planning and creation… If blogging has been a challenge… If you’re taking action but not seeing the results you want… If you struggle to tell your brand story, communicate your value, and show prospects the impact you can have on their lives/business… you don’t need another conference full of speakers regurgitating things you’ve read online. You need a workshop. You need three days away from all of your day-to-day demands and obligations to focus on your business and your content so you can map it out, get it done, and create momentum.

Spend three days immersed in all things content

From gaining clarity, brainstorming new ideas, and content planning to creating content like brand messaging, blog posts, ebooks, content upgrades, and more, Content Camp has you covered. This three-day workshop intensive is designed to not only walk you step-by-step through every tactic, strategy, but give you time to take action and get help and direct feedback on the spot. Plus, you’ll learn how to leverage content marketing opportunities for authority positioning, rapid list-building, increased brand visibility, and better search engine rankings so more people who need what you offer can find you online.

Content Camp Is Happening In Roseville, California

Nestled in the foothills of Placer County, Roseville is halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, 40 minutes from the farm-to-fork capital of America, and just a short drive from the world-famous wine regions of Napa Valley and Amador County.

The Falls Event Center

The Falls Event Center

Content Camp Workshop Venue

Located next to The Fountains and Galleria at Roseville, The Falls Event Center is a new, stunning, modern event venue with ample natural light, a private outdoor patio, and lots of free parking.

240 Conference Center Drive, Roseville, CA 95678

Hyatt Place Roseville

Hyatt Place Roseville

The Preferred Event Hotel

If you're traveling from out of town, the Hyatt Place Roseville is where you'll want to stay. Located mere steps from the venue, the hotel is close to restaurants, shopping, and much more.

220 Conference Center Drive, Roseville, CA 95678

If You Want To Leverage Content Marketing To Grow Your Business, You Need To Be At Content Camp

A ticket includes access to three incredible days hands-on workshops, a comprehensive workbook, networking with attendees and sponsors, and time to ask questions and get direct feedback. You’ll also have three delicious lunch experiences where you'll have the opportunity to "pick the brains" of hand-selected experts.

Get A Ticket For $350

Content Camp FAQs

Have a question about Content Camp? Maybe I can help...

What happens if I buy a ticket but later can’t go to Content Camp?

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. If you buy a ticket to the event and later can’t attend, your ticket is transferable through September 9, 2019. After September 9, 2019, tickets are locked down and are no longer transferable.

What do I need to bring to Content Camp?

Content Camp is a workshop, which means instead of listening to speaker after speaker deliver talks and taking notes, you’ll be guided through exercises and actively working on your brand, your business, and your content. While you’ll receive an event workbook, you’ll also want a laptop or tablet with you so you can maximize your experience, participate fully, and get the most done at the event.

With there be other speakers / workshop facilitators?

YES! While the event will be primarily led by Jennifer Bourn, a few subject matter experts will join her as facilitators. They have been hand-picked to deliver the curriculum, provide the highest value, and provide an extraordinary experience for all attendees.

What if I don’t have a business but I have a blog? Will I benefit from Content Camp?

If you’re investing time and energy into your blog, I’m pretty sure that you want people to visit your site, read your posts, and subscribe to your blog or email list. Maybe you even dream of earning some side-income, free product, or special event invites from brand partners and sponsors… You may not view your blog as a business but shifting your thinking a tiny bit can make a big difference.

Content Camp will help you create a strategy for your blog that clarifies your brand and message, positions you as a desirable market partner, increases traffic to your blog, and simplifies social media without sacrificing results.

Can I attend Content Camp on behalf of my client?

YES! If you’re in advertising, marketing, public relations, or social media, you’re a consultant, or you create on behalf of your clients like copywriters do, you are more than welcome to attend to Content Camp on behalf of your clients. The event will help you gain clarity on your clients’ brand and message, think more strategically about their content and blog, and discover how to improve the results and increase the benefits of your work.

What’s the attire for Content Camp?

First, September in Roseville, California and the greater Sacramento Region is hot. Temperatures range from 85-100 degrees outside, but inside you’ll be nice and cool. I recommend dressing for warm weather and bringing a light sweater if you get cool inside.

Second, this is a working event and that means you need to be comfortable. This probably isn’t going to be your chance to break out that fancy dress or suit. Instead, I’d recommend business casual attire.

What’s the lunch situation?

I have food allergies — one bite of dairy and I won’t be able to deliver the event — so I understand how important your meals are to your ability to enjoy the event and how frustrating it is to sit down for a meal you can’t eat.

The lunches will be protein, fruit, and veggie heavy and all ticket members will receive a food survey before the event so we can be sure to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities as best we can. If you have a concern, please reach out.

What airport should I fly into?

The Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is the closest airport to the venue — about 40 minutes away without traffic and 60 minutes with traffic.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered anywhere on this page?

Reach out any time! I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.