Enroll in Profitable Project Plan And Get Eight Additional Bonus Trainings

Each Profitable Project Plan bonus was carefully selected and created to enhance your experience in the course and help you get the most out of your investment.

BONUS 1: Estimating Ecommerce Mini Course

Learn how to evaluate potential ecommerce projects, get the information you need, and create accurate proposals so you can protect your time, sanity, and bottom line.

Estimating Ecommerce Mini Course

Estimating Ecommerce is designed to get you everything you need in the shortest amount of time possible. Every lesson begins right away with the critical course information. No extra fluff, filler, or bloat. Even the print materials are designed to optimize your time (and paper), which means there aren’t a bunch of images and graphics added to bump up the page numbers and “fake more content.”

This mini course teaches a six step framework for selling e-commerce websites. From initial inquiry to presenting the proposal, it covers:

  • Lesson 1: Create A Moat
    How To Segment The Crazy Clients From The Normal Clients
  • Lesson 2: The Intake Form
    What Questions To Ask On Your Intake Form And Why
  • Lesson 3: Follow Up
    Following Up On Intake In The First Meeting
  • Lesson 4: Do Discovery
    What To Cover During Discovery (Free Or Paid)
  • Lesson 5: Price Anchoring
    How To Set Approriate Pricing Expectations
  • Lesson 6: The Proposal
    Preparing And Presenting The Proposal

The beautifully designed course includes:

  • Just under 90 minutes of pure video instruction
  • Downloadable MP3 recordings in case you want to listen on-the-go
  • A 35 page master handbook to guide you through the course step-by-step
  • A quick reference guide to the six step ecommerce sales framework
  • A tools and resources list with 25 different options for selling online
  • A collection of quick scripts so you know what to say to clients and how to say it
  • A list of questions to ask prospective ecommerce clients in your intake form
  • A list of ecommerce specific topics to address during discovery

Value: $147Included With Enrollment

BONUS 2: Packaging + Pricing Mini Course

Establish a clear pricing structure or refine your existing pricing structure, package your services for profits, and learn how to create proposals and contracts faster.

Packaging + Pricing Mini Course

The Packaging + Pricing Mini Course is exactly what you need if you have struggled to set clear pricing, you’re not sure what to charge for your services, you don’t have easy to understand packages, or creating proposals often feels stressful and the process of putting them together takes too much time.

To lead sales calls with confidence and swiftly produce proposals, you need clarity about your rates and financial goals, how to package your services effectively, and how to price them fairly yet profitably.

This mini course includes three video lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Define Your Hourly Rate
    Ensure You Cover Expenses And Generate A Profit
  • Lesson 2: Create And Price Your Packages
    Organize Your Services To Help Prospects Self-Select And Say Yes
  • Lesson 3: Set Clear Financial Goals
    Establish Goals To Grow your business And Boost Profits

All three lessons include:

  • On demand video training
  • Mini PDF handbooks to review the training and take notes
  • Mini workbooks with exercises to walk you through each step

Value: $147Included with enrollment

BONUS 3: Confident Come Backs

Get scripts for what to say when you don’t know (or aren’t sure) what to say, because hindsight is 20/20 and coulda, woulda, shoulda doesn’t do you any good after the fact.

Sticky situations, uncomfortable confrontations, awkward asks, and tough conversations are a reality of doing business, especially when you work in client services.

These plights are difficult enough to deal with on their own when balancing productivity and client satisfaction. They’re made even worse by the fact that during unexpected confrontations, it can be nearly impossible to think clearly on your feet and craft a professional, clear, smart come back.

Instead, what typically happens is regret: I wish I said this instead of that… I should have said this… I could have framed that much better… If only I had explained it this way…

GOOD NEWS: You can confidently squash post conversation regrets by prepping and practicing come back scripts.

Confident Come Backs is a collection of 117 “What do I say when…” questions I’ve been asked by friends, peers, and Profitable Project Plan participants over the years along with my answers. Review them, read them aloud, and practice your responses. Then keep this resource on hand for next time you find yourself in a funky bind with a client.

