What Crappy Underwear Means For Your Freelance Business

Discover how your systems and processes work like your underwear and how your freelance business could benefit from a pair of badass underwear.

Pretty underwear

During one high school lunch break, a friend of mine went on a tirade about why you always need to wear nice underwear. It all started because her boyfriend was wearing underwear with a hole in it and another friend of ours didn’t understand why it was a big deal.

Her massive rant and valid argument stuck with me and if I’m being honest, it still drives me to regularly evaluate, toss, and buy new underwear.

You see, she argued that you should never, ever wear old underwear, especially underwear with holes, because you never know who will see them. No, she wasn’t promiscuous. She was talking about the fact that you never know when you’ll get into an accident or when something bad will happen that necessitates calling 911.

She was horrified at the thought of being unconscious, needing medical help, and having cute firemen, paramedics, bystanders, or medical professionals see her in crappy, old underwear. What’s funny, is that as an adult, I’ve heard female friends utter the same sentiments: “Always wear nice underwear, so even at your worst, you look great!”

I’m also a firm believer that your undergarments matter. While they’re usually a “behind the scenes” thing, great underwear can help you feel more confident and supported.

Your Business Could Really Benefit From A Pair Of Badass Underwear

Just as the right undergarments can offer personal structure and support and provide a boost of confidence, your business systems and processes can do the exact same thing for you professionally.

  • No one can see that you’re wearing shapewear, but they can see that you look great and they can feel your confidence.
  • No one can see your underlying systems and processes, but they can experience them during a smooth and easy project and benefit from the attention to detail and efficiencies they create.

Admit it. When your business operations are dialed in and your systems and processes are running smoothly, you feel amazing. When your business runs smoothly, your clients are happy, and profitability is on the rise, you feel more confident, more capable, more powerful, and more relaxed. You feel like you can take on the world and accomplish anything.

So even though no one else may see them, go out and buy yourself some amazing underwear. Then put that amazing underwear on and get to work — not on your clients’ projects, but on your own business.

Don’t be one of those business owners who ooze money and success, but when you pull back the curtain, everything is a complete disaster and total mess. These business owners exist with the constant worry that one wrong move will topple their entire house of cards.

Instead, block out time in your calendar on a regular basis to document your processes, create your systems, and make ongoing improvements. Dedicate time, energy, and effort to the behind-the-scenes details and the foundational items that support your business, your clients, and your big, bold goals.

When you always wear nice underwear and your underlying business systems and processes run smoothly, I promise that it will be far easier to navigate and overcome those unexpected emergencies.