Estimating Ecommerce Mini Course

Learn how to evaluate potential projects, get the information you need, and create accurate proposals so you can protect your time, sanity, and bottom line.

Have you had that one nightmare… the one where you dream that you took on an e-commerce project, it spiraled out of control, ate up all of your time, and you didn’t just break even, you actually lost money on the project, then woke up all sweaty and slightly freaking out? I have…

Have you maybe had something similar happen in real life? Maybe you took on an emcommerce project thinking the scope was no big deal, only to later find out there were several details you didn’t account for that demolished your profits. Or maybe you have avoided taking on ecommerce projects because you’re nervous about potential landmines you don’t see ahead.

Most anxiety about offering ecommerce services comes from a lack of clarity:

  • The prospective client is unclear about what they need, how their site will work, the required features, and other important details.
  • You’re unclear about the full scope of work, the questions that need to be asked, and details that need to be addressed during the sales process.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Not even close.

No matter what the size project you’re doing, there are far more details that need to be considered when selling an e-commerce site than a traditional website or blog.

Thankfully I don’t have those nightmares or worries anymore because I now follow a simple, six step sales framework that guides the e-commerce sales process so I can confidently deliver projects on time and in budget without loads of stress.

And that’s exactly what this e-commerce sales course covers: What you need to do, say, and ask upfront to not only avoid costly mistakes that can erode or eliminate your profitability, but set yourself and your client up for long-term success.

Learn A Six Step Ecommerce Sales Framework

Estimating Ecommerce teaches a six step framework for selling e-commerce websites. From initial inquiry to presenting the proposal, the course covers:

Tina DeMarco

"Jen nailed it! She has a great delivery with very detailed information. This course is very well thought out and to the point with no clutter. It's clear, clean, crisp, and loaded with the information needed to get started in eCommerce sales. I found the videos to be visually interesting and the course provides a framework to reinforce and reference the content in the Master Handbook. It's a total win! In fact, I've probably learned more in this course than in other more expensive courses I've taken for this type of information."

Tina DeMarco, Blue Coat Writers Group

What You Get In This Course

In this ecommerce sales course, you'll gain clarity on what needs to be done, what decisions need to be made, what questions need to be asked, what to say about pricing, and what to include in your proposal.

I know you’re busy and that time is at a premium, that’s why Estimating Ecommerce is designed to get you everything you need in the shortest amount of time possible.

Every lesson begins right away with the critical course information. No extra fluff, filler, or bloat. Even the print materials are designed to optimize your time (and paper), which means there aren’t a bunch of images and graphics added to bump up the page numbers and “fake more content.”

Estimating Ecommerce Mini Course

The beautifully designed Estimating Ecommerce Mini Course includes:

  • Just under 90 minutes of pure video instruction spread across eight lessons
  • Downloadable MP3 recordings of each lesson in case you want to listen on-the-go
  • A 48-page Master Handbook to guide you through the course step-by-step
  • A Tools And Resources List with a variety of platforms, tools, and resources for selling online
  • A collection of quick scripts so you know what to say to clients and how to say it
  • A list of questions to ask prospective e-commerce clients in your intake form
Jessica Budd, Firefly Web Design

"Estimating Ecommerce is a must have mini course for web professionals wanting to protect their profits (and their sanity!) when working with e-commerce sites. The materials are well set out and Jennifer, as always, is an excellent and effective teacher. I've already implemented the first two steps of the training. Taking this course will ensure that your ecommerce projects start on a sturdy foundation that set you up for success."

Jessica Budd, Firefly Web Design

Get Estimating Ecommerce So You Can Quote Ecommerce Projects With Confidence!

For only $147, you get lifetime access. This includes almost 90 minutes of instruction over eight lessons, a Master Handbook, a tools and resources list, mini guides to support implementation, and downloadable audio MP3s of each lesson!

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Is Estimating Ecommerce Right For You?

