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Josh Eaton

Selling Paid Discovery Projects

What happens when the client hasn’t thought through their business model or the finer details of their idea? What do you do when they can’t answer your questions and functional requirements and scope of work is unclear? The answer is pitching paid discovery. Join Jennifer and Josh for a frank conversation about just how much consulting some clients need before work can begin, why paid discovery projects benefit you and your clients, and how to sell paid discovery so your clients see the value.

  • EXPERT: Josh Eaton, CEO at Reaktiv Studios
  • BIO: Josh Eaton is the CEO of Reaktiv Studios, a boutique WordPress agency focused on making the web better through quality development and creative solutions. As a strategic thinker with enthusiasm for solving complex challenges, Josh has built a team of expert web developers, creative problem solvers, and talented designers dedicated to improving digital experiences across the web. Outside work, he’s an avid reader, mountain biker, traveler, and caffeine enthusiast.
Tracy Apps

Doing UX On A Budget

User experience design is critical to the success of any website’s conversion strategy. But what happens when your client has a tight budget and you can’t do all the best practice UX tasks industry leaders preach about? Join Jennifer and Tracy as they explore what it means to do UX on a budget and how you can create useful, usable, and enjoyable user experiences for every client.

  • EXPERT: Tracy Apps, Owner at Tracy Apps Design
  • BIO: Behind the bowtie, Tracy Apps is a big-picture doer, veteran UX designer, front-end developer, strategist, teacher, and artist. With 20+ years experience creating for her company, tracy apps design, and three co-founded startups, Tracy has amassed a wide range of experience since teaching herself code in the late 1990s. On her gold star chart is teaching at several Universities, presenting at numerous WordCamps, co-hosting the Women in WP podcast, and contracting for Fortune 500 & 1000 companies like Kohl’s, Johnson Controls, and GE Healthcare. She also could probably deadlift you.
Brian Casel

Asynchronous Client Communication

When it comes to client communication, you’re either filling your calendar with Zoom meetings, drowning in email, or getting sucked into Slack or whatever project management system you use, and it’s exhausting. Thankfully, there’s a different option. Join Jennifer and Brian as they discuss how asynchronous video communication can not only create a better, easier, more flexible client experience but allow both you and your client to always put your best foot forward.

  • EXPERT: Brian Casel, Founder of ZipMessage
  • BIO: Brian Casel is the founder of asynchronous video communication tool ZipMessage. He is all about “async” communication with his team, customers, and advisors, and ZipMessage is designed to make async video conversations productive and zero-friction. Before ZipMessage, he bootstrapped and sold several businesses spanning SaaS, productized services, and WordPress products. When not working, you’ll find Brian cycling and composing instrumental music in his home studio.
Amber Hinds

The Reality Of Website Accessibility

From the accessibility basics every website should come equipped with, to understanding what it means to build a website that meets accessibility compliance requirements, to figuring out how to CYA when it comes to accessibility and your website contracts, there are a lot of details to consider when it comes to building accessible websites. Join Jennifer and Amber for an honest and candid conversation about what website designers and developers need to know to do better business.

  • EXPERT: Amber Hinds, Founder & CEO Equalize Digital
  • BIO: Amber is the CEO of Equalize Digital, a Certified B Corporation and WordPress VIP agency striving to create a world where all people have equal access to information and tools on the web, regardless of ability. Equalize Digital is a corporate member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and develops accessible websites for universities, government agencies, and enterprise businesses. Amber has been specializing in WordPress accessibility since 2016 and is lead organizer of the WordPress Accessibility Meetup. Her WordPress plugin, Accessibility Checker, makes it easier for developers, agencies, and content managers to identify accessibility problems and improve compliance with website accessibility laws and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
Elizabeth Wilson

Letting Go Of Challenging Clients

What happens when a challenging client becomes a little too challenging, tough conversations become the norm, a conflict arises that doesn’t have a good solution, or behaviors cross boundaries? How do you know when it’s time to part ways and let a client go — and how do you do that well anyway? Join Jennifer and Elizabeth for a candid conversation about and true stories of firing clients who stop being a good fit.

  • EXPERT: Elizabeth Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Zeek
  • BIO: Elizabeth Wilson brings 21 years of operational leadership and executive management experience to Zeek, a full-service digital agency. Spanning several industries, her career has focused on providing outstanding client services, building culture, and driving growth and stability of organizations. Over the last decade, Elizabeth took a special interest in paving the way for women in niche construction technology fields and founded Compass X-Ray Services, Inc., which was acquired in 2019. She believes it is possible to align successful partnerships within an ethos of boundaries in business. Elizabeth’s enthusiasm for operational excellence stems from her passion for servant leadership and growing businesses on a foundation of livable values.
Joe Casabona

Building Authority By Teaching What You Know

You’ve heard the rally cries to “give away your best stuff” and “share everything you know,” but have you taken it to heart? Join Jennifer and Joe for a candid discussion about what those rally cries mean for freelancers and service providers and how you can teach what you know and show your work to attract high-paying, ideal clients who value what you do and believe you’re the best and only choice.

