Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions others have asked before saying YES and enrolling in Profitable Project Plan.

What’s Profitable Project Plan cost?

The entire 10-month program is $1,997 if you pay in full, or you can choose to spread out your investment and make 10 equal payments of $249. Join the Priority Notification list for early bird savings of up to 50% on program enrollment and special fast-action bonuses!

Either way, you get everything — all of the live training lessons, live Q&As, expert interviews, bonuses, done-for-you scripts, templates, and resources, and more!

Can I share Profitable Project Plan with friends, subcontractors, or colleagues?

You may not share any part of Profitable Project Plan with anyone who is not enrolled in Profitable Project Plan and/or not a full-time employee dedicated solely to your business — this includes subcontractors. Purchasing Profitable Project Plan gives you a single license to use the system and materials for one business/brand.

If you plan on using Profitable Project Plan for multiple businesses or multiple separate brands, you will need to purchase an extended license — contact me for special pricing.

How can I use the content and materials provided in Profitable Project Plan?

Profitable Project Plan program materials may be only used in your work with private, paying, 1:1 clients and for internal client management, education, training, and communication purposes. Nothing from Profitable Project Plan may be published publicly in any way or provided to your audience (or any audience) for free or for a fee. For example, it may not be used as an email opt-in, for part of a list building offer, in a digital product, as a resource in a group program, or as content for your blog or another course. It may not be repackaged, resold, or shared.

Will I be able to customize the materials provided for my brand?

Yes! The templates, scripts, emails, ebooks, checklists, and tools provided for 1:1 use with your clients can be customized for your brand and business so you can provide clients a seamless experience. For example: content like scripts and email templates are provided in plain text format, and ebooks are designed in Adobe InDesign and the content is also provided in plain text, .IDML, and basic MS Word formats. The video training will walk through each part of Profitable Project Plan and provide recommendations and notes for the materials you’ll want to customize.

Will I get all of the course content upfront all at once?

No. The training and course materials are provided weekly as the program progresses. The Profitable Project Plan curriculum has been carefully designed and tested to ensure maximum impact with minimal effort. Those who approach the program as a lone wolf without support, or those who skip around without fully participating, don’t enjoy the same results and ROI as those who participate in the live program. In fact, they actually implement less and struggle more.

By delivering the program live and dripping out the content along the way, each participant receives the training in the ideal order so that:

  • Each lesson builds on the previous ones
  • Comprehension and understanding are enhanced
  • Implementation is more focused and purposeful
  • Less work is required
  • Results are seen faster

If you need support on a specific topic, you can ask for feedback, help, or insights in the private Facebook group or during any of the live Q&A sessions. Questions related to ANYTHING about Profitable Project Plan, whether we have covered the topic or not, are always welcome. This ensures you benefit from the curriculum the way it was designed and you get the exact help you need when you need it.

Will I learn how to implement this system in my business?

The live video training will walk you through the entire Profitable Project Plan system, step-by-step. You’ll learn the reasoning behind each step, its purpose, and how it helps you and your client. While you will receive all of the content, emails, call frameworks, scripts, checklists, tools, and client guides done-for-you, you are responsible for customizing the materials and implementing them in your business.

Why is client management covered before lead generation? Should we lead how to get clients before learning how to manage clients?

The Profitable Project Plan curriculum is carefully designed to minimize stress, overwhelm, and impact on your business. If we covered lead generation first, you wouldn’t yet have systems in place to manage those clients effectively and still have time to participate fully in the program.

Here’s the logic behind the program curriculum:

  • The first section, Money Matters, covers all things related to money like sales, contracts, and getting paid. The goal is to make sure you’re charging your worth, estimating appropriately, and protecting yourself and your client, because if you’re undercharging and overworking or not getting paid, you’ll be too busy and stressed to focus on implementing what you’re learning in the program.
  • The second section, Client Management Mastery, is the core system that will ensure your website projects run smoothly. The goal is to add structure to your business that will save you time, create extraordinary client experiences, and increase profit margins.
  • Once a system is in place to manage clients for you and remove work from your plate, the third section, Lucrative Leads, covers everything you need to know about generating leads and bringing in new business.
  • With your clients cared for and new business coming in, the fourth section, Recurring Revenue Riches, covers a variety of ways to add reliable, stable monthly recurring revenue to your business. This is all about diversifying and expanding your income streams.
  • Finally, the fifth section, Brand Blueprint, delivers a step-by-step system to add a new service to your business (or enhance your existing service) and increase the value of the website clients you’re already attracting!

What's The Time Commitment?

You should be prepared to spend 8 hours a week learning and implementing Profitable Project Plan — but with lifetime access, you can work at your own pace without stress or overwhelm.

The weekly live video training sessions are 45-60 minutes long followed by live Q&A that continues until all questions are answered. On average this is a 1.5 to 2 hour time block. It is recommended that you spend 2 hours on training and Q&A, and 6 hours on implementation each week. This could be done in one day per week or spread throughout the week.

How much work will I really have to do?

To build a strong, sustainable, successful business, you need strong, sustainable, successful systems to support you. To achieve different results, you need to take different actions.

You may have heard me say that running and growing a business is hard work but its not difficult work, and that’s especially true in regards to Profitable Project Plan. This program isn’t a magic pill, silver bullet, or get rich quick solution. It won’t magically add systems to your business without any work. What it will do is save you countless hours of trial and error, stress and strife, and the burden of creating everything from scratch.

