Freelance Designers, Developers, Consultants, Agency Owners, and In-House Professionals Find Success With Profitable Project Plan

Hear from Profitable Project Plan students, in their own words, about their program experience, the training and materials, and how they have benefitted.

Anabeth McConnell

What's unique about this program is that Jennifer is 100% involved.

“Profitable Project Plan is a lot of work upfront but once the system is in place you’ll see your time investment decrease and profitability increase for each project. The best part is that the framework builds a strong foundation that can be completely customized for your unique business.

As a HubSpot provider who provides web design and development for small business owners and marketing teams, my business and information is different but the PPP framework still works. I simply plugged in my guides based on the framework outlined and my clients love the extra education.

What’s unique about this program is that Jennifer is 100% involved. This isn’t just a bunch of videos, it’s her providing the lesson live and staying for the Q&A right after — and not just a 5-minute Q&A. Sometimes the Q&A is just as long as the lesson itself! With lifetime access, I continue to tweak my process because I keep learning new things as I go through the program again.”

— Anabeth McConnell | Inbound Design Partners

Eric Butow

Move your business farther and faster than you ever thought possible.

“I’ve taken several other courses and spent a lot of money. While valuable, most are more generalized. Profitable Project Plan is the only course specifically designed to teach and implement systems for businesses that provide website development and related services. If you need customizable systems to grow your website development business, don’t reinvent the wheel. Sign up for PPP, get the systems you need, network with other participants, and move your business farther and faster than you ever thought possible.”

— Eric Butow | Butow Communications Group

Kristin Falkner

PPP has been truly awesome! You won't regret taking this program, but you will regret not taking it earlier.

“My name is Kristin Falkner and I’m a freelance developer who specializes in building custom WordPress themes. I primarily work with agencies, designers, and small businesses to build their designs in WordPress.

I’ve been freelancing for a long time and while I am awesome at coding, the business and project management side of things had room for improvement. I found myself working a lot of nights and weekends, which was leaving me burned out. I could feel inefficiencies and repetitiveness in some of my business processes but I wasn’t quite sure how to fix it so it just kept being left on the back burner.

PPP has been truly awesome! The client management and recurring revenue sections have been my favorite but I had great takeaways even for parts of my business that I wasn’t concerned about, and I love how flexible everything in PPP is. It’s extremely easy to take the concepts presented and adapt them for your specific needs or to have sessions set off unexpected lightbulbs for your business. The PPP community is also full of super friendly people always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Today, I am 10x more efficient and I work far fewer nights and weekends. My client and project management feel much less repetitive and I put tasks on autopilot that were chewing up time because I was doing it all manually. I now feel as confident in the business side of things that I do in the code I write.

You won’t regret taking this program, but you will regret not taking it earlier.

If I had a time machine to go back and take this when I was starting out, I would do so in a heartbeat as it would have saved me from learning so many lessons the hard way. Even years into my business, the amount of takeaways I have gotten and continue to get makes PPP a rock-solid investment. I feel like I’ve increased the value I’m able to offer my clients because of PPP and I’m confident anyone signing up that is willing to do the work will find it to be an incredibly smart business move.”

— Kristin Falkner |

Sean Atkinson

PPP has helped me weather this pandemic and grow my business.

“I own Majority Media, a digital agency that partners with small- to mid-size businesses to establish their business and become more competitive in their market.

Profitable Project Plan is the best investment I have made for my business. It has helped me weather the pandemic and grow my business in a time when so many others are folding. Jennifer has created an amazing program that checked every box I needed to level up my business and even ones I didn’t know I needed, and the community is second to none — everyone is helpful and welcoming. She consistently finds ways to make sure you get those ‘a-ha’ moments where things click — it seems to be her specialty.

PPP has given me the opportunity to implement smooth processes for onboarding and ongoing services, increase trust with clients, and raise my rates. It has prepared me for projects from start to finish, added credibility to my business, and helped me get positive feedback from existing clients who see my value and feel confident they’re in good hands and in the right place.

It’s an understatement to say it’s worth your time and money. I made my investment back a few times over in the first couple of months and would easily pay for the program again but I don’t have to because it includes lifetime access!”

— Sean Atkinson | Majority Media LLC

Clare Lewis

I doubled my revenue this year and feel great going into next year because I know I can grow more!

“I am the designer and developer at Clare Concept. I serve business professionals who are looking to grow their reach beyond their one-to-one clients through content, courses, and digital products. I invested in Profitable Project Plan because I knew there were gaps in my process and I was struggling with managing and converting leads.

PPP offered comprehensive systems that could be applied to my business without reinventing the wheel and a streamlined lead acquisition process that took out the overwhelm. Jennifer is generous with her knowledge and expertise, the program materials are well thought out, and they’re easy to implement and tweak to your own voice and process. Plus, during the training and Q&A sessions, Jennifer explains everything and makes sure she answers your specific questions to ensure you don’t get stuck.

After implementing PPP, clients often comment on how organized and seamless my processes are, how much value they receive, and how much they are learning — and because my admin time is reduced, I have more time to devote to projects. I feel calmer, more in control, and confident in my process, I know my client experience is excellent, and I have the right leads coming in. This wouldn’t have happened without PPP.

PPP is the greatest investment I have made in my business. I doubled my revenue this year and feel great going into next year because I know I can grow more!”

— Clare Lewis | Clare Concept

Joy Quinn

The content templates, checklists, and guidelines are genius!

“I serve local small businesses by providing branding, web design, and care plan support. I enrolled in PPP because I LOVE the design and development process, but couldn’t find my groove. Each time I’d do things a little differently and soon realized that to be timely and profitable, I needed to create a process and stick with it — Profitable Project Plan exceeded my expectations in providing this framework!

This is the first business program I’ve seen that targets the WHOLE process, from start to finish! I love that it covers the sales process, design and development, go-live, and ongoing support, and the content templates, checklists, and guidelines are genius. So many courses cover small parts of this and it’s hard to see how it fits into my own business. Profitable Project Plan provides the whole system and you can inject your own flair and parts where you see fit.

PPP provides so much value. I couldn’t imagine setting this all up on my own! The time savings alone far outweighs the cost.”

— Joy Quinn | SkyBound Tek Design

Matt Ryan

I used the contract and got the job. I used the onboarding sequence and the client was wow'ed.

“Cap Web Solutions works with small businesses, helping them establish and grow their web presence in the biggest marketplace the world has to offer.

I needed a way to produce better results with the same or less effort and Profitable Project Plan provided actionable advice down to the task level. It gave me an overall understanding of the problem, why it needed to be fixed, the approach to use to fix it, and the specific steps to take to fix it. No question asked was too mundane and all were answered with respect, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

I used the contract and got the job. I used the onboarding sequence and the client was wow’ed. I used the design sequence, from the strategy call, all the emails, up through the design acceptance next steps call and my client hasn’t stopped gushing about the amount of ‘good stuff’ I’m providing and how he’s so glad he decided to work with me.

This is the training you have always needed and will always win with. It’s unlikely you have ever experienced a program that offers the exceptional return on investment that PPP does.”

— Matt Ryan | Cap Web Solutions

Sonya Ramsey

This program met and exceeded my expectations.

“I’m a solo digital marketer who serves female coaches, consultants, and speakers who have a corporate job and are seeking to transition out of corporate or build a business for retirement. I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because it specifically solved my problem of creating processes for web design and digital marketing clients.

This program met and exceeded my expectations. It was highly organized and I always felt like I knew what to do and how to get it done. Just about every aspect of serving the client was covered, which has given me the confidence to offer a high-quality product in a way that is easy for my clients to understand. The checklists created action items and helped me to see my progress in an organized fashion and the pre-written emails are awesome! I can now delegate the processes, which will free me up to get out and develop more business.

If you want to get organized and get rid of that scattered, ambiguous feeling when attempting to deliver services, sign up for PPP. It is a must and the cost is worth it.”

— Sonya Ramsey | SimplySonya

Anabeth Wilson

This has the best ROI for a web design and development business. Even if you only apply a portion of this program, you will still recoup your investment.

“I have been a graphic designer for over 25 years and a web designer for 6 years. I’m a project manager managing 40-50 projects at a time for a web development company. I also work a side-hustle and have a goal of going full-time.

For many programs I’ve been in (and yes there have been quite a few), I didn’t fully connect with the leader. But with Profitable Project Plan, I felt more of a connection with Jennifer. She’s in the trenches actually running a business and has been doing it for many years. I love her straight-forward thinking — she’s polite, yet firm. Definitely, someone, I see as a mentor. I feel that if a situation comes up my thoughts are, ‘What would Jennifer do in this situation?’

