Accelerate Retreat For Women Business Owners

You're Invited To Accelerate!

Join me October 21-25, 2019 for an intimate business retreat in Northern California designed to create clarity, establish a plan, and accelerate your success.

Accelerate is for women business owners and freelancers.

Nothing gets you from where you are now to where you want to be faster than clarity, focus, and a plan of action, which is exactly what you’ll experience at Accelerate, a retreat designed to help you relax, refocus, recharge, and reignite your business.

This intimate retreat skips the big cities, stuffy conference rooms, and uncomfortable chairs and instead gathers attendees at a comfortable, spacious vacation home. It also ditches the business attire and loud hotels in favor of quiet space, soft leggings, and deep meaningful conversations.

Say Yes To Yourself And Your Big Vision

Do you have a big vision but find bringing that vision to life a challenge? Are you overwhelmed by a neverending to-do list and find it difficult to move your own business forward? Do you wish getting new clients and creating consistent income was easier? Are you launching something new or pivoting your business? Do you struggle with work-life balance and being fully present for both your clients and your loved ones?

If you answered yes…

Say YES to surrounding yourself with incredible business women, receiving support and care, focusing on you and your business, bringing your big vision to life, propelling your business forward, and living the life you dreamed of when you started your business.

Say YES to Accelerate.

Accelerate Retreat Schedule

Discover how this unique retreat will flow and what you'll be up to each day.

Accelerate begins Monday, October 21, 2019 and ends Friday, October 25, 2019. It is scheduled for a Monday-Friday (with Monday and Friday being your travel days) on purpose: I believe in using workdays to work ON your business and keeping weekends open for fun and personal fulfillment.

I also believe that strategic business planning goes hand-in-hand with open and honest conversations about juggling personal and professional demands because success isn’t just about work — it’s about achieving your biggest goals and enjoying the heck out of life along the way.

Here’s what you can expect for Accelerate:

Before The Retreat:

From pre-event homework and strategic thinking, to food surveys, and packing lists, you’ll receive everything you need to come prepared and ready to get down to business. This will also help you maximize your investment and time.


For Accelerate, you’ll fly in on Monday and enjoy a delicious dinner. After you get settled in your room, we’ll kick off our time together with casual conversation and a welcome reception where we can get to know each other better.

Tuesday And Wednesday:

After a great night’s sleep, we’ll come together for a nourishing breakfast and get to work.

  • You’ll spend two full days focused on your unique brand, business, and goals without the distractions and demands of everyday life and work.
  • You’ll share your wisdom and experience in a mastermind setting and gain valuable insights, information, and fresh perspectives from other attendees to help you clear obstacles and move forward with greater ease and speed.
  • You’ll gain clarity on your path forward and what it will take to achieve your goal, and you’ll create a step-by-step plan of action that is achievable without sacrificing your sanity, health, or family.
  • You’ll get to work, getting at least the first to-do of your new plan done so you can create momentum.
  • You’ll experience a candid conversation about what it means to live inspired, embrace imperfection, and pursue an unbalanced life — and how to apply the same principles to your life and business.
  • You’ll enjoy yummy meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks (all included and cooked for you) and have time to process your ah-has and breakthroughs.
  • You’ll have downtime to relax and process what has bubbled up during the day and contemplate your big ideas.


With your mind full from the previous two days of work, we’ll leave the doing of work behind for an unforgettable, experiential group tour. You’ll spend the day eating fabulous food, making new memories, and continuing important conversations in a casual and relaxed setting.

This time is invaluable! Not only is it a chance to deepen your relationships with the amazing women you have met, but it’s a chance to give your brain a break, let your mind wander, and allow it to make important connections that will propel your business forward.


Once you’re all packed up, we’ll enjoy a casual farewell breakfast where we’ll share our intentions and commitments, and have time to connect further with other attendees and share contact details to stay in touch and support each other throughout the year.

After The Retreat:

Once you head home, with a plan in place to achieve your biggest goal, you won’t be left on your own. I know how easy it is to let the demands of everyday life get in the way, which is why I’ll be checking in with you three times over the six weeks after the event to hold you accountable — and we’ll get those check-ins on the calendar before you even leave the retreat!