You have to do the work — or a member of your staff needs to do the work with your input — to implement Profitable Project Plan in your business. From creating a client-only email template and setting up autoresponder campaigns, to customizing content for your brand voice and adapting template designs for your visual brand, to rethinking your workflow processes, you’ll need to take action to see the results you want.

Will I get to work with Jennifer one-on-one?

No. Profitable Project Plan is a group training and implementation program. You will have many opportunities to ask questions and receive direct feedback and support from Jennifer during the live Q&A and in the private Facebook group, but this is done in a group setting so others can learn from your questions and you can learn from theirs. To inquire about private coaching or group mastermind and accountability options, reach out to chat about options.

Will I learn design skills or discover new development tools?

Yes and no. This course covers the administrative side of client services — client management, project management, client communication, options for services, and service delivery best practices. While the program does not cover specific design and development skills or tools, some of the training lessons will dive into topics like the website design process, brand design process, and recommended development tools.

What if I can’t make it to the live video training or a live expert interview?

Everything in recorded. The audio MP3 recordings and video replays of all video training sessions, Q&A sessions, and expert interviews are available in the Profitable Project Plan Headquarters within 24 hours so you can catch up when it fits best in your schedule. All bonuses are on-demand.

How long will I have access to this program?

Profitable Project Plan 2022 is a 10-month program that runs from January through October 2022. You’ll receive independent preparation training and homework upon enrollment that will help you prepare for the program kick-off.

Your enrollment, however, grants you lifetime access. This means you can revisit program materials, replays, and recordings any time you want, go through the program as a new student as many times as you want, and remain part of the Facebook group to network, ask questions, and share your wins for as long as you want. This can be really helpful if unexpected events get in the way of your implementation and progress.

Will the program schedule ever change or is it set in stone?

Occasionally, the program schedule will be adjusted if travel or unexpected life events cause an unavoidable conflict. It may only happen a couple of times over the 10-month program. Participants are notified of any schedule changes, such as the movement of a live training session to a different time of day or week, in advance, and as always, the video replays and audio recordings are available within 24 hours.

Has this system really been tested?

The systems in Profitable Project Plan were created in 2011 and variations of this program have been running since 2016.

Yes! The systems and materials included in this program were created in early 2011 and tested with a focus group of business owners with varying levels of technical savvy. This group included a business coach, nutritionist, copywriter, CPA, and virtual assistant, as well as an author, speaker, blogger, and marketing strategist.

Since then, it has been used in my business to effectively manage clients, reduce workload, and increase profits on hundreds of real-world client projects, for all types of businesses. It has also been continuously improved and refined year-after-year to create the battle-tested, proven systems you will learn and adapt.

Not yet convinced? Check out the stories of program participants and see their first-hand experiences.

What happens if I have questions — how do I get help?

Live Q&A sessions are held immediately following every live training session and during each implementation week. This way you can get your questions answered on the spot. If you have a question at another time, you can post it in the Profitable Project Plan Facebook group. I check-in at least once a day and answer all questions posted.

Is there a limit on the number of questions I can ask?

Nope. The Q&A sessions are meant to help you move past roadblocks encountered when implementing and customizing Profitable Project Plan. Each Q&A session lasts as long as needed to answer all questions relevant to the program — and of course, you can ask an unlimited number of questions and get help any time in the Facebook group.

What is an implementation week?

Implementation weeks are breaks in the program where no new content or materials and delivered. If you have missed a training or fallen behind in your implementation, they’re catch up weeks that provide extra time to get back on track. If you’re on track and all caught up, they provide breathing room to dive into the bonus trainings included in the program and continue to improve your business systems.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You may choose to pay in full and save $500 on enrollment, or take advantage of a 10-month payment plan and spread your investment out throughout the year.

What happens if I miss a payment plan payment?

If you make a purchase using a payment plan and a payment fails, our system will attempt to process your payment three times. If after three attempts, successful payment is not completed, your access and membership in the program will be considered canceled and your access will be terminated. If the remaining balance of the payment plan is paid in full within 60 days, access and membership will be reinstated. If successful payment is not made within 60 days, you can purchase the program again as a new student when it reopens for enrollment the following year.

Will this system help me make more sales?

That’s up to you. Some participants report closing sales faster and easier after Profitable Project Plan, others are finally able to raise their rates with confidence, and others are able to fill their pipeline with qualified clients, however, no specific results are guaranteed.

In my experience, most sales are lost because the seller lacks expert positioning, is uncomfortable and struggles to communicate their value, or fails to follow up properly. When you implement a battle-tested, proven system that supports both you and your clients throughout your time together, you gain confidence that shines through in your sales conversations. It affirms that hiring you is a good decision and clients like knowing that you’re not flying by the seat of your pants.

What if I have a question not answered here?

If you have more questions, please send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Michael Gburski

"Profitable Project Plan is by far the best investment I have made in my business! The underlying processes and systems make this program amazing. I standardized my systems, made day-to-day work simpler, and got back precious time.

I joined PPP in 2019, and with lifetime access, have participated every year — the program is updated annually so it's always current and the people in the PPP community are some of the most helpful and supportive people I have ever encountered.

If you are looking into PPP, just do it! With this program, the expert interviews, and the community, you will gain back your investment multiple times over."

Michael Gburski | Jadefire Development

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