Because this is a digital course delivered in-full upon purchase, there are no refunds. That's why it's important that you're sure this course is a good fit.

Who should enroll in this course?

Estimating Ecommerce is perfect if you:

  • Need the process of selling an e-commerce project demystified.
  • Are new to selling e-commerce projects or considering adding e-commerce packages to your design or development business.
  • Aren’t quite sure what to ask prospective clients or what information to get up front before creating a proposal.
  • Worry about what to ask during intake and whether you’re covering everything during discovery and want a list of topics and items to discuss
  • Hope to avoid potential landmines and costly mistakes.
  • Want a better way to set expectations about price and talk about pricing with prospective clients.
  • Feel uncomfortable creating e-commerce proposals because the budgets are bigger, there is more at stake, and you don’t want to get screwed by not estimating the project accurately.
  • Would love to earn a YES from prospective clients more often, close more sales, and make more money.
  • Want an easier way to identify the crazy clients early on.

Who should NOT enroll in this course?

Estimating Ecommerce teaches a framework for selling e-commerce projects, so you should skip this course if you:

  • Are already an expert at selling and delivering e-commerce projects and you don’t need any help with what to say, what to ask clients, and how to structure your packages and proposal.
  • Want technical or development instruction on how to build an e-commerce website, how to configure specific WordPress e-commerce plugins, or how to use specific all-in-one platforms.
  • Are looking for a course that will give you everything you need to land e-commerce projects without doing any work or learning any tools on your own.
  • Expect an exhaustive resource covering every single thing you may ever need to know about every type of e-commerce project.

Of Course, I Think This Course Is Awesome, Duh! But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Check out what other smart, talented, savvy web professionals say about the Positioning E-Commerce Projects For Success course below…

Sally Tudhope

“I’m a WordPress website developer from New Zealand. I collaborate worldwide with strategic brand and web designers who care about creating high quality websites that produce results for their clients.

As a one-person business owner, I miss out on the learning opportunities that working in a larger agency provide and large, complex projects are hard to quote properly unless you’ve done a few before. So I was keen to gain some insight from someone who had already been in the trenches and knows where the gotchas are.

This course was excellent! Really well put together, nicely broken down into digestible chunks, and easy to understand. The workbooks are great, and are really helpful as a reminder of what I’ve learned, and now I have a framework for approaching projects that I can adapt and use for any sized project. That’s gold right there. Unlike other courses, it focuses on the business side of things rather than the technical. Technical courses are everywhere, and it’s not hard to find one on how to set up Shopify or WooCommerce. But a course on how to step through the business of quoting a complex project is rare.

One of the big takeaways was the amount of time you need to budget for the back-and-forth with a client. I tend to overlook budgeting in the right amount of time for project management and consultation, and this course changed how I’m going to approach this in the future. I made a crucial mindset shift on how to approach e-commerce projects.

If you want to stop working on e-commerce projects for free, invest in this course. Jennifer outlines a framework that will have you quoting for and positioning e-commerce, and other large projects, with a great deal more accuracy. If you’re aiming for profitable projects, you need this course.”

— Sally Tudhope, Sally Tudhope Creative

Shaan Nicol, ChillyBin Web Design

“I run a small web design agency in Singapore that services SME and startups, designing custom solutions. We work in the eCommerce space by designing custom subscription box services and have been around since 2009.

eCommerce is something that is hard to keep in scope most of the time, clients generally don’t understand how much work needs to be done up front to get all the strategy and decisions right before actually starting any work. It’s something that I’ve been burnt on recently in terms of scope creep, outsourcing work, and being stuck in the middle.

This course is a great starting point and covers all the essential points to run an effective project, manage scope creep and sell based on the value rather than the implementation of a plugin. But the massive positive is the quality of the handouts. The scripts were also really valuable as having clear and consistent language is a real big plus for me, and they’re something I can provide my team to send out if need be.”

