Profitable Project Plan Curriculum

Profitable Project Plan is a 10-month business training program for web designers and web developers. The next session runs January through October 2022.

Whether you’re just starting out, taking your side-gig full-time, or finally doubling-down to grow your thriving business, Profitable Project Plan will help you move forward faster without stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

Profitable Project Plan is a comprehensive business training program for web designers, web developers, and microagency owners created to save you years of expensive trial and error and fast-track the upleveling of your business with systems, processes, and tools for sales, contracts, client management, project management, recurring revenue, lead generation, and more.

It provides everything you need ready to customize — without fluff, filler, and sexy extras that don’t deliver — including, weekly live training and live Q&A, special implementation weeks, expert interviews, monthly hot seat sessions, special challenges, and group co-working sessions for extra accountability. It also includes done-for-you templates, scripts, checklists, emails, frameworks, tools, and resources ready to be customized for your brand and business.

The Curriculum By The Numbers

Profitable Project Plan includes 35 live weekly training sessions, 35 live weekly Q&A sessions, and 9 get-it-done implementation weeks spread over 10 months.

The training sessions, handbooks, program resources, and materials are provided as the program progresses not all at once upfront. As a business owner or professional, you’re already busy enough so this program approach ensures maximum impact with minimum overwhelm.

Kick-Off: Program Overview

A program overview kicks things off. We’ll review the program curriculum, make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running, answer questions, and set the stage for an amazing experience together.

Make Profitable Project Plan Work For You

Review the Profitable Project Plan curriculum in detail, get benchmarks to track progress, and set an execution schedule you can stick to. Plus, receive valuable tips to stay on track and take action without stress, gain insights on how to make the implementation weeks work for you, and get the inside scoop on customizing the program materials for use in your business.

Section 1: Sensible Sales

Money isn’t the most important thing, but it touches everything that is. Consistent sales, strong contracts, and reliable payments are the foundation of a profitable business. That’s why Profitable Project Plan addresses it first.

The Sensible Sales Section Includes Three Live Training Sessions

Section 2: Client Management

Effective client management is a game changer. The Profitable Project Plan client management system moves website projects forward without you, so the time you spend with clients is meaningful and focused on the highest value, most strategic work (not low-value administrative tasks).

The Client Management Section Includes Nine Live Training Sessions

Section 3: Lucrative Leads

Say goodbye to tire-kickers and hello to lucrative leads. With strong systems in place to close more sales, effectively manage clients, and keep projects on track, you can turn your attention to lead generation and new business development — it’s time to put systems in place to attract lucrative leads.

The Lucrative Leads Section Includes Nine Live Training Sessions

Section 4: Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue riches are the Holy Grail for service businesses. With a reliable, dependable foundation of stable monthly recurring revenue, you have the freedom to reinvest in your business, plan for the future, and expand your team so you rarely work nights or weekends.

The Recurring Revenue Section Includes Six Live Training Sessions

Section 5: Brand Blueprint

A brand is the most important asset of any business, driving more sales, creating more opportunities, and generating more profits. The visual aspect of a brand is the representation of what a company stands for and how it is perceived — it shapes the identity of a company, showcases its personality, and communicates a memorable and unique style.

The Brand Blueprint Section Includes Six Live Training Sessions

Wrap Up: Program Reflection

Close out your Profitable Project Plan experience by revisiting where you were when you began the program, reviewing where you are now, and making a plan for the future success of your business.

How Did Profitable Project Plan Work For You?

Profitable Project Plan wraps up with an insightful training session focused on you. Celebrate your accomplishments, reflect on your commitment and actions, and gain valuable insights to guide your continued upleveling and the management of your business. Finally, look forward, dream big, embrace your vision, and set new personal and professional stretch goals.

Rebecca Brown

"Profitable Project Plan is totally worth it – it changes your perception of how you work with your clients and makes you reevaluate the 'silent time' in projects when you're working and client is in the dark. The Facebook group is great for support and the extra resources, guides, and client downloads alone are worth the money. The fact that it's all customizable so the tried-and-tested work is basically done, is fantastic.

Now, our processes are smoother, our clients are happier, and we're charging far more than we used to."

Rebecca Brown | Ardel Media

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Whether you're just starting out, taking your side-hustle full-time, or doubling-down to grow your existing web design business or web development business, Profitable Project Plan will help you move forward faster and avoid the speed bumps along the way.

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