Content Camp: Website Copy Edition

This Virtual Workshop-Style Event Is Happening November 2-4, 2021! Sign Up And Get Your Website Copy Done In Just Three Days

Learn To Write Website Copy That Converts

Whether you're creating content for your very first website, upleveling your existing content to align with your big vision, or reworking your website content in preparation for a rebrand or redesign, you're in the right place.

Get Your Website Copywriting Done

If you are building a brand or business of any kind, you need a website, and if you need a website, you need website copy; the words and text that fills each page. Yes, you could hire a copywriter to write your website copy for you, but let’s face it, you don’t have unlimited funds and at this point in your journey, you’d rather spend your hard-earned dollars on design and marketing.

Planning, outlining, and writing website copy seems simple, and dare I say easy… until you actually sit down at your computer and start doing it.

It’s hard to write your own website content, talk about how great you are, hype up your offers, and create compelling, persuasive copy that converts website visitors into clients, customers, and subscribers, especially when you’re working without:

  • A step-by-step roadmap to outline your site architecture, establish your conversion goals, and determine what content you actually need to make those goals a reality.
  • Easy and simple formulas, frameworks, templates, and guidance to create compelling copy for your core web pages that makes people want to know more and inspires action.
  • Knowing what to say on each page, how best to say it, and in what order to say it.
  • Tips and tricks to source the best imagery and visuals possible so they enhance your brand rather than detract from it.
  • Uninterrupted time to get it done with experts on-call to answer your questions and provide on-the-spot feedback.

The Good News: That’s exactly what Content Camp delivers…

Content Camp: Website Content Edition

The same hands-on workshop format you love focused on writing website copy that resonstaes with your ideal clients and customers.

For the past three years, Content Camp attendees have raved about the hands-on workshop experience and how it has helped them clarify their brand message, improve their copywriting, streamline their content creation efforts, and dramatically improve their content marketing.

Content Camp alumni are reporting more traffic to their sites and more sales because the content creation and content marketing process is now clear and simple.

With that said, the same question keeps popping up over and over…

“Content Camp is amazing, but what I really need help with is my actual website copy. Are you ever going to do something like this for pages like my home, about, and services pages?”

Well, I listened and floated the idea by mentors, peers, friends, and members of my programs and everyone enthusiastically agreed: This needs to happen. So I snagged my calendar and got to work planning a whole new version of Content Camp — one that focuses solely on planning, outlining, and writing your website copy.

From your Home, About, and Services pages to your navigation, footer, sidebar, and even your Thank You pages, Content Camp: Website Content Edition will walk you through the process of writing your website copy step-by-step, page-by-page so you can feel confident about how you and your brand show up in the world.

What You'll Experience At Content Camp

Once again, Content Camp provides everything you need to map it out, get it done, and create momentum. But this time it's all about your core web pages and writing your website copy.

Hiring A Copywriter Costs Thousands But Content Camp: Website Content Edition Is Less Than $300!

Website copy causes more frustrating delays than an understaffed restaurant on a busy Friday night. This is your chance to get your website copy done with guidance, help, and support every step of the way.

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