— Shaan Nicol, ChillyBin Web Design

Vickie Florschuetz

“I offer custom design and development services and build primarily WordPress, WooCommerce and NopCommerce sites from sales through launch. I also provide training and ongoing tech support, including security monitoring. I took this course because I want to bid on bigger projects.

I think the course provides really good advice and Jennifer is engaging and explains everything in easy terms. I love how she uses real world analogies like an appointment with the doctor and the shoe purchase. It is good stuff to help startups like mine see our businesses at same level as professional services. We need to think big!

The information provided will help me create a good process that suits my work and helps me stay sane without getting crazies or overwhelmed. If you’re thinking about taking this course, I would say that it provides a seasoned proposal process that will help you win bigger projects, keep your sanity, and enhance your sales skills for business growth.”

— Vickie Florschuetz, Vflorschuetz, LLC

Lydia Grossov

“At Expresso Design, we develop caffeinated design solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We help clients build a strong brand, and keep it consistent across all their print and digital media and their website. We help them stand out from the competition, build credibility with their customers, and increase their bottom line.

There were a lot of useful reminders regarding payment gateways, shipping, and sales tax, but the ah-ha moment was about price anchoring and the comparison strategy. That, to me, was genius and priceless. I had never heard of those techniques and they make so much sense. They’re great ways to set the stage and prepare clients for the pricing in a non-salesy manner.

Jennifer’s courses are a lot better than others I’ve attended. She always brings such clarity to the topics presented and makes everything sound so easy. This course is good. Short and sweet without taking too much time. I love the videos, but the additional materials included are huge time-savers and take a lot of guesswork out of the implementation.”

— Lydia Grossov, Expresso Design, LLC

Rebecca Metz, Web Pages That Sell

“Web Pages That Sell helps heart-centered entrepreneurs get more business consistently. Our system allows our clients to get their magic online easily and showcase the difference that they make in their customer’s lives! By developing dynamic websites, engaging social media, and personalized branding, Web Pages That Sell creates an online ecosystem that attracts clients, and sells products and programs authentically.

I find that when I do eCommerce sites, scope creep becomes a really big issue. The portion of Profitable Project Plan that I thought was really helpful was the sales conversation and this dovetailed really nicely with it.

At first, I was actually overwhelmed. There was so much that I hadn’t thought of, so it was really good for me to go through it. I love Jennifer’s teaching style so much and think that the course is really good and really comprehensive. The biggest thing I got out of the course is how to avoid the crazy clients that demand way too much but pay way too little.

Taking this course really is worth knowing what you are getting into when taking on eCommerce projects and how to work with only really good people graciously.”

— Rebecca Metz, Web Pages That Sell

Clare Lewis

“I finished the course this morning and I am amazed at how much I learned! I have searched for a long time to find a course like this that could explain to me why e-commerce projects are so expensive, but there didn’t seem to be one.

I took on my first e-commerce client in April and I so wish I had had this course in March! You demystified the consulting process and how to account for my time in the proposal and your step-by-step process makes it super easy to implement in my own business. I loved the examples that related things back to common life experiences and the scripts are SO helpful, I tend to obsess over the right wording, so having scripts makes it so much easier to refer to.

The master workbook was amazing! I sometimes have trouble staying focused with video content (it’s too easy to open a new tab) but the course being packed with important content every second, but in short easy to digest snippets, meant that no extra tabs were opened. I loved following along with the master handbook because it reinforced the content and kept me focused.

The distinction about providing business consulting with e-commerce projects was my greatest takeaway — it was a major ah-ha moment — and anchoring the price, although it sounds tricky at first, will help frame client thinking about price and turn proposals into yeses!

Overall, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the course. It has transformed this part of my business.”

— Clare Lewis, Clare Concept WordPress Development

Get Estimating Ecommerce So You Can Quote Ecommerce Projects With Confidence!

For only $147, you get lifetime access. This includes almost 90 minutes of instruction over eight lessons, a Master Handbook, a tools and resources list, mini guides to support implementation, and downloadable audio MP3s of each lesson!

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