I love how the handbooks deliver the 50,000-foot view of the process then break it down to the 5-foot view. This helped me see the process from a different perspective so I could determine how to best implement it in my business. The email sequences have cut down on the number of emails/phone calls I receive, which has saved me hours of time on client management that now allow me to focus on project management.

This has the best ROI for a web design and development business.

Even if you only apply a portion of this program, you will still recoup your investment. This is seriously the best done-for-you process that only requires tweaking to your brand style and voice. The value you can provide your clients through this process is absolutely priceless and will have your clients raving about you long after their project is completed.

PPP raises the bar for how we as business owners communicate and provide value to our clients. This process actually provides an ideal framework for being seen as a true partner, not just their monkey pushing buttons.”

— Anabeth Wilson | Crystal Clear Pixels

Tor Jones

The price of the program will be made up with your first project. Don't start another one without taking this course!

“Jones & Jones Advertising, Inc. is an award-winning advertising agency and graphic design firm. I have always been the creative end of J&J. When I lost my partner who always took care of the contracts and client communication, I realized things had not changed in many years and we had no systems in place. Profitable Project Plan solved this in ways I could not have imagined! Thank You!

The automated emails have already made a positive impact on the time I spend answering the same questions over and over again. I feel much more confident sending out the client agreements, which helps with the dreaded scope of work creep as I now have something solid to refer back to.

I can not thank you enough. When we started the company 25 years ago, it never occurred to me that I would have to be responsible for this end of it. I got lucky when I found you! The time saved on communication and lifetime access is invaluable. Don’t start another one without taking this course!”

— Tor Jones | Jones & Jones Advertising Inc.

Cami MacNamara

It has helped me streamline my processes, develop a client care plan, make more money, and be more confident in my abilities and the services I’m offering.

“I have been building website since 2002 and work with service-based small businesses, helping them outshine their competitors on the web with easy-to-navigate websites and clean design. I wake up excited to do my job, but sometimes I felt overwhelmed with the tasks in front of me. Profitable Project Plan has given me the tools to tame my tasks!

While other courses focus on team or agency level training, this course is tailored to small business owners like myself. I had processes in place but on a much smaller scale. Adding this amount of detail to my client communication has made a world of difference and I loved that I could customize PPP to fit my own business needs with ease! I now know where I am in the process with my clients, I’m sleeping better at night, and I’m moving faster through my daily to-do list.

After implementing the onboarding training, a client stood up at a BNI meeting and raved about my onboarding process and it felt great to hear that! Investing in my own training has been the best decision I have made for my business. It has helped me streamline my processes, develop a client care plan, make more money, and most of all, be more confident in my abilities and the services I’m offering.”

— Cami MacNamara, WebCami Site Design

Simon Kay

I found the teaching material to be far more detailed and valuable than any other courses that I have taken.

“We work with local UK businesses to deliver online branding services. We build client brands through smart Websites, creative videography, and powerful marketing strategies. I did not have a good onboarding process or off-boarding process and was keen to learn from the experience that Jennifer has in the industry. Now that I have completed PPP, I can improve our services and continue to grow a successful agency.

The PPP blueprint goes into great detail with step-by-step instructions for each part of the process. This is a solid foundation for agencies wanting to offer a premium service to your clients. I found the teaching material to be far more detailed and valuable than any other courses that I have taken — they are excellent. The onboarding email sequence is great. This has helped me educate the clients without having to spend the time with them and it was very well received. Time is money.”

— Simon Kay | Studio K 360 Ltd

Tessa Kriesel

The pre-written emails, contract templates, and call frameworks have been a GAME CHANGER.

“My company Kriesel Kreativ specializes in WordPress (or other php-based CMS) web development. As a developer, I struggle with all the other parts of freelancing — the sales calls, proposal creation, contracts, and overall bookkeeping and clerical work. Profitable Project Plan has been a complete lifesaver with helping me filling those gaps and continue to just write code!

This course was amazing. The pre-written emails, contract templates, and call frameworks have been a GAME CHANGER and I love the hand-holding and that is broken up into weeks. That makes it easier for me to continue implementing and learning. Plus, now my client communication will all be automated and I just code when I need to code!

If you worry about what your client emails should say and take hours to write contracts, sign up for PPP and allow Jennifer to help you continue to do the part of your freelance role you actually enjoy!”

— Tessa Kriesel, Kriesel Kreativ

Kim Grunwell

This gave me the confidence to reach out to clients I might not have before and to know I'll be prepared to do so.

“I freelance in the areas of graphic production, photo retouching, and photography. I enrolled in Profitable Project Plan to understand business and clients better. I knew that much of what was discussed wouldn’t necessarily apply to me, however, it could definitely be geared toward my clients.

Not only does Jennifer share real-life examples and let us see the inner workings of her business, but a lot of the hard copywriting work is done for you. I don’t have to think about how best to write an email or the next direction to take because examples are provided and we’re given every opportunity to succeed. Plus, knowing that I have lifetime access to revisit the training at my leisure is a HUGE relief. PPP has given me the confidence to reach out to clients that I might not have before and having a great network in the Facebook group to reach out if I have questions is such a relief!

Sign up for PPP and thank yourself later!”

— Kim Grunwell | Highland Ridge Creative

Damian Saunders

The PPP difference is that it offers a 'turn key' approach.

“WebFoundations provides small business websites, ongoing site maintenance, and hosting to select clients. I enrolled in Profitable Project Plan as I was looking for a defined approach to creating a business process that was documented, repeatable, automated, and that, if followed, would deliver predictable outcomes.

PPP offers a ‘turn key’ approach. The process is delivered along with all the documentation you need to implement the program, which saves hours of planning and developing. The bonus ebooks that clients receive as the process is delivered, the lifetime access to the program, and Jennifer’s generosity have been really valuable.

If you’re looking to take your business from an ad-hoc disorganized approach for onboarding clients and delivering sites, to one where you deliver a professional, predictable, and value-laden experience, then sign up. This program will elevate your clients’ perceptions of your professionalism, the perceived value of their investment, and their trust in your services.”

— Damian Saunders | WebFoundations

Michelle Kraft

The templates and tools that Jennifer provided have helped me speak confidently about my business and position myself as a professional.

“The landing page design and development services I provide help my clients’ businesses and sales grow. I save them time and take the frustration of technology, design, and marketing off of their plate so that they have the time to build a list of clients who respect what they do.

When I heard Jennifer speak in an interview, I knew that she was smart in how she did business and was extremely organized in handling clients. The methods of communication she described were exactly what I was missing in my client relationships.

PPP helped me understand how to run my whole business and handle clients. Jennifer presented everything in an extremely organized fashion, all the way from the tools she included in the program to the way she split the training videos from lecture to Q&A. Every template given was beyond my expectations but the things that really stands out are the underlying concepts of professionalism and building a great relationship with your client.

The templates and tools that Jennifer provided have helped me speak confidently about my business and position myself as a professional, which creates more ease in my business and in my life. I loved that Jennifer was willing to answer any question that came in. I also appreciate the Facebook group where I can ask questions and others have asked questions that I never thought of before.

If you struggle with clients who are asking for endless revisions, fail to pay on time, or are indecisive, this is the program to take. It will streamline the boring business side that we need so badly, but never want to handle.”

— Michelle Kraft | Michelle Kraft Design + Dev

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Michelle Schulp

Insert 'shut up and take my money' meme here.

“I am a strategic digital designer and frontend WordPress developer that builds custom website solutions for clients and partners with agencies to bring specialized knowledge to larger projects. I feel that I’m smart and savvy enough to get about “80% there” on improving my business, but it takes an outside resource to provide accountability and facilitate the “aha moments” to get me the remaining 20% of the way there.

Profitable Project Plan’s difference is Jennifer’s personal nature and authenticity, and the knowledge that she has developed this program through years of trial and error. Being aware of how meticulous and deliberate she is in her business and life choices really gives the methodology a strong backbone, and you can tell it has grown through real-world use. I appreciate knowing the framework is there to either follow word-for-word, or to glean insights from and build on top of what is already working for me in my business.

The thoroughness of the documentation, as a resource that I can keep coming back to and iterating on alongside what I’m already doing is very valuable. It’s easier for me to adopt things at my own pace and within my own mental framework than to have to follow someone else’s rules, so I appreciate that there is space in the program for that.

PPP definitely filled a few of the gaps in my contracts and proposals that I hadn’t considered before and there is a lot to come in the future. Anything Jennifer Bourn has to say about running an independent design/development business is gold. Insert ‘shut up and take my money’ meme here.”

— Michelle Schulp | Marktime Media

Shane Barnes

This is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive course I've taken.

“I provide WordPress development and support services for established businesses that want to make a more active effort in building their brands online. I enrolled because I’ve needed to revise my processes for some time and it was clear Profitable Project Plan is jam-packed with valuable insights and resources. I had no doubt it would be a worthwhile investment and then some.

