Three Questions That Will Improve Your Freelance Business Marketing Efforts

Discover three questions you must ask to create effective marketing campaigns that support your freelance business goals and enjoy higher conversion rates.

man asking freelancer marketing questions

In the 21 years I have been in the graphic design, web design, and online marketing industries, I have seen freelance business owners repeat the same dynamic over and over: One freelancer creates a successful marketing piece — a social media ad, a viral blog post, a lead generation webinar, or a list-building video series — and soon after other freelancers who aren’t sure what to do copy the tactic.

This approach may create some short-term traction, but it usually fails to produce the long-term results desired.

The problem is that the copycats don’t have the strategy behind the tactic they’re copying. They haven’t done the work to align their marketing tactics with their greater objectives and overall marketing strategy. They also haven’t tailored the content messaging for their brand and target market.

Every bit of marketing material created for your business needs to be centered around the client you want to attract, answering the following three questions:

  1. What is this about?
    Ensure the content and the message is crystal clear so prospects can quickly figure out the purpose of the marketing piece, who it is for, and what action you want them to take.
  2. What’s in it for me? / Why Should I care?
    Communicate the benefits prospects will receive as a result of taking the requested action by telling them how it will help them, make their life better, or increase their business. This is your chance to tell them why they should care about what you have to say.
  3. What makes you an expert?
    Establish your expert status and build your credibility by letting prospects know why they should listen to you and what makes you qualified to be an expert. Your audience needs to trust you and believe you before they will take the action you are requesting.

As a freelancer, you’re most likely already strapped for time and cash, which means you can’t afford to waste working hours or your hard-earned money on marketing that delivers lackluster results at beast. Instead of copying someone else’s successful marketing campaign and message, look at closely at the strategy and apply it to your business:

  • Identify the strategy being used and the steps included.
  • Model the strategy with your own unique message and content.
  • Be sure the marketing content answers the three questions above.

If you follow that simple process, you can create effective marketing campaigns that support your business goals and enjoy higher conversion rates. You’ll also be able to attract more ideal clients because your marketing materials are about their favorite subject: themselves. Remember, prospective clients only care about you and your services after they figure out what’s in it for me (WIIFM). They want to know that you care about them, you get them and know what they need, and you can help them achieve their goals.