Fresh Perspectives And Expert Insights

Join Jennifer as she hosts fifteen candid interviews and Q&A sessions that supplement the core Profitable Project Plan curriculum. These hand-selected subject matter experts will provide alternate perspectives and additional insights to help you identify the best fit approach and systems for your business.

PPP Expert Jake Goldman

Sales And Proposals

If the sales process, sales conversations, and proposals have you at times feeling perplexed or uncomfortable, or if you’re considering a move upmarket, this interview and Q&A is for you. Join Jennifer and Jake as they discuss the shifts in mindset and approach you need to make as you move toward larger projects, the sales process, and proposal creation.

  • EXPERT: Jake Goldman, President and Founder at 10up
  • BIO: Jake has been building award-winning websites since the 1990s, serving some of the best known organizations and brands in the world. His agency, 10up, is a global business with more than 200 full-time staff. His insights have appeared in high profile outlets like Time and c|net.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Rian Kinney

Privacy, GDPR, And More!

When it comes to privacy, data management, and regulations like GDPR, what responsibilities do designers and developers have when building websites for clients? What do our clients need to know? How does all this impact our work? Join Jennifer and Rian as they talk all things privacy, consumer data, and GDPR — and everything you need to know to stay out of hot water.

  • EXPERT: Rian Kinney, Esq., CEO at eCommLegal
  • BIO: Rian is a US privacy and technology, corporate attorney, that regularly speaks at business and tech conferences, nationally and internationally, to empower entrepreneurs and educate them to protect and grow their businesses. Additionally, she’s a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and maintains their Certified Information Privacy Manager and Certified Privacy Professional/Europe designations, and is the Vice-Chair for the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Open Source Software Committee.
Profitable Prooject Plan Expert Sean Boyd

Money, Financials, And Taxes

If I had to attribute my overall financial health and success to one thing, it would be working with Sean Boyd. When it comes to money management, financial advice, taxes and deductions, and all things related to financial success, there isn’t a single other person I would ever work with. I refer everyone to Sean and after their first meeting, I ALWAYS get enthusiastic thank yous and heaps of gratitude. For this interview and Q&A session, you’ll join Jennifer and Sean as they talk financials, money, and taxes for freelance designers and developers and growing agencies.

  • EXPERT: Sean T. Boyd, CPA, CFP, CVA, CA Accounting & Tax, Inc
  • BIO: Sean has over 20 years of public accounting experience specializing in small business and real estate taxation. He is one of northern California’s most highly regarded and sought after CPAs, placing him in a professional category that less than 1% of all U.S. CPAs have achieved.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Chris Ford

Project Management

From managing client expectations to running discovery meetings to keeping track of budgets and deliverables, project management is a critical part of running a successful website project. Join Jennifer and Chris as discuss all things project management and get tips to streamline your project management process, save time, and reduce stress.

  • EXPERT: Chris Ford, Project Manager at Reaktiv Studios
  • BIO: Chris spent the first seven years of her career collaborating with project managers at top dotcom era agencies. The next 12 were spent as a freelance designer, performing all the jobs of a dedicated PM in between actually designing and building sites. Four years ago she pivoted to full-time project management and has been a project manager at Reaktiv Studios, a WordPress VIP Gold Partner, for almost three years. She’s also an Asana ambassador and is happy to talk your ear off about designing processes.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Michelle Schulp

User Experience Design And Web Design

From user experience design to web design to processes and workflows, this interview will deliver in-the-trenches tips to help improve your design projects. Join Jennifer and Michelle as they candidly talk shop, share client stories, and discuss all things user experience (UX) design and web design.

  • EXPERT: Michelle Schulp, UX Designer/Frontend Developer at Marktime Media
  • BIO: Michelle is an independent graphic designer and frontend developer in Minneapolis. She employs a strategy-based approach to design and development, collaborating on projects with clients ranging from solopreneurs to enterprise. She loves the open source community, and when she is not working (or working out), she speaks/volunteers/organizes at events around the country.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Tracy Levesque

Website Development

Are you a designer who needs to uplevel your development game, or a developer who is looking for new ideas, tips, and tools? Either way, you’ll love this interview. Join Jennifer and Tracy as they discuss all things related to the development phase of website projects and building the actual website.

  • EXPERT: Tracy Levesque, Co-founder / Co-owner at YIKES, Inc.
  • BIO: Tracy Levesque is the co-owner and co-founder of YIKES, Inc. a web development agency located in Philadelphia. YIKES specializes in professional WordPress development and is one of less than 20 WordPress VIP Agency Partners in the world. Certified Women and LGBT owned, YIKES is also a proud certified B Corporation focusing on sustainable business practices and observing the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Blair Williams

Membership Site Strategy And Development

If you sell membership sites to clients or have clients requesting the addition of membership functionality to their websites, don’t miss this interview. Join Jennifer and Blair as they cover considerations when choosing membership software, the ins and outs of membership site strategy, hazards to avoid, and tips to ensure a smooth membership site build.

  • EXPERT: Blair Williams, Co-Founder and CEO at Caseproof
  • BIO: Blair Williams is an entrepreneur and software developer. Throughout his career he’s created web-apps and custom websites — including numerous membership sites. In 2013, he and his team launched MemberPress — a powerful WordPress membership site plugin. Today, MemberPress is the leading membership plugin for WordPress and is trusted by thousands to run their membership sites.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Justin Ferriman

Online Course Sites

Courses, lessons, quizzes, certificates, gamification, questions, assignments, student uploads, progress tracking, prerequisites, timed content drips… There is a lot that goes into building an online course site! Join Jennifer and Justin as they talk through everything you need to consider (and help your client navigate) when adding an LMS to a website.

