Transform Your Business With A Clear Content Creation And Marketing Plan

Learn how to simplify the content creation and content marketing process so it reduces your workload and makes publishing new content faster and easier.

Content Camp

Small business owners, especially solopreneurs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, set ambitious marketing plans to blog regularly, start podcasts, create vlogs, grow communities, and build a social media channels to market their services, products, programs, and courses. Yet even with the best intentions, many end up doing nothing, they have a half-baked approach, or they start and stop and start and eventually fizzle out.

Other people stick with it, creating content regularly but get frustrated because they don’t see the results they desire. They work hard and wonder why they don’t have more website traffic, more engagement, more likes, a bigger marketing list, and more clients and customers.

What’s the problem? Why do so many people struggle with content marketing?

When it comes to content marketing, almost all inaction comes from a lack of confidence, which can be traced back to three core problems:

  • Constantly starting from scratch and recreating the wheel means content creation feels really difficult and takes more time than is available.
  • Without a clear content foundation, it’s hard to know what to say and how to say it in a way that gets people to take action.
  • No strategic content plan means that content is being created on the fly and it isn’t aligned with their business’ profit centers and income objectives.

These struggles are exactly why I created Content Camp.

About Content Camp

Content Camp demystifies and simplifies content creation and content marketing so small business owners can take consistent action with greater confidence and ease.

Instead of listening to a lineup of speakers, taking copious notes, and leaving with way too many things to do and feelings of overwhelm, at Content Camp, you will be actively participating in hands-on workshops, gaining clarity, working on your businesses, and creating momentum.

As a Content Camp attendee, you need to show up ready to work, as every session will have you taking action and making progress.

  • On Day 1, Content Camp starts by building a strong content foundation, with workshops on messaging, understanding your audience, the customer journey, creating benefit-driven actionable content, and telling your brand’s helper story.
  • From keyword research, SEO, and crafting smart headlines to imagery, design, and content architecture, Content Camp’s Day 2 workshops build on that foundation to ensure all content created aligns with your business and sales goals.
  • The Day 3 Content Camp workshops continue to build your content plan by establishing a profit-driven content reference guide, planning and prepping an entire year’s worth of content, learning how to better leverage social media, and maximizing your brand’s visibility and reach through a custom marketing checklist and repurposing plan.

The Tools You Need To Take Action

  • You will receive a 200+ page Content Camp Workbook with instructions, tips, tools, screenshots, and step-by-step worksheets, and examples — all designed to make taking action as easy and fast as possible.
  • Every workshop session includes live Q&A and help
  • Recordings of each session will be available through December 31, 2020 so if you miss a session or want to revisit a workshop later, you can do so any time.

The Content Camp agenda was designed so that each workshop builds upon the one before it so every bit of work you do will move you closer to making your goals a reality.

By the end of the event, you’ll have an ENTIRE YEAR OF CONTENT mapped out and a crystal clear content creation and content marketing plan, outlining everything you need to expand your brand, reach more people, generate qualified leads, and attract more clients and customers using content marketing.

The only question I have is…

Will you be joining me for Content Camp?

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