PPP has provided me with a much needed framework that I am now using to guide clients confidently through projects without doing everything on the fly, while also providing them with tremendous value along the way. I’ve used the education guides and clients have expressed how valuable they’ve found them. Both of those aspects of PPP have added a great deal of value to my services as evidenced by the positive feedback I’ve received.

This is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive course I’ve taken. It’s packed with all sorts of valuable resources: the videos, the Q&A, the email sequences, the checklists, the frameworks, the handbooks, all of which make investment in PPP a complete steal and then some.

If you’ve long since grown weary of making the same mistakes over and over again due to a lack of defined business processes; if you’ve been dying to increase your efficiency and work more on your business and less on client work; if you’re finally ready to invest in yourself so that that you can stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a quality service provider, I urge you to take Jennifer Bourn’s Profitable Project Plan. It’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over by providing you with a complete plan for all of your web projects — a plan that will free up time so that you can step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a way you could only dream of doing previously. Go enroll in Profitable Project Plan now, you will not regret it.”

— Shane Barnes | First Light Web Design

Henderson Lafond

This is truly the best thing I ever did personally and professionally.

“I am a solopreneur and have been in business since 2014. I serve mostly women who are just getting started with an online business and looking to create a beautiful space to offer their services. I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because I felt as though my business and pursuit to grow it was taking over my life and was hoping to find balance again.

PPP offers a complete guide every step of the way. You are educated and given the tools to implement the program so you are inspired to action! I have taken this course as a first time student and as an alumni and I learn something different each and every time. The tools and resources to streamline processes are invaluable and the client education pieces are also a huge timesaver.

The personalized service you provide your customers after implementing these tools creates a one-of-a-kind experience that they can’t get anyplace else. You will never ever regret the investment. This is truly the best thing I ever did personally and professionally.”

— Henderson Lafond | Bella-B

Adrian Griffin

I almost feel bad that projects are taking me so much less time to complete.

“I help small businesses strategically create an online presence that positions their brand to attract more of their ideal audience. I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because I wanted to rebrand my business and streamline my processes at the same time.

PPP comes with soooo much amazingly thorough and practical content that can be tweaked and used to make the process of managing clients so much easier while also providing them with tons of value. It’s not just theory like so many other courses. The pre-written emails sequences are amazing. I’ve already used them on a few new projects and my clients are blown away.

I almost feel bad that projects are taking me so much less time to complete because there is less back and forth with changes and questions and the client is being educated along the way automatically. My clients have commented on how good the information they’re receiving is and they’re getting content to me much more quickly and completely than before.

I have been in a transition for the past few years with my business and have even considered shutting it down out of frustration and lack of enjoyment. PPP has changed the way I look at my business. I’m enjoying the process a lot more now, it’s given me the confidence to command higher prices and new projects are now something I look forward to taking on.

PPP will pay for itself easily in the first project and will make managing projects so much easier and more enjoyable.”

— Adrian Griffin | SwiftSites

Amber Hewitt

I was onboarding two projects in the same week... The email sequences allowed me to manage it all in minutes, not hours.

“Graphicgoo offers full service web development, graphic design, and social media training for creative entrepreneurs and PR agencies. I didn’t have solid procedures in place. I was working in my business, not on my business.

I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because it is very specific to my industry. I knew I was going to use every ounce of this training and the email sequences were very helpful! This program helps take care of managing your client communication before, during, and after a project. It will give you more time to work ON those projects and spend less time emailing back and forth. Recently, I was onboarding two projects in the same week. Between traveling and a new puppy, I was mentally fried. The email sequences allowed me to manage it all in minutes, not hours.

PPP was worth every penny! It has given me the confidence to communicate with my clients in a professional and friendly manner. It also clarifies the steps of each project. This lets me schedule projects more effectively. No more “How do I handle this stage of the project?”

— Amber Hewitt | Graphicgoo

Brandon Brooks

Jennifer really cares about you and your business.

“I serve small business owners — mostly coaches, speakers, and authors. I design their websites and help them with their copy. I enrolled in PPP because I didn’t have any systems or processes in place for my business and was hoping to get email templates and processes in place to help my business run smoother.

The email templates and other plug-n-play templates are great! And, wow. These processes can be added to other parts of my business as well, which will save me so much time and frustration in dealing with clients.

Jennifer really cares about you and your business. She wants to help you succeed, holds nothing back, is helpful in the Facebook group, and stays on the calls until all questions are answered. Get this course and it can give the processes and templates that you need to manage your clients better and provide client with a positive experience working with you.”

— Brandon Brooks | Coasulting Group

Sydni Craig-Hart

I love how the entire process is completely transferable no matter what type of business you have.

“My company helps small businesses attract more clients and increase their revenue, and large companies market more effectively to small business. We enrolled in Profitable Project Plan because we our business has changed in recent years and we needed better systems to onboard and manage our enterprise level clients. We need a documented process for how we will onboard these clients, communicate with them and manage their projects.

This course is much more detailed oriented than most. Rather than simply being a high level overview of a specific topic, it provided step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish your goals. The sample emails and client educational guides were FANTASTIC! I absolutely loved the client educational guides and have all sorts of ideas on creating more of them to better service our clients. I also love how the entire process is completely transferable no matter what type of business you have.

We have already implemented the client onboarding process and were able to do so quickly with the easy to follow system provided in PPP. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate… PPP will be well worth it. You can’t go wrong with this training. The cost of the course is but drop in the bucket when compared to the value it will bring to your business.”

— Sydni Craig-Hart | Smart Simple Marketing

Gareth Bissland

Our last few projects have been completed with less questions, so this has freed up time, which is GOLD.

“We are a husband and wife team who have a small business in Christchurch, New Zealand that typically does $4K-$10K USD projects. We work primarily with established small to medium businesses and pump out great work and are working to expand outside our local market. Although busy, we are not yet hugely profitable, so we turned to Profitable Project Plan to streamline our processes. We literally had zero processes and knew we could do better, but weren’t sure how as we are always chasing our tail!

We have done another business course before, but it wasn’t us. The way they spoke and delivered everything was more ‘salesy’ than we would ever use ourselves and it didn’t sit comfortably with us. PPP was different. The tone — the way Jennifer speaks (and write) to clients — was absolutely perfect for us and our business. We are technical problem solvers that happen to love design and PPP is the same. The way Jennifer talks through issues and details is actually ‘selling’ to the client without them realizing it. It uses a more humble approach: you know what you are talking about, while still being friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.

After taking PPP, I feel armed with confidence because we now have email sequences set up and a process to work through from start to finish. I feel more confident talking to clients and our last few projects have been completed with less questions, so this has freed up time, which is GOLD.

If you were like us, busy but not hugely profitable, and without a clear system for processes from start to finish, this course will no doubt help you massively! You will feel far more knowledgeable and confident talking and dealing with clients in general about any project or issues that arise with them in the future.”

— Gareth Bissland | Weave Digital Studio

Camille Farey

My clients love it! They feel taken care of and trust me more as a result.

“I work with creatives and small business owners to build online homes that get offline results. As a result of working together, my clients have have booked new film and TV roles, secured new agents, won over new clients and customers, and grown their lists. Before Profitable Project Plan, I was struggling with project management and with guiding clients through the design process to get the best results. I’d heard Jennifer on a podcast talking about her systems and when I heard about PPP I knew I wanted in!

I loved everything about PPP. The materials and systems are so thorough it makes it easy to implement ASAP in your business. I started seeing a difference almost immediately. I signed three new clients during PPP and all of them told me how much they loved my organization and process. As it turns out, I also love this more hands-on approach. I like talking to my clients over the phone, as Jennifer recommends, and it’s been a great way to engage my clients in new ways.

PPP is the real deal — thorough, comprehensive, and super easy to implement. I’ve invested in a lot of trainings, but none have been quite as in-depth as this. Plus, my clients love it! They feel taken care of and trust me more as a result. I feel empowered to lead the project and love working collaboratively with my clients using the PPP method. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best. Jennifer doesn’t hold back and my business has benefited so much as a result. I’d recommend PPP to anyone.”

— Camille Farey | Camille Farey Design

Lesley AJ Baumann

With the automated sequences, I can give every client the attention they deserve while being busy with all the different aspects of the various projects going on.

“I provide a variety of design services, including branding, marketing collateral, and website design, to companies that manufacture or distribute scientific instruments. I enrolled in PPP because I was in desperate need of a system. I had never documented my process and felt like I was making it up as I went along with each project. When things got really busy, I would neglect administrative and project management tasks.