Stefanie Newton

"The opportunity to have a group of amazing women focus on my business goals and answer all of my questions and, in turn, to focus on their business goals and questions, was equal parts enlightening and empowering. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Accelerate and its insightful workshops, thoughtful discussions, delicious food, and camaraderie lead by an accomplished and knowledgeable host. Jennifer's enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious."

Stefanie Newton |

Accelerate Retreat For Women In Business

Your registration fee includes lodging, food, drinks, and a special day trip group experience happening October 21-25, 2019.

Michelle Schulp

“There are countless opportunities to attend workshops, seminars, or classes to improve your business, but I need to be selective about where I invest my time and money. After all, I’m a busy solopreneur who is already trying to balance client work, professional development, volunteering, event attendance, travel, health, and a personal life. However, I knew as soon as I heard about it that Jennifer had something really special with the Accelerate Retreat.

Accelerate is an immersive, intimate, facilitated environment where women in all different places on their business journey can come together to offer support, knowledge, and feedback about their careers and lives. The guided open format of the sessions, and the ability to have organic conversations over shared meals and downtime, proved to be incredibly valuable. Through interacting with these other amazing, dynamic women, my eyes were opened to a few crucial insights about bringing my professional and personal lives into balance, and the action plans on how to implement the things we worked on.”

— Michelle Schulp | Marktime Media

Amy Hall

“I went to Accelerate because I had taken Profitable Project Plan and wanted to continue with organizing my business. I was excited to meet women that had similar types of businesses and had similar challenges and issues.

Listening to what they have struggled with and what they’ve done to improve their businesses has inspired me. I loved working on organizing our calendars/projects and sitting around talking during this exercise. I learned so much during these conversations.

Plotting out my goal, really dissecting it, writing my tasks on post-it notes, and creating a plan timeline took my goal from overwhelming to completely doable. I love the post-it notes planning! I’ve now used the post-it note planning for another large project in my personal life. It’s been eye-opening without overwhelming me. I can see clear avenues to achieve my goal.

One of my favorite things about the event was that everyone helped think through my business issues. I think that two minds are better than one and four minds are twice as good as two. The ability to listen to what others had done in their business or what they wanted to do gave me insight into my own business and what I want to accomplish with it.

If you’re thinking of attending do yourself a favor and sign up. You’ll get clear on what’s holding you back and how to get around the ‘stuck’ areas in your business.”

— Amy Hall,

Karen Gill

“I really wanted to do something to move my business forward this year, and the idea of an all Women’s business retreat was extremely inviting.

Nervous to share my fears and struggles with a group of women I didn’t know, I very quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about. Regardless of the type of business, or where you’re at in your own company, each and every person had the same fears, struggles and hurtles to overcome at one point or another. Talking about these in a group setting was invaluable, both personally and from a business standpoint.

Accelerate was equal parts invigorating and empowering, with a side of hilarity. Not only do you gain focus and clarity from the guided group sessions and a plan of action to take when you return home, but you also leave with new friends, inside jokes and a very full stomach. I would recommend Accelerate to any female business owner, period.”

— Karen Gill, Phantom Freelance

Kim Grunwell

“The Accelerate Retreat is for a woman that wants to grow her business. A woman who has ideas, but maybe isn’t quite sure how to implement them. A woman who wants to come up with a plan that’s unique to her. This is not a retreat where you will be lectured to and must participate in silly, unnecessary exercises that has a “one size fits all” mentality.

During the retreat, I was able to discuss my ideas and pitfalls one-on-one with Jennifer and in mastermind sessions with the larger group. I listened to how other woman are running their businesses, what’s working for them, what’s not, and how they plan to move forward. I walked away with a plan and the support to implement that plan, not only from Jennifer, but also from a new group of friends!

Jennifer is very inspiring, honest, and genuine, and it was clear from day one that she has the experience and knowledge to elevate everything she does to the next level.”

— Kim Grunwell, Highland Ridge Creative