  • EXPERT: Justin Ferriman, Co-founder and CEO at LearnDash
  • BIO: Justin is the Co-founder of LearnDash, an award-winning learning management system featured in the Business News Daily’s Top 20 Fastest-Growing Platforms for Freelancers (#8). Justin’s e-learning industry experience has made LearnDash the most trusted WordPress LMS for major universities, continuing education providers, and entrepreneurs world-wide.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Beka Rice

Understanding Ecommerce Stores

If you want to learn what ecommerce store owners really care about, this interview and Q&A is for you. Join Jennifer and Beka as they cover the realities of being a store owner and the most needed tools and features you may not have thought of. Plus, gain valuable insights that will help you improve your next ecommerce site project and better serve your clients.

  • EXPERT: Beka Rice, Head of Product at SkyVerge
  • BIO: Beka is Head of Product at SkyVerge, where she’s responsible for product direction, customer development, and design. Her team manages over 50 premium plugins for WooCommerce, as well as Jilt, an eCommerce email marketing app that brings big brand power to small businesses.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Tony Perez

Website Security

While designing and developing websites is fairly straightforward, website security isn’t. Join Jennifer and Tony for an insightful interview and Q&A on website security and website ownership, providing website security services to clients, and including security services in your website monthly care plans.

  • EXPERT: Tony Perez, Founder, CleanBrowsing
  • BIO: Tony has devoted the past decade to helping small businesses secure their digital assets. He is the former GM of Security Products at GoDaddy, Founder / CEO of Sucuri, a website security company, and Founder / COO of CubicTwo, a boutique digital agency. Today he is one of the founders of CleanBrowsing, a DNS-based content filtering service for consumers and organizations, and helps consult with mid-sized organizations on ways to improve the security of their digital infrastructure, and sits on the board of Invicti, a web application vulnerability detection and verification platform.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Chris Lema

Marketing And Storytelling

If marketing your business and talking about what you do, what you’re great at, and how you can help people often feels uncomfortable, don’t miss this interview and Q&A. Join Jennifer and Chris as they discuss marketing and storytelling and why it’s more simple than you think to communicate why you’re the best choice.

  • EXPERT: Chris Lema, VP at Nexcess
  • BIO: Chris Lema knows how to tell a story and which words to use to get people to act. It’s a skill he’s refined over the last thirty years, and one he’s been sharing with others for the last ten. Chris has helped countless entrepreneurs with landing pages, speeches, and blog posts. As a VP at Nexcess, he’s often found at conferences, on stage, continually sharing strategies that work.
Profitable Project Plan Expert John Doherty

Lead Generation For Freelancers And Agencies

If you need to attract not only more leads but better leads that become awesome clients you love to work with, you’ll love this interview and Q&A session. Join Jennifer and John as they discuss the ins and outs of lead generation and what prospective clients really want to know, as well as what most agencies do wrong and how you can avoid their mistakes.

  • EXPERT: John Doherty, Founder and CEO at Credo
  • BIO: John is the founder and CEO of Credo, a marketplace serving the digital marketing industry with a network of pre-vetted digital marketing experts. Started in 2013, Credo has generated over $150 million in digital marketing leads for the network. John lives in Denver Colorado with his wife, daughter, and black Labrador.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Amy Hall

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is something every business should have as part of their marketing plan. Boost your recurring revenue by offering email marketing support. Join Jennifer and Amy as they discuss everything you need to know about selling recurring email marketing services, including what you must consider if outsourcing the work to a trusted partner.

  • EXPERT: Amy Hall, Email Marketing Specialist at
  • BIO: Amy is an approachable, results-driven email marketing strategist who provides creative consulting, strategic planning, and meticulous implementation services for growing businesses that want more leads, more sales, and more clients and customers with less work. She has created more than 650 Mailchimp newsletter templates and thousands of newsletters, and writes a bi-monthly column on email marketing for
Profitable Project Plan Expert Lindsay Halsey

Selling SEO Services

Offering search engine optimization (SEO) services is a natural fit for web designers and developers, who already have strong client relationships. Join Jenifer and Lindsay as they talk through options for selling SEO services to increase recurring revenue, common mistakes made and how to avoid them, tips for educating clients, and more.

  • EXPERT: Lindsay Halsey, Co-Founder of Pathfinder SEO
  • BIO: Lindsay enjoys teaching freelancers and agencies about adding SEO services to their businesses so they can grow their recurring revenue. She is a co-owner of a search engine marketing agency, webShine, and co-founder of Pathfinder SEO, a guided SEO platform. Lindsay lives in Basalt, Colorado and enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing with her family.
Profitable Project Plan Expert Laura Elizabeth

Branding And Brand Design

The most valuable asset of any business is its brand. From establishing foundational clarity and building a reputation, to understanding the business, to designing a logo and creating a brand style guide, join Jennifer and Laura Elizabeth as they talk all things branding and brand design — including common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  • EXPERT: Laura Elizabeth, Founder at Design Academy
  • BIO: Laura Elizabeth is a designer with a hankering for cross stitch and rockets. She’s worked on projects for HelpSpot, RightMessage, Double Your Freelancing, other great companies and runs Design Academy which aims to help developers conquer their fear of design. She’s also launched her first product called Client Portal — a client-friendly way to keep your projects organized.

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