I absolutely love the Profitable Project Plan materials. The email sequences and client guides are really helpful. They contain such a wealth of value and make it easy to really take care of the client throughout the project without any extra effort, and they include lots of valuable bonus tools. Plus, the opportunities to fork it for different aspects of my business are priceless. I’m already using PPP on a website project for the first time and the client agreement is great. I got approval really quickly and I’m already feeling more organized. With the automated sequences, I can give every client the attention they deserve while being busy with all the different aspects of the various projects going on.

PPP allows you to maximize your billable time and it positions you with clients as an expert in your field which makes them more likely to send you valuable referrals.”

— Lesley AJ Baumann | XANDRA DESIGN, LLC

Chad Rogers

PPP helps me do a better job serving my clients.

“We craft responsive websites for growing businesses that want to generate more leads and make a great first impression. I enrolled in PPP to get a handle on client onboarding and systemizing my process. I appreciated the pre-written emails and checklists. That’s a huge time saver and made it easy to take action. I feel like most designers love a peek behind the curtain of other designers business and I got that in this course.

If you’re thinking about PPP, just f*ing do it. It’s all wrapped with a pretty little bow. You wouldn’t even be considering it if you didn’t already know you could use a hand getting your head around it. It’s a time saver. PPP helps me do a better job serving my clients. In my world that’s huge as I base my success on my clients feeling like I am a partner in their business and am invested in their success.”

— Chad Rogers, Old Number Eleven

Adrianne Stone

I’ve seen less confusion from my clients about how the projects are going and more satisfaction at the end of the project on both sides.

“I provide website design and development for educational institutions and senior living services. I signed up for Profitable Project Plan to reduce frustration and create more streamlined client interactions and projects.

The course gave me the tools and the step by step process to implement instead of woo-woo hand waiving explanations and tips like other courses and the emails are so helpful it’s literally amazing. From implementing PPP, I’ve seen less confusion from my clients about how the projects are going and more satisfaction at the end of the project on both sides.

This course is worth every penny. If you think you have processes in place, you probably don’t have as detailed and thought out a process as Jennifer. She brings the benefit of years of excellent service and a process oriented mindset to the table that elevates this course over anything else I’ve seen on the market.

Having this process to adapt to my own clients and business is making my business so much more profitable and removing some of the headaches that drove me crazy.”

— Adrianne Stone, Adrianne Elayne Digital

Katie Elenberger

“Strong client relationships and effective communication are core values at my full-service agency and Profitable Project Plan was exactly what I needed to streamline our onboarding and automation efforts. Not only did the course provide insight and new ideas, but it delivered the structure and content to start implementing right away. Jennifer presents in a clear, professional, and engaging way. She allows time for questions and shares her experience and knowledge, including what has and hasn’t worked for her business, which has had a direct impact on my own.”

Katie Elenberger | Spark27 Creative

Rebecca Mead

The pre-written emails and call blueprints are worth every penny. The cherry on top is the Q&A sessions.

“I provide marketing and design services to solo/small businesses, not for profit organizations, and municipalities. I signed up for PPP to systemize client communications and set up a process to alleviate the INSANE amount of time I spend on educating clients and collecting content.

The course is practical, well planned, and organized, and the pre-written emails helped as a starting point and were very easy to implement. Using the sales call ‘vetting’ process and streamlined proposal/contract has made it faster to qualify/disqualify prospects and sign a new client. Being able to go back and revisit the recordings and the content is SUPER helpful when life gets in the way.

The return on the investment can’t be overstated. The pre-written emails and call blueprints are worth every penny. The cherry on top is the Q&A sessions and weekly walk through of the materials.”

— Rebecca Mead | Rebecca Mead Communications

Lydia Grossov

This is a repeatable system that can be dlegated to a VA or assistant to free up your time.

“I brew up caffeinated graphic design and web design for businesses that are ready to take their branding to the next level. I help them build a strong brand and keep it consistent throughout their print and digital media, helping them stand out from the competition, build credibility with their ideal clients, and stand out from the competition.

I enrolled in PPP because I was having challenges finding the time to write and build out the emails, guides to educate clients, and processes. I was a little overwhelmed with doing the research and putting the materials together. I also found it challenging to focus on knocking it all out because I also have client work to do.

I love that all of the content is supplied ready for me to add my branding and tweak. PPP has taken the heavy lifting out of setting up all of the documents, files, and communications I send to clients. It has saved me so much time in research, writing, and laying things out, and has made me look highly professional (like a super hero, really). Plus, this is a repeatable system that can be passed off to a VA or assistant to free up your time for business development, building client relationships, and doing work. It’s priceless!

If you’re struggling like I was, think about how many hours it would you to generate all of this content and all of these materials, then multiply it by your hourly rate or a virtual assistant’s hourly rate. That’s what I did when I first contemplated signing up for PPP. When you look at it that way, it’s a no brainer investment in your business.”

— Lydia Grossov | Expresso Design, LLC

Russell Brown

I now have the ability to focus on sales to grow the business and do what I really enjoy!

“Digital Stream is a digital agency in New Zealand. We do digital strategy, design and build websites, and manage digital marketing. With a team of 10, I was stuck doing sales, business management, and project management with staff and clients. I heard Jennifer speak many years ago and admired her talk about onboarding prospects. I had also just hired a project coordinator. So when I heard about the course, it was a no brainer!

Profitable Project Plan is a system that is ready to go and able to be delegated, which has huge value. Because you get the training to implement and customize to your liking, we now have a system our project coordinator can use to drive projects to completion profitably without me getting in the way. What’s better is that I now have the ability to focus on sales to grow the business and do what I really enjoy!

We have received good feedback from new clients on everything we have implemented. It’s easy to assume clients know what we do but that isn’t the case. This system holds their hand through the process and really helps them provide us what we need to deliver the project. In the past, our biggest challenge was getting content from clients, but with Profitable Project Plan, we don’t have that issue anymore!

As your business grows you need to systemize and implement tools that will help you be more productive. This without a doubt is one of those key systems that will help grow your business. Plus, it is very easy to train a new staff member in using it so you as the business owner can focus on working on the business rather than in it.”

— Russell Brown | Digital Stream Ltd

Kyle Schmitt

I now have an entire system that can give my clients the A+ experience I’ve always wanted to provide.

“I help non-techie people with their websites and business. I work with coaches and service providers who want to get online but find tech overwhelming, or are already online and need to simplify their website and/or make their processes more efficient through automation. I’ve done a lot of custom projects in the past where scope was all over the place. I enrolled in Profitable Project Plan because I was looking for a way to streamline the most common builds I do and create a repeatable process for them to follow that also reigns in scope creep, but I didn’t have a ton of time to make something from scratch.

I love the simple explanations of why each step or method is recommended for the process as a whole. It’s so much easier to understand the benefit from my perspective as well as the client’s, and make informed tweaks to the plan to better fit my needs. The downloadable MP3’s are helpful too as they me listen in the car without hogging my data.

PPP has really made me rethink how I’ve got my entire business structured when it comes to client projects. I came in hoping to get a handle on website builds and combat scope creep and I now have an entire system that can give my clients the A+ experience I’ve always wanted to provide — and keep my sanity!”

— Kyle Schmitt | WP Underdog

Michelle Archambault

PPP brings greater value and reliability to your clients, and sanity back to your schedule.

“Mica Web Design is a Boston-area website design and development company specializing in websites for small to medium businesses. I had reached a point where there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I was worried things were falling off my plate and I wasn’t providing the value I could be for my clients… and hiring a virtual assistant was not the answer for me. When I learned about PPP, I realized I found a way to work smarter — a way to bring greater value and reliability to my clients, and sanity back to my schedule.

Profitable Project Plan showed me how to implement the plan and gave me a huge head start on the materials necessary to do so, saving me months! The pre-written email sequences and bonus guides for me to leverage in my own business is be the difference between LEARNING the process and actually IMPLEMENTING the process.

In addition to bringing more value to my clients through improved communication and support throughout the project, PPP has freed me up so I can spend more time focused on creating great websites. It has provided me a ‘friendly but firm’ footing and I have gotten great feedback from clients. This course has helped my business already and I haven’t even finished rolling the plan out yet.”

— Michelle Archambault | Mica Web Design

Ryan Clover

The clients who are receiving my new email sequences are completely stoked.

“I’m a web designer and strategist who helps bloggers and online course creators grow their audience and run a website they love. I love giving clients an amazing experience and I’m obsessed with getting my processes just right. I’ve been flaky at keeping momentum and keeping clients engaged while I’m busy doing the work. I signed up to have a process I could start building upon and adjusting to my business’ needs.

All the pre-written content provided enough momentum for me to start writing my own client guides and getting automation sequences up and running. Most other programs teach concepts but never provide tangible assets I could use to get started. It was really valuable to have all the different formats, written, video, audio, as it helped me learn better.

