Welcome New Clients To Your Business And Get Them Excited About Their Project

Use this free email template to set a positive tone for your client project and make sure clients feel reassured of their investment and happy they hired you.

Red Converse On Grey Welcome Mat

The very first step to creating a positive, supportive, and respectful relationship with your client is making sure you start the project off as a powerful leader and establish yourself as the client’s guide. Your role is to help them create an amazing, results-producing website they will be proud of, confident to market, and excited share with others.

How your clients feel about the way the project starts will set the tone for the entire project. If it doesn’t go smoothly, overcoming any uneasy or negative feelings will be difficult.

A welcome process helps clients feel good about their decision to invest with you, sets the tone for your work together, and establishes you as the expert guide. It begins when the client pays their initial deposit and precedes onboarding. This process is so important that I dedicated an entire module in Profitable Project Plan, my business course for web designers and developers.

One part of powerfully welcoming a new client into your business is the welcome email. This is the first official communication between you and your new client and it’s critical you get it right!

Sample Welcome Email

Your client had many choices and ultimately selected you for their project. It’s critical that you let them know how excited you are to be working with them and to get started and share important things like how you’ll be communicating with them and what you need from them, as well as encouragement to ask for help whenever they need it.

Here is a sample welcome email that you can model in your freelance web design business:

Subject: A few things you should know…


Welcome to your partnership with [COMPANY NAME]!

We are so excited to get started on your new WordPress website. But before we do, I want to share a few quick things:

  • We love collaboration. This process will be interactive. We need you to participate, be open to new ideas and information, and be honest with your feedback and input.
  • Design is subjective. We will do our best to create a site that fits you and your business perfectly and we need your input to make that happen — what you think, what you love, what you hate, and what you wish for when it comes to your website.
  • Speed counts. We’re committed to keeping your project on track and moving forward. We also need you to respond to emails, communications, and requests in a timely manner and provide all deliverables on time.
  • Communicating will be primarily by email. It is critical that you read each email we send you. They provide support, education, guidance, and critical details to ensure your website produces the results you want.
  • We want you to bug us. If you need help or have questions, let us know. Don’t ever worry about “bugging us” — we want to hear from you! We’re here to help and support you, and that means you can reach out and get help when you need it by [EMAIL ADDRESS] or by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

We know when it comes to creating a new WordPress website, you have a lot of choices, and we’re honored you have chosen to work with [COMPANY NAME]. Thank you! We look forward to working with you, supporting you, and helping you create a site you love.

Best wishes —

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