Clean Up Your Email Inbox For A More Organized And Efficient Digital Life

Unsubscribe from email newsletters and marketing emails you no longer want and roll the rest into a daily digest delivered exactly when you want it.

Email inbox on smartphone

I don’t know about you, but over the years I have signed up for A LOT of email marketing lists. Buying products, registering for events, joining programs, enrolling in courses, opting-in for digital downloads, and simply subscribing to email newsletters have all resulted in my inbox becoming overloaded with marketing and sales emails.

I am also sure that I never subscribed to some of the email lists I am on.

While I use rules and folders to better manage inbound email and funnel marketing emails and newsletters out of my inbox, some emails still make into my inbox. Even after unsubscribing from several lists, it seems like I waste at least a few minutes every day dealing with email I don’t necessarily want or care about.

That’s why I am enamored with the service Unroll.Me, which lets you:

  • View a list of all of your subscription emails
  • Instantly unsubscribe from what you don’t want
  • Combine your favorite email subscriptions into single “Rollup” helps you streamline your inbox by getting your subscriptions emails under control.

After unsubscribing from emails you no longer want, consolidating the emails you do want into a once-daily Rollup keeps your inbox free from marketing clutter. Emails that become part of your Rollup will no longer enter your inbox, as will intercept them first. The best part: you get to choose when the Rollup hits your inbox: morning, afternoon, or evening.

There’s just one thing you need to know before using this service:

Unroll.Me is free, which means your data is their currency. They don’t charge for the service because they use it to read your marketing subscription emails and collect data. states that its algorithms and processes are designed to focus on commercial and transactional emails only, not your personal emails.

It collects some basic data during the account setup process. It also collects information from your transactional emails through the email account authorizations the service needs to make Unroll.Me work.

Some of the data collected includes:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Purchase receipts
  • Travel reservations & booking-related emails
  • Shipping confirmations & online shipping returns

Unroll.Me assures users that its security protocols encrypt sensitive data, including anything that could identify you.

Before using any of the data collected from your emails, Unroll.Me de-identifies the data and combines it with that of millions of users. The data is then used to provide partner companies with insights into industry trends, corporate performance, and the competitive landscape.