Having a more standardized process allows me to actually be profitable, instead of hoping a project will be profitable, and the clients who are receiving my new email sequences are completely stoked. They’re raving about how much they’re getting from working with me. If you’re unsure about investing in PPP, think about where you’ll be in 10 months — either you’ll have implemented this or not.”

— Ryan Clover | Ryan Clover Designs

Mike Irvine

Profitable Project Plan has given me the tools to deliver a successful project every time!

“Profitable Project Plan has changed the way I approach all projects. I’ve invested in various training classes, but this is the only complete system that I’ve found that helps you with client communication from start to finish. From the first communication to the last deliverable and beyond, this program guides you through the entire process.

The class materials are top notch. They have allowed me to create consistent, repeatable processes so each project now runs smoother. From client communication to project workflow, the materials are great for both my clients and my business. It’s a win-win!

I love the pre-written emails that allow you to start implementing your automation process right away. I also really love the Q&A sessions. I always learned something from the questions that were asked by others and your honest responses. I also really love the new Facebook group. It’s great to know that Jennifer and others are there and willing to help at a moments notice.

Profitable Project Plan has given me the tools to deliver a successful project every time! Since PPP, my client communications have improved, I have a new sense of confidence in working with clients, and I feel that I can pro-actively work with my clients rather than just responding to requests. Just the other day after a site launch, I remembered to congratulate the client on their new site. I could immediately tell that they were excited and proud of the work that we had done together.

The investment in Profitable Project Plan is worth every dollar. The materials, experience and knowledge that Jennifer shares with you is invaluable. I gained so much more out of this program than I was expecting.”

— Mike Irvine | Irvine Design Co.

Theresa Wagar

PPP is already saving me time and helping my clients feel even more loved!

“I love to help local small businesses get started and grow their digital marketing efforts to capture their ideal clients. I work mainly with service businesses from HVAC to authors. After being in business, designing websites since 1996, I was frustrated with my current systems. I’d been making some changes of my own, but knew I had a long way to go to make it simpler and easier for me and my clients. I keep very busy, so PPP was the perfect answer. It provided an adaptable system to tweak and make my own. The huge amount of information to provide to my clients will help reduce my workload and keep my clients happy and loved.

OMG! Jennifer is just REAL! The more I interacted with her and the other members of the group, the more I learned — and the more I realized I wasn’t alone in the issues I dealt with on a daily basis. Jennifer helped me strengthen my ability to kindly communicate what was needed and still tell clients extra changes would require an additional investment.

If you are thinking about PPP, make the time! It’s worth it to learn Jennifer’s system and adapt it to make it your own. It’s already saving me time and helping my clients feel even more loved! The biggest thing is that I’m MORE than happy to charge more because I know my client is getting GREAT value for their investment.”

— Theresa Wagar | Coastal Waters Creative

Frederic Mommeja

The client training guides alone are worth the investment.

“I’m a French graphic designer selling layout and prepress services and WordPress websites to small and medium businesses. As a designer mostly specialized in layout and prepress, I have acquired a serious knowledge about WordPress over the last four years but I need to develop my WordPress activity.

PPP is mostly different from other programs because of the amount of written material provided and the amazingly structured and complete selling system it represents. The client education guides, pre-written emails, and live Q&A are valuable, and more than anything else, the fact that Jennifer is always available for any question and doesn’t shirk from any of them. Her commitment and ease in dialoguing, explaining, and sharing her immense knowledge is really amazing! Thank you.

Just working on translating and customizing all of the program’s resources has given me more confidence. It will also save me valuable time while greatly increasing the level of quality of my service. If, despite this, someone was still hesitant to join this program, let it be ensured that the client training guides alone are worth the investment. So imagine the value of the whole lot when you add all the automated procedures and valuable advice provided!”

— Frédéric MOMMEJA |

Loma Nelson

PPP is game-changing — head and shoulders above other programs I've taken.

“I do design work, including web design, complex PowerPoints, training workbooks, and graphic design to support professional businesses. My biggest challenge has always been getting content from clients and avoiding project delays, and I’ve known for years that I needed to put a system in place to manage web design projects.

PPP is game-changing — head and shoulders above other programs I’ve taken. Jennifer is organized, professional, and communicates well. She brings immense value and insight into managing web design projects and is open and honest about challenges she’s faced and overcome throughout her career. The live Q&A sessions were extremely helpful — I’m amazed that Jennifer was willing to stay on until ALL questions were answered.

PPP was worth every penny! I see this bringing sanity to my life and structure to my web design projects.”

— Loma Nelson | Agate Fire Creative LLC

Robert Silver

The Facebook group has been very useful.

“I work a full-time job and create websites and branding for businesses in the U.K. in my spare time, however, I’m looking to build up my clientele so that I can work for myself full-time.

I have purchased a similar training from what I would say is a PPP competitor, but it is no where near as polished as PPP. The PPP training materials are so slick. I can tell a lot of time and energy has been put into thinking about the structure of the program and the production of the superb material, ranging from the master handbook, to the videos, to the Q&A.

The Facebook group — hearing other people’s points of view and how they run a business — has been very useful. It’s interesting to hear from people who have been working for themselves for years, still encountering problems, yet not fearing to put their head above the parapet.

If you’re someone who struggles to make yourself look professional when dealing with your clients, wanting to appear like a serene swan swimming through the water whilst frantically paddling underneath, then take this course! Jennifer has used all of her years of experience to hone a program that will walk you step-by-step through how to professionally work with a client and set boundaries along the way. If the course fee is worrying you… don’t worry! This lady knows her stuff and has worked in the industry long enough to know how to deal with even the most problematic customer.”

— Robert Silver | RS Studios

Teri Pastorino

Now, I am the one running the projects, leading the process, and setting clear expectations.

“I create custom websites for coaches, authors, podcasters, and direct sellers, as well as learning platforms integrated with a CRM.

PPP gave me not just theory but the how-to including actionable items to put a process in place. Other programs talk theory and then you have to devote double the time to write all of the documentation. This program is great because it is plug and play. Take the documents, customize them for your business, and go. Make no mistake there is still work involved, but it is far less daunting and makes it doable to get a process in place.

I am my own worst enemy on waffling and giving in to scope creep. So having a system like PPP in place helps me feel more in control. Now, I am the one running the projects, leading the process, and setting clear expectations. I am also already adapting this to other areas of my business which has allowed me to manage all aspects better and weaned me off working weekends and evenings due to less interruptions.

If you feel stressed or disorganized, you’re not getting sign-offs, or you get sign-offs with too many revisions, do NOT hesitate to sign up. It will give you a process you can follow and the permission to stand up for yourself. Which many of us don’t do!

— Teri Pastorino, WebExpertista

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Sally Tudhope

PPP will make projects more profitable and clients more likely to refer business and that’s a win all round!

“I design and build websites for established businesses, and help them improve their sales by creating targeted funnels and relationship-building follow-up sequences. I’m also a web development partner for designers who’ve decided to ditch the code and focus on design.

I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because my process for taking a client through onboarding to project completion was a bit ad hoc, and I found that as I got busier, I needed a more streamlined approach. I wanted something that was basically plug-and-play, where I didn’t have to think too much about the process but could spend my time on customizing something to my needs.

PPP takes the guesswork out of putting a process in place. Where many courses are theoretical, PPP is a roadmap, with all the steps in place and all the templates, email scripts, and automation suggestions you could ever need. The Operations Manual (everything from start to finish in one manual) was amazing. It’s so handy to be able to refer to the various project stages, so that I can pick and choose which parts of the process to implement first and which to add in later as I have time.

Having a streamlined process is a huge factor in delivering a successful project and having a delighted client at the end of it. PPP has freed up my headspace to be more present with my clients, serve them better, and be more creative in my business. PPP will make projects more profitable and clients more likely to refer business and that’s a win all round!

If you want a start-to-finish process for your web design projects, that includes templates, timings, email scripts plus so much more, don’t even hesitate. This course is going to change your life.”

— Sally Tudhope, Sally Tudhope Creative

Lee Drozak

The investment allowed me to save tons of time on research and creation which more than paid for the program.

“I uplevel service-based businesses with website redesigns. I invested in Profitable Project Plan because I had a process, but it seemed like there were lags and most things out there are for agencies. It opened my eyes to my own process and allowed me to fill in the gaps without having to think about how to scale an agency course to fit my one-owner shop.

Everything was above and beyond. Receiving explanations of the process and the swipe information to go with it, all tailored to design and development was awesome. Cut and paste customizations, while adding my own personality took no time at all to implement. The PPP client education materials have added so much value to my process and now my clients aren’t asking as many questions.

