Ask A Question, Get An Answer

If you have a question, need some advice, want a fresh perspective on a challenge, or are just curious about something, this is your chance to ask.

I get asked questions all the time and it got me thinking — while the person asking the question is thrilled with the answer and I’m happy to help out, no one else gets to benefit from the question or the answer. So I’m trying something new…

I’m giving you the opportunity to ask a question that I’ll answer on the blog.

Using the form below, you can ask your question, and if it’s a legitimate question that’s relevant to the focus of this blog, I’ll answer it. Just a few of the things you can ask questions about include:

  • Business, agency life, freelancing, client services, and systems and processes
  • Contracts, sales, pricing, scope creep, and change orders
  • Branding, brand design, messaging, and positioning
  • Challenges with clients, struggles with communication, and how to handle tough situations or conversations
  • Website design, website strategy, and WordPress
  • Content strategy and creation, blogging, content repurposing
  • Recommendations on tools, technology, and resources
  • Building a freedom-based business, balancing work and life, and taking vacations as a freelancer or owner.

Ask Jennifer A Question

If you’re uncomfortable, you can ask your question anonymously. You only need to add your name and email address if you’d like me to let you know when I publish the answer.

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