Word Swag: Quickly And Easily Create Branded Quote Images

Easily and quickly combine photos and text and even your logo to create stunning, branded social media graphics.


Word Swag is an app that gives content creators the ability to create beautiful, branded images and graphics in mere minutes. If you create content for your business or brand, WordSwag will simplify the visual content creation process so you can increase engagement and improve your content marketing efforts.

  • If you have struggled to design professional social media images and graphics that impress your audience and build your brand’s authority
  • If you have tried creating quote images for Instagram but couldn’t get the design or your logo to look just right…
  • If want to create images with text to promote new blog posts or share client testimonials but don’t know how…
  • If you hired a social media graphic designer to design branded visuals but were less than impressed and left disappointed in the quality…
  • If you simply don’t have the time to design visuals for your content marketing on a regular basis…

Word Swag is the text and photo editing app you need.

Word Swag Quote Image

Professional Graphic Design In Your Hand

Billed as a graphic designer in your pocket, Word Swag, lets you add beautifully designed typography to photos in seconds — and you can use your own photos or photos you have downloaded from stock photo sites, or you can choose from the Pixabay library of free stock photos.

With several different cropping, framing, color, and typography style options; social media platform presets; 1.3 million free photo backgrounds; and 22 image filters, the possibilities of what you can do with type and imagery in the Word Swag app are nearly endless.

Just some of the types of images you can create in Word Swag include:

  • Portfolio showcases
  • Instagram “tips” carousels
  • Client testimonials
  • Blog post featured images
  • Twitter post images, cover images, and card images
  • Instagram post images
  • Product promotions
  • Social media story images
  • Motivational quotes
  • Limited time calls to action
  • Webinar promotions
  • LinkedIn image posts
  • Speaker or sponsor images for events
  • Opt-in offer promotions
  • Pinterest images
  • Facebook post images
  • Photo captions
  • Quick reminders
  • Product promotions
  • Event promotions
  • Facebook page, event, and group cover images
  • Blog post quotes
  • YouTube video cover images

Basically, if you want to build brand equity with visual content or put text on top of an image for any reason, you can do it with Word Swag.

Their exclusive Typomatic™ Engine automatically creates beautiful custom text layouts that would normally take minutes or even hours with just a tap. If you don’t know what to say or aren’t feeling especially inspired, the app also includes hundreds of pre-written captions, quotes, and even jokes to choose from.

HOW IT WORKS: Open the app, choose a photo, enter or choose a caption, select your typography treatment, adjust the color, and export. It’s seriously that simple.

Here’s the best part: The Word Swag app is free. Yes, you can streamline your social media graphic design process and create stunning text/image visuals for your content marketing in next to no time without spending a dime. With that said, there is an in-app purchase available that prompts you to upgrade to Word Swag PRO.

Word Swag App Stock Images

Word Swag App Choose An Image

Word Swag App Enter or Choose Your Text

Word Swag App Adjust Type Design

Word Swag PRO

Word Swag PRO is a monthly subscription that introduces some pretty cool features, including:

  • Watermark Removal: When you use the free Word Swag app, the images you create will have the WordSwag watermark on them. The PRO upgrade let’s you remove thew watermark.
  • Logo Importer: When you’re done creating the perfect image, you can import and add your logo — and if you’ve added a logo before, the app will ask, “Select new logo or use the same logo as last time?”
  • Print-Quality Graphics: Turn on this feature and all images created will be saved as high resolution images and exported at 5,400 pixels tall and/or wide.
  • More Design Options: Get more fonts to choose from, more frames and layouts, more colors (like gold foil and rose gold foil), and the ability to add multiple layers of text.

I Use WordSwag

I earned my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I began using Photoshop when it was brand-spankin’ new. I can manipulate type in Illustrator like nobody’s business. I have 23 years under my belt as a working graphic-designer. And I use Word Swag PRO for myself and for my clients because it gets the job done fast and reduces costs. I even include a tutorial for the app in the Content Camp bonus training: “Design Visual Brand Assets That Inspire.”

The fact that I can design stunning images from anywhere — even in the notoriously long In ‘N Out drive thru — also helps quite a bit!

Snag Word Swag in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.