If you’re thinking of investing in PPP, just do it. Even if you have the beginning of your process or if you are like me and had gaps to fill in, this program will be helpful in pinpointing how to make the small tweaks to gain big results. The investment allowed me to save tons of time on research and creation which more than paid for the program.”

— Lee Drozak | Lee Drozak Biz

Scott Lesovic

PPP is laid out in perhaps the most organized way I’ve seen in business programs.

“I help entertainers and speakers optimize their complete web presence and automate their marketing and booking processes.

Besides doing web development, I am also a professional magician. For a wile now I’ve had systems and automation tools in place that helped me and my clients in that business. I have been trying to build out the same for web development, but got nowhere. When I saw Profitable Project Plan, the website claimed that it would layout a complete system with content, so it was a no brainer to try.

PPP is laid out in perhaps the most organized way I’ve seen in business programs. Usually you can only get the information in one form. With PPP, you can watch the video, read the manual, or listen to the audio (or a combination). I signed up for the email sequences. I wasn’t expecting to also get call frameworks (which is now getting implemented in my magic business too). I also didn’t expect to find the Q&A so valuable, while I think I only asked one question myself, some of the others enrolled asked some amazing questions, that of course gleaned some amazing answers and ideas.

If you only work in your business and never on your business, it will start to fail. Even if the actual system of PPP was bad (it’s not), just going through the program will force you to think about your business in ways that you haven’t before. Even if Jen didn’t know what she was talking about (she does), there will be a number of others like you going through at the same time, and you can communicate in the webinar chat and the Facebook group, which is like a mastermind. The only thing to be unsure about is you. Will you do the work?”

— Scott Lesovic,

Leslie Staller

If you’re thinking of investing in PPP, leap off the fence and sign up.

“I work with solopreneurs and small businesses who are making a positive social or environmental impact in our world, providing website customizations, graphic design, WordPress training, website support, and more. I am also a photographer and digital montage artist. I’ve struggled to put sufficient systems in place for effective client communication and onboarding, I don’t have a contract, and I tend to sell myself short and give away too much. As a result, I’m not earning what I should be.

I invested in Profitable Project Plan because of Jennifer and Brian — their reputation precedes them. The course is focused, detailed, easily actionable, and grounded in solid examples of where to start created by someone in the trenches doing the work. The course was fun as well as informative. I was excited to attend the live webinars, which has not been the case with other courses. And being a fellow designer, the fact that the course is beautifully put together and easy to navigate is a huge bonus.

The biggest change from implementing PPP is having greater clarity and ease, and feeling more empowered when talking with potential clients. I’m making the contract my own and that is exciting because it adds professionalism and safety to my work. These resources and course will improve my ability to communicate with clients and help me confidently growing my business.

If you’re thinking of investing in PPP, leap off the fence and sign up. It is a delight, well thought out, easy to implement, and super helpful in building better client relationships and managing client projects.”

— Leslie Staller | Vision Shift Design

Rebecca Brown

PPP is changing our business for the better and I’m so pleased we’ve done it.

“We design books and websites, mainly for authors but occasionally for other clients, as well as providing similar services to small independent publishers and writing organizations.

After a few years in business, we are taking our business to the next level in terms of professionalism, customer service, and, getting a better balance of income versus effort. PPP is a fantastic program that is helping us to do that gradually so we can spend more time with our children as they grow. PPP has done loads to help us develop our systems, provide clients with extra value, and tighten up our timelines. It is changing our business for the better and I’m so pleased we’ve done it.

The value for money is just incredible, as is the huge range of materials included. The handouts for clients have been especially helpful and were one of the first tools we implemented. We also liked hearing what tools Jennifer uses as well as hearing about other people’s experiences in the Facebook group. With lifetime access, we are able to implement as much as possible within our personal constraints and not lose access to the material.

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in PPP, DO IT! It doesn’t just change your systems, which it does brilliantly, it changes your mindset and approach in that you feel you are offering value and that you deserve to be treated by clients as such. It makes you want to do better.”

— Rebecca Brown | Ardel Media

Angela Gibson

PPP is definitely worth the investment in both time and money.

“I build WordPress websites for small businesses and work with them to find effective solutions for their web presence needs. I enrolled in Profitable Project Plan to help me develop a process that would guide me in working with clients. I wanted to develop a process that would add value to my services and give me confidence in what I had to offer.

Many courses I have taken promise lifetime updates to the content but nothing of great value is ever added. This is the third time I have gone through this program and I am amazed at how much new content and value is added each time. Every time, I have learned something new. The video training is very helpful — Jennifer has the ability to explain things very clearly and make it all seem doable. The customizable client education guides and pre-written emails are invaluable resources that have saved me so much time and provided the framework I need to give my clients an excellent experience.

Now, my process is much more streamlined. From initial contact to signing the contract, I know exactly what needs to happen next. I have also used versions of the content checklists and ebooks that clients have found helpful. One client commented that it makes it easier when I ‘hold her hand’ through the process and that is why she needs me. As I continue to implement more of PPP in my business, I know that the service that I give my clients will just get better.

I love this program! PPP is definitely worth the investment in both time and money. Through this program, I have built a strong system that will support me as my business grows and I have gained confidence in working with clients and have found ways to offer more value to each project.”

— Angela Gibson, CalicoKey Web Solutions

Jessica Budd, Firefly Web Design

By week five I had made my investment back with an expensive client change order that I previously would have done for free!

“Firefly Web Design is a small agency specializing in WordPress websites for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. We primarily create brochure websites and eCommerce websites, working closely and collaboratively with business owners.

I took PPP because I already had good systems in place but felt they could be tightened up further and was interested in providing additional value to my clients above and beyond what other service providers were.

All the materials provided were really well thought out and we were given in multiple mediums to consume the content. Many courses will give you just video or just manuals. By providing extensive manuals, video, and, audio I was able to consume the content in a way that made sense for my learning style and situation. I found it beneficial to READ first, watch the video as a reinforcement of what I’d learn, then use the audio files for follow up later in the car or while running errands.

Another thing that stood out was the pre-written emails. A lot of courses tell you what to do and how to do it, but then you have to go and start from scratch on creating something. It’s SO much easier to have a base to start from and then just tweak it for your brand and tone.

The main thing that’s changed my business is change orders. I previously had no way to deal with scope creep and no process to deal with additional work added on (and felt resentful when things cropped up). I was lucky enough to use this recently and when I asked for client feedback at the end of the project, they actually mentioned how easy I made everything when they wanted to change direction and add new things.

I was very hesitant to sign up because it was a LOT of money for me with the poor exchange rate and my business is established. But by week three, I was 100% sure I’d made the right decision, and by week five I had made my investment back with an expensive client change order that I previously would have done for free!”

— Jessica Budd, Firefly Web Design

Marcy Diaz

PPP makes my business process easier.

“I create WordPress websites for small business owners and solopreneurs. I enrolled in PPP because I wanted to further streamline my systems for working with clients, but still provide value. I knew that Jennifer has great systems, and that she had some great client materials.

PPP is an extremely detailed program; it tells you what to do and when to do it and how to better serve your clients. Everything is laid out — from contract to client emails to client educational materials. There is an amazing amount of material, and every bit has value.

The Master Handbook that lays out the process and includes the client emails was so valuable. I printed a copy and took notes on it, so I would understand the process and the timeline to implement it, and how the emails and phone calls fit in. I also added a PDF copy to iBooks and annotated that one too. The course videos were also really valuable.

PPP makes my business process easier, I know I’m not forgetting anything, and my clients are better educated which makes them better clients. This course is worth every penny.”

— Marcy Diaz, Amethyst Website Design

Stacy Clements

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, check out Profitable Project Plan.

“Milepost 42 is a tech partner for small business owners who want someone else to handle the ‘web stuff’. I create and maintain web sites based on the business needs — credibility, lead generation, and ecommerce. I also act as a technical and cybersecurity consultant for small businesses, advising on appropriate technical solutions and providing cybersecurity training and planning assistance.

I originally enrolled in PPP as I was transitioning to having a ‘real business’ after freelancing as a side gig for several years. I wanted to have a replicable system I could use to streamline my business, while still keeping the “personal touch” with my clients.

PPP is what I’d call ‘full spectrum’ training — it has videos and written content, as well as actual usable tools in the form of pre-written content. Many training programs I’ve seen are just videos, but for those of us who learn well by reading, having the handbooks to go along with the videos is really valuable. Besides the handbooks and the pre-written content, the live sessions and Q&A were valuable. Having someone who’s ‘been there and done that’ and is willing to answer questions and give perspective is wonderful. It makes it easier for me to extract and use the parts that are useful to MY business

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by implementing a system to save you time and help you serve your clients, check out PPP. You’ll get training through video and handbooks from a successful designer and agency owner, in addition to pre-written email and guides, so you can tweak them for your needs instead of trying to create resources from scratch.”