  • EXPERT: Joe Casabona, Author, Podcaster, Course Creator, Web Developer
  • BIO: 20 years ago, four-time author and LinkedIn Learning course creator Joe Casabona hung his shingle as a freelance web developer. While he still builds websites, after spending 16+ years immersed in WordPress, 11 years teaching college courses, and 7+ years behind the mic hosting podcasts about WordPress and web development, Joe discovered his true passion: sharing his knowledge and showing his work to help creators and business owners achieve their goals. Whether he’s breaking down complex topics into bite-size pieces on a podcast or livestream, or explaining a concept step-by-step in a course or coaching program, Joe removes the overwhelm and empowers you to take action.
Tara Claeys

Creating Education Websites

From providing vital information and communicating with parents to managing event calendars and admissions, hosting fundraisers, and accepting applications, education websites need to do a lot of heavy lifting and meet strict compliance standards. From preschools to universities, join Jennifer and Tara for a conversation about the website features that are most important to schools and how to align your services with their unique needs and requirements.

  • EXPERT: Tara Claeys, Owner, Design TLC
  • BIO: Tara Claeys began her career in advertising and marketing in the early 1990s before “digital” was a thing. After her first child was born in 1997, Tara supplemented her full-time job as Mom with illustration and stationery design. As technology evolved, Tara discovered website development and in 2010, founded Design TLC, an agency that specializes in WordPress websites and digital marketing for small schools, enrichment programs, and education-focused nonprofits. Tara combines her marketing and technical experience with the perspective of a parent whose children attended both public and private schools, and participated in various camps and enrichment programs. When Tara isn’t in front of a computer screen, she can be found volunteering for a nonprofit, running and biking with friends, watching movies with her husband and pets, or visiting her now-grown children.
Matt Cromwell

Creating Nonprofit Websites

What’s the difference between a nonprofit website and a traditional business website? Join Jennifer and Matt as they talk about the unique requirements and needs of nonprofits when it comes to managing their websites, connecting with their audiences online, and inspiring support and contributions through donations, visibility, volunteerism, and marketing. And learn a little more about the WordPress donation platform GiveWP and how it helps nonprofits further their missions and make a difference in their communities.

  • EXPERT: Matt Cromwell, General Operations Manager, GiveWP
  • BIO: Matt Cromwell is General Operations Manager at GiveWP, the best way to accept donations in WordPress. Matt has served nonprofit organizations for 20+ years as a web developer, educator, fundraising consultant, marketing consultant, board member. and more. Matt is a husband, father to four, and lover of all things musical and disc golf related.
Chris Lema

Business Models For LMS Websites

There are loads of tutorials to teach you how to use LMF software and tools, but the real impact and value (ability to charge higher fees) comes from the ability to consult with clients about the business model powering their online course offerings. Join Jennifer and Chris for a discussion about LMS business models and how you as their web designer or developer can help your clients experience greater success with their online courses.

  • EXPERT: Chris Lema, General Manager at LearnDash, Liquid Web
  • BIO: Chris Lema is a public speaker, storyteller, blogger, coach, and product strategist with 20 years of senior-level software management success. He’s a seasoned executive with proven expertise in eCommerce, SaaS, learning management systems, and membership/subscription systems. In his current role as General Manager at LearnDash, he leverages both his deep product experience and his years of strategizing, creating, and running online courses and events to help creators teach what they know.
Brian Clark

Building Community With An Email Newsletter

All the marketing experts and digital gurus say email marketing is where it’s at. You need to own your audience, build your list, and create a community around your brand with an email newsletter. But what does that even mean and how do you make the investment of time and energy worth it. Join Jennifer and Brian as they talk all things email newsletters — the good, the bad, and the behind the scenes — including what you need to do to get subscribers open and read your emails, and how to turn newsletter subscribers into paying clients.

  • EXPERT: Brian Clark, Entrepreneur and Content Marketing Pioneer
  • BIO: Brian Clark is a writer, traveler, and serial digital entrepreneur. He is the founder of the content marketing website Copyblogger — one of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world, the midlife personal growth newsletter Further, and Unemployable, an educational community that provides smart strategies for freelancers and entrepreneurs. He’s also co-founder of Digital Commerce Partners, a content marketing and SEO agency for digital business owners.
Chris Lema

"Here's the reality — these days people teach what they may have known for 6 months. Or, they share stuff that they can do but aren't great at explaining. Jennifer Bourn not only knows her stuff, she knows how to break it down so others can learn it. More importantly, she's sharing stuff that's worked for more than a decade and giving you everything you need to put it to work successfully in your business."

Chris Lema | VP of Products & Innovation, Liquid Web

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Shawn Hesketh

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Shawn Hesketh | Creator Of WP101

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