Value: $97Included with enrollment

BONUS 4: Proactive Productivity Mini Course

Gain productivity strategies to get more done in less time and create your own unique productivity plan.

Proactive Productivity Mini Course

You can get more done in your workday without working more hours. In fact, most people can actually get more done in fewer hours and you can too — but to do that you need a plan you can stick to.

This mini course, covers simple productivity strategies to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, define what time management success means to you, get your to-do lists under control, handle workflow and scheduling surprises with grace, and create a productivity plan you can stick to.

The Proactive Productivity mini course includes three valuable trainings:

  • Lesson 1: Simple Productivity Strategies
    Increase Focus And Productivity To Get More Done Or Work Less
  • Lesson 2: Doable To Do Lists
    Master Your To Do Lists To Live Your Ideal Day And Celebrate More Often
  • Lesson 3: Take Smarter Breaks
    Enhance Creativity, Focus, And Drive To Produce Better Work And Thrive

The mini course also comes with a PDF handbook to accompany each training lesson, as well as worksheets, checklists, and templates to help you take action.

Value: $147Included with enrollment

BONUS 5: Existing Processes Mini Workbook

Document and evaluate your existing processes, identify areas of improvement, and make a plan of attack for Profitable Project Plan.

This mini workbook guides you through the process of documenting and reviewing your existing business systems so you can get the most out of your investment in Profitable Project Plan.

Identify what areas need to be improved, where the program’s systems and tools can potentially integrate with your existing business processes, and where to best focus your time and energy during the program — and gather a list of questions to ask.

Value: $77Included with enrollment

BONUS 6: Genius Work Mini Workbook

Combine your superpower and passion to discover your genius work, then learn how to incorporate it into your business so you always show up as your best self.

This mini workbook helps you uncover your unique superpower (even if you don’t think you have one), find your passion (what you love doing), and blend them together to uncover your true genius work.

Through a series of carefully designed exercises, you’ll identify your innate brilliance, learn how to work it into your business, and determine where you should spend the majority of your working time and what business tasks to consider delegating or automating.

Value: $57Included with enrollment

BONUS 7: Tools And Technology PDF Guide

Get a list of tools, technology, and resources you can use to implement Profitable Project Plan.

While Profitable Project Plan delivers turn-key systems you can add to your business with nothing more than your email inbox and a phone, there are tools and technologies you can take advantage of to manage and automate things like client education and support, training, lead generation, collaboration, and more.

In this PDF guide, you’ll learn what tools I use and get recommendations — tools, technology, and resources — to help you streamline your workflows.

Value: $77Included with enrollment

BONUS 8: Timeline Control Video Training

Expand and contract project timelines to fit your systems, lifestyle, and schedule, while keeping clients happy and well cared for.

Project And Workflow Timeline Control Training

The core Profitable Project Plan client management system, from the initial welcome to the post-launch follow up, was designed to manage client communication, education, care, and support for a 60-day custom WordPress website project.

But what if you’re on a shorter timeline or you need to stretch the project out to accommodate business or vacation travel?

This video training and PDF handbook, walk you through ways to manage the systems and processes in Profitable Project Plan so they work for you and your clients on any timeline and in any schedule. It also covers how to prep clients for times you’ll be unavailable — like how to tell a client you’re going on vacation during their project and what to say so they’re comfortable and happy to see you taking time to recharge.

Value: $77Included with enrollment

BONUS 9: Decisive Design Mini Course

Create a frustration-free design process clients love with minimal revisions and swift approval.

Decisive Design Business Training

During the design phase of a website project, you have the opportunity to make a long-lasting impact that wows your client. Design is the one area of a basic website project that is truly collaborative and how you work with your clients affects how they will feel about the rest of the project.

In this five-part mini-course, you’ll learn the exact process I use to engage clients in a supportive, interactive design process while protecting my time, energy, and focus. Lessons cover my secret approach to rapid design concepting, effective ways to minimize revisions, and how I often reach design approval on the first draft. You’ll also get my design-starter swipe file!

Value: $197Included with enrollment

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