— Stacy Clements, Milepost 42

Kittie Walker

The feedback has been great and so far our clients say the communication and education have been helpful.

“We design and develop websites for clients and white label our services for agencies. Scaling our business required new processes, infrastructure, and client-facing documentation to make sure we didn’t drop our standards or quality of the offering. Profitable Project Plan came highly recommended from Chris Lema and so we took the leap. We’ve done the program twice as it continues to allow us to grow and scale efficiently, and will continue to use it to improve our services at least once a year.

Jennifer’s attention to detail and willingness to be open, frank and honest about her journey and learnings are invaluable.

Having a blueprint to start from has helped us get started and implement without getting overwhelmed. The attention to detail has been considerably higher than most programs I have taken before. The depth and breadth of the content are awesome absolutely nothing is left unsaid. With PPP, we were able to jump right in and take action and the checklists were a great addition.

We have implemented PPP and several clients have been through the process. The feedback has been great and so far our clients say the communication and education have been helpful. I’m looking forward to rolling out similar systems across all of our offerings as this will free up so much time.

If you’re thinking of taking PPP, take the plunge, you won’t regret it!”

— Kittie Walker, Avidmode Ltd.

Frankie Mueller

It now feels like I can take some time away from work and things will still get done.

“I am the owner of Success Streams Online Marketing Group where we help our clients expand their online presence through website development, email marketing and social media marketing. I am also the owner of the Savvy Professional Women Network where our mission is to give professional women in our community many avenues to promote their products and services.

I signed up for Profitable Project Plan because I was challenged with onboarding and follow up communications and I needed it to be automated and working while I am working.

I enjoyed the structure of the program and the master handbook that was available at the very beginning and have implemented the onboarding and follow up email series and it has been extremely helpful. Feedback and questions are coming from my clients without me having to think about initiating those conversations and it now feels like I can take some time away from work and things will still get done.

This course has elevated my communication process with my clients and has made me seem like a superhero in their eyes. If you are struggling with organizing a communication process to educate your clients and move projects forward, this course will help you streamline that quickly, saving you time, money, and most importantly your energy.”

— Frankie Mueller, Success Streams Online Marketing Group

John Hawkins

"At WebDevStudios we have a solid and well-established process for working with enterprise-level clients. An enterprise process, however, does not easily translate to the work we do at our small business division at eWebscapes, which is why we were excited to find Jennifer’s Profitable Project Plan. The content in PPP is very well laid out.

For us, this made it really easy to pick and choose the content we wanted to include and the parts that didn’t make sense for our workflow. The end result was a customized process that was put together in a fraction of the time it would have taken to write all the content from scratch."

John Hawkins | WebDevStudios

Jenny LaScala

One of the best parts about PPP is the Q&A at the end of each session.

“At Synergetic Web Group, we build custom websites for businesses that need more from their current site. We help people discover how their website can help them reach their business goals.

I’ve always invested in conferences to further my technical skills, but didn’t focus enough on the business side. PPP is the first business training program I have participated in. I enrolled as a step to make my business more profitable. I love what I do, but despite working long hours and creating good experiences for my clients, my business was struggling financially.

The biggest ah-ha the course has provided is the value of creating systems and frameworks in my workflow. In my desire to keep everything focused on ‘custom’ for my clients, I was recreating the wheel with each project. The process of implementing PPP in my business has opened my eyes to other systems I need to put in place.

All of the content in this course has been extremely helpful and valuable. One of the tasks I struggle daily is writing and sometimes I spend way too long on an email to a potential client. The emails and templates provided in PPP have been a huge resource and have made client communication quicker for me. Also, I love using the sales call framework! From the minute I dial, I feel more prepared and confident for the call than I ever have before. I know that I’m making a good impression.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need PPP, then you do. I can’t imagine how anyone could take this course and not walk away with something valuable. The course materials have been crafted with utmost attention to detail and each resource is provided to you in multiple formats to make it easy for you to customize for your business.

One of the best parts about PPP is the Q&A at the end of each session. This is a resource that I didn’t expect to be so valuable. Jennifer is willing to answer questions and provide feedback on anything, along with providing personal experiences with her clients. The best thing I’m walking away with right now is inspiration and the knowledge that I can use this program to improve my business. I feel excitement now that I haven’t felt since starting my business.”

— Jenny LaScala, Synergetic Web Group

Meg Appleby

I can already see an improvement in how my projects flow, how we communicate, and how clients perceive the value of their project.

“I provide WordPress development services and education for graphic designers who don’t code (or don’t want to). And I offer after sales care and training for their clients once the new site is launched.

My business is growing and my systems were not keeping up with the growth. I didn’t really have time (or the know-how) to stop doing the work and develop the systems myself, so this course was such a great investment! It provided such a detailed outline of the processes and was a lot more of a done-for-you system, which was precisely what I needed. The client education is so valuable and addresses so many areas that are an issue in most projects. I loved that it gave me all the content and emails I need to make the system work straight out of the box and didn’t make me think too hard about implementation.

I have implemented PPP in my business and I already can see the benefits.

My clients love it. I can already see an improvement in how my projects flow, how we communicate, and how clients perceive the value of their project. My clients feel empowered and are more involved in the project process. It’s been great having meetings with clients when they talk about stuff from a position of knowledge because they have read and thought about the materials I’ve sent (I love hearing phrases that I know were in the emails come out in our meetings!!!). I am so super excited about having a process in place to collect testimonials for future marketing. I feel better about my business, and I have more time to take an elevated view of individual projects and my business as a whole.

This has been an invaluable investment in my business success and I’m only just getting started. For anyone who is struggling with managing projects and client expectations who does not have a system in place that is working for their business, this course will reinvent their business. It’s able to be implemented immediately out-of-the box and is flexible enough for you to make it your own.”

— Meg Appleby, Bloom Online

Karen Gill

After being through the course I would easily spend twice what I did to take it, that’s how much you’ll get out of it.

“I have over a decade of experience developing websites for large organizations, and small mom-and-pop shops alike. Throughout the years I have worked both freelance, and for nine-to-five creative and marketing companies. I am extremely passionate about developing websites and strongly believe in building a website right the first time.

I met Jennifer at WordCamp Seattle and over dinner she was talking about a course she might release that would give you all the pieces you’d need to get started as a freelancer without having to spend the MANY hours to figure it all out yourself. I was very intrigued and followed her on twitter to stay ‘in the know.’ When the course was launched, the timing wasn’t good so I was hesitant to make the leap. I semi-regretted it at the time, so the next time it was available I jumped on it, and boy am I happy I did!

As a brand new freelancer starting my own company, my main challenge was that I had no internal structure setup. No pre-written emails, no automation, and was spending hours (sometimes even days) researching what I needed to include in a project proposal, and trying to piece everything together one item at a time, while also trying to look for and complete work to get paid. Fielding CONSTANT client emails and back and forth was killing my productivity and I was spending more time managing people and projects than actually building websites, which is what I love to do.

I’ve done a lot of free webinars that basically build up to something that ends up costing money or sounds like a scam. Profitable Project Plan would stomp all over them and laugh at the aftermath.

Everything in the course is useful. The pre-written emails, automated MailChimp sequences, and the “done for you” items like the project proposal are the most beneficial right off the bat. I was struggling mostly with getting all those sorts of things setup in my business so I could look more professional when sending out quotes, and manage the amount of emails that come in once I’d gotten the job. The Q&A was also SUPER helpful. I really appreciate that Jennifer takes the time to answer ALL of the questions regardless of time, and regardless of the relevance to the particular module we were on that day. She will also answer questions on Facebook daily should you forget to ask it in the Q&A. It’s just a testament to how much she cares about what she’s teaching and the people she’s teaching it too. So many other people that do the same thing just regurgitate information off a sheet and then leave you to fend for yourself.

This course is delaying the grey hairs that I would have inevitably contracted much sooner had I never met Jennifer Bourn.

If you’re thinking about taking PPP, JUST. DO. IT! I was skeptical about spending the large chunk of money (well large for a freelancer who just quit her job and was starting from scratch), but honestly the longer you wait the more time and frustration it’s going to cost you in the long run. I used to spend at least an entire day, if not two, trying to gather everything I needed for a project proposal, but PPP gives it to you on a silver platter. After being through the course I would easily spend twice what I did to take it, that’s how much you’ll get out of it. This is THE course you want to take if you’re a new freelancer building WordPress websites for clients!”

— Karen Gill, Phantom Freelance

Vickie Florschuetz

PPP is a goldmine... Jennifer's honesty and transparency in how she does things is remarkable and appreciated.

“Split Pear is a digital creative partner for SMB and ecommerce clients who want a web presence that reflects their unique style and business needs. Our client-centric services include brand design, web design and development, video production, and content management, and we love our work!

PPP was recommended by two professionals, including one at a WordCamp — one of the speakers used the system in her business and gave a testimonial to its effectiveness. My challenge was too much time spent on admin tasks and needing to streamline. I have no problem with client loyalty and referrals, but am getting overwhelmed. My hours are becoming ridiculous, I’m underpaid, and I want to stay married. Plus I wanted ideas on how to serve better, while still having time for a life.

I frequently attend SCORE and have a couple of mentors. Many of the courses are really good, but PPP is a goldmine. It matters not that you are remote because the Q&A feels like you are close. The sample documents, handbooks, and checklists are really fantastic. Jennifer’s honesty and transparency in how she does things is remarkable and appreciated. Lifetime access to the course plus future improvements is also really a great bonus that will not only enable me to go back to revisit the training, but it feels like I belong to an elite club now.

Implementing PPP will cut more overhead and allow us to not only close more deals and grow the business, but stand out from competitors by offering really great customer care and having less issues during the process. I closed my first logo and website design client through Split Pear using a hybrid of the sample contract and mine own and the client raved about my professionalism.

If you’re thinking of doing PPP, don’t hesitate because the sooner you invest in PPP, the sooner you can make positive changes to your business to grow, become sustainable, and maybe even take a vacation. All the materials you get have everything you need to make it happen and the Facebook Group is a bonus as well with great questions and peer sharing.”

— Vickie Florschuetz | Split Pear, LLC

Kristin Singhasemanon

Profitable Project Plan is definitely worth it.

“We serve small businesses to help them navigate the world of digital marketing. We provide website design, website support and maintenance, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. I am the primary point of contact and have a virtual team.

Process has always been my challenge over marketing or landing new clients. I was looking for ways to streamline my internal processes to be able to better promise and deliver, and to align my process more closely with my payment schedules to prevent doing work I haven’t been paid for. Most business training programs focus on marketing. This is the first one I’ve seen specifically for the web design field that focuses on delivering services.

Since I prefer to focus on the big picture and don’t want to limit my business to just web design, website support or SEO, I’m pulled in a lot of different directions and need to get each area to a stable point where it can run without me. Different aspects of PPP help with different areas and, as each area becomes less of a drain on me, I can focus on applying the new processes to the next.

Profitable Project Plan is definitely worth it. The course and how it’s organized are very well done. One of the most useful things for me is the change order. Putting change orders into practice and communicating more clearly when there will be overages will make it much easier to send invoices when work is completed, knowing my client is already expecting to pay the amount I’m charging.

Even if you only use portions or implement it gradually, there is so much useful information that comes out of the trainings, the Q&As, and networking with others in the Facebook group that it can help any business grow. I absolutely love that we can continue to retake the course, see the new additions, and learn from new participants’ questions.”

— Kristin Singhasemanon | Satin Web Solutions

Rebecca Metz

This was by far the best training I have ever taken. It has more than paid for itself in referrals, additional sales, and sanity!

“At Web Pages That Sell, we adore taking the ‘scary’ out of being visible online. Years ago, I realized that far too many top-notch entrepreneurs had web presences that were incomplete at best or non-existent at worst. For that reason, I created Web Pages That Sell, a unique business that not only offers website creation but in-depth consultation, as well. I particularly enjoy working with confident go-getters who have an important message to spread and believe in abundance!

I enrolled in Profitable Project Plan to create better systems and serve my clients in a better way. I wanted to earn more profit and make my clients’ lives better.

PPP is the best! There are so many tactical done-for-you resources — I loved the frameworks and the pre-written emails and REALLY liked all the client guides! The consistency with each module was also really helpful. I got used to the layout and for each section and knew where I could find the information quickly and easily.

Having PPP in place relieves a lot of stress and creates really healthy boundaries. Almost immediately I have reduced my sales cycle length and shortened the time it takes for each client project, I have a better way to manage scope creep, and I feel like I have a real handle on my projects. I know that my clients are being taken care of AND they report enjoying learning along the way. I also get the information I need quicker so it helps both me and my client.

This was by far the best training I have ever taken. It has more than paid for itself in referrals, additional sales, and sanity! I look forward to the next training and totally recommend this one.”

— Rebecca Metz, Web Pages That Sell

Amy Hall

My clients now think I'm a superstar!

“I’m a Mailchimp expert and email marketing strategist for small businesses. I badly needed processes to help me spend less time doing admin work.

I love the process and system of Profitable Project Plan. The workbooks are super comprehensive — I use the master handbook at least once a week and the eBooks are amazing! My clients love them and the improved communication. They now think I’m a superstar. After taking PPP, creating processes for other parts of my business also has been easier so I’m getting more done with less inconvenience.

I have had a 50% jump in website jobs since using the PPP client management system. This will be the best money you ever invest in your business. It was a chunk of change for me and a time commitment when I didn’t have the time or money, but I’m so happy I jumped in and signed up.”

— Amy Hall |

Sara Dunn

The course was SO well organized.

“My web agency works with service-based businesses serving their local area to drive online leads. My team of 4 uses WordPress and Genesis exclusively and works with our clients on an ongoing basis on their design needs and online presence. We have been producing great work but some of our projects have dragged on for months. We really need more structure in our project management, and PPP gave me the opportunity to see how another agency handles this.

The course was SO well organized. The resources were above and beyond and the written guides are more helpful and thorough than any written materials I’ve ever received with a course. Jennifer stood out in her desire to respond to students’ needs and questions. I was blown away that she would stay on the Q&A calls for almost 2 hours to answer all the questions. One of the biggest and simplest takeaways I had from PPP was to celebrate with clients more and share genuine enthusiasm. I used the ‘Congratulations’ email template after a recent launch, and received a super positive, excited reply from the client. I realized I haven’t been making a BIG ENOUGH deal out of launch day. This is really going to end our projects on a more fun, celebratory note.

This course is perfect for any freelancer or agency struggling with how to structure a project and communicate with clients. If your projects tend to drag on, or if you struggle to get the information you need to make projects successful, this is an incredible resource.”

— Sara Dunn | 11Web

Shaan Nicol, ChillyBin Web Design

The course has been a game changer. It gave me tools to show my value and deliver 10k websites consistently.

“We’re a Singapore-based web design & development agency creating delightfully-designed, mobile-optimised, super-fast, and ultra-reliable solutions for businesses across Asia-Pacific.

I’ve been a member of a WordPress Consulting program for 3.5 years and I found, while great, there were a lot of gaps in the system. I really wanted to get the call frameworks, onboarding emails and language right, and because I’m not a great writer, having that included was a major reason I enrolled. I also wanted to see what it was all about as I had a very valuable call with Jennifer a while back.

The Profitable Project Plan resources are outstanding. I was never able to make the calls due to the time difference, but I was able to listen to the audio and watch the videos and sort of binge. The quality of the emails, guides, and course structure was outstanding.

The course has been a game changer. It gave me tools to show my value and deliver 10k websites consistently and provided structure and clear communication on how to best manage a website project. We’ve implemented a lot of the training already and our clients are impressed! Well worth the small investment.”

— Shaan Nicol, ChillyBin Web Design

Lisa Garner

I am forever grateful! This is worth 10x more than I paid!

“I am the owner of Magnified Web and the lead web architect. I help my clients clarify their message and build websites with a purpose to convert visitors into leads and buyers. I have been a freelancer for a long time and started Magnified Web in 2014. I had no idea how to structure my processes. I knew what needed to be done, however, translating that to a workable framework was very hard and it would change with each new client. The problem I wanted to solve is to work less and bring more value to my clients.

Profitable Project Plan is well organized and gives me the tools and resources I need to springboard off and make them my own. PPP’s assets are the first pieces of content I have been willing to reuse in my business. I would have never figured out how to grow and maximize emails and assets to help the communication process of a website build on my own. The PPP training has given me a vision and helped me to believe I can do this because of the well-organized structure. Most other trainings leave me overwhelmed and believing I have to have it all to make it work. Not so with this one!

At a recent networking event, my client was super excited to recommend me and has on several occasions indicated how much knowledge and value I bring to the table and that I am worth every penny — and she didn’t even get all of the extras as I was still implementing and our project was early in the program.

If you provide a service and do not have a process in place for guiding your clients through your business phases, you need PPP! It will change the way you communicate with your clients in a GREAT way! Also, the lifetime access is way over the top. Jennifer truly has not withheld her knowledge and insight and I am forever grateful! This is worth 10x more than I paid! I have shed tears of happiness over the plethora of ‘a-ha’ moments I received and have wanted to gush and gush but in the name of professionalism … I have refrained and only indicated it a couple of times!”

— Lisa Garner | Magnified Web

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