How Lead Segmentation Can Create More Sales With Less Work

A well-designed lead inquiry form can segment leads and with conditional logic, you customize the experience based on information prospects provide.

Segment Leads

Every freelancer needs clients to stay in business. To get clients you need to make sales, and to make sales, you need to make it a no-brainer for leads to say yes.

A well-designed lead inquiry form can do more than segment leads by the quality of fit. It can also segment leads based on the type of project or even budget, and when you segment leads based on project type, you can create and deliver tailored messaging, value-add items, and customized follow-up.

For example, if you offer WordPress website services, you may offer packages for:

  • Custom theme design and development
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Small website tweaks and changes
  • Long-term retainer partnerships
  • Ongoing website support

With conditional logic, you can change how a lead interacts with the inquiry form based on the information they provide.

This means you can change the form fields entirely to gather information specific to the service they need and send the lead to a service-specific thank you page upon form submission.

The ability to treat leads differently based on the service they need is incredibly powerful because the information you need for a complex custom WordPress theme project is very different than the information you need from a client who needs help making a few small changes on their existing website.

This customized experience will set you apart from competitors and position you as the best choice because while they’re filling out generic forms and jumping through hoops on other sites, they’re moving through the process faster and easier on your site — which further demonstrates your professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail.

Inquiries That Segment Leads Make You The Only Choice

One of the most powerful things about conditional logic in web forms is the ability to combine different types of segmentation like:

  • Segmenting leads by quality of fit and by type of project
  • Segmenting leads based on project type and budget range
  • Segmenting leads based on quality of fit, project type, and timeline

No matter how you choose to segment leads with a website inquiry form in your freelance business, one thing always remains constant: the ability to customize the user experience based on the information provided.

There are four primary ways to customize the experience a lead has when reaching out about their project using conditional logic:

  1. Custom blocks of questions: Change the questions that appear in the inquiry form based on the type of project or service the prospect is interested in.
  2. Targeted messaging: Send prospects to different thank you pages based on the type of project or service they need and customize the thank you message to provide helpful and valuable information about the next steps and your process.
  3. Specific value-add opportunities: Provide tips sheets, checklists, links to blog posts, ebooks, and other tools and resources specific to their project to surprise and delight prospects.
  4. Customized follow up: Create custom email autoresponders that provide more information about you or your agency, what it’s like to work with you, and what they should know, etc.

When you do the work upfront to ensure every new prospect’s experience when contacting you is customized and tailored to their specific needs, it shows that you care, establishes your professionalism and expertise, validates that contacting you want a smart choice, and makes them wonder just what else you do better than every other person they have talked to, and this positions you as the only choice.

If you’re sold on incorporating this approach into your freelance web design or web development business, check out WP Forms, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. All three WordPress plugins give you the ability to segment leads